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Virtualization in Education. Dale L. Lunsford, Ph.D. The University of Southern Mississippi Creating Futures Through Technology Conference Slides at In your computer labs, would you allow students to …. Take computers home? Install operating systems?

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Virtualization in education

Virtualization in Education

Dale L. Lunsford, Ph.D.

The University of Southern Mississippi

Creating Futures Through Technology Conference

Slides at

In your computer labs would you allow students to
In your computer labs, would you allow students to …

  • Take computers home?

  • Install operating systems?

  • Install and configure applications?

  • Install and use hacking tools?

  • Attempt to break administrator passwords?

  • Change security settings?

  • Uninstall applications?

  • And engage in other risky activities?


  • Educational Technology Resources

  • Problems with PCs in the Lab and Classroom

  • Virtualization and Virtual Machines

  • Virtualization in Education

  • Costs and Benefits of Virtualization

  • Virtualization Tools

Educational technology resources
Educational Technology Resources

  • Personal Computers

  • Network Connections, including Internet Access

  • Specialized Software and Hardware

  • File Storage Space for Students

  • E-mail and Web Services

Problems with pcs in the lab and classroom
Problems with PCs in the Lab and Classroom

  • Total Cost of Ownership

  • Lab Refresh Rates

  • Repairs  Downtime

  • Shared Resource Limits Activities

  • Security and Appropriate Use Controls

  • Brief Turn-around Between Users

  • Students Don’t Have Access Off Campus

Virtualization and virtual machines physical computers dominate today
Virtualization and Virtual MachinesPhysical Computers Dominate Today

Virtualization and virtual machines put the computer in a file
Virtualization and Virtual MachinesPut the Computer in a File

Virtual Machine

Virtualization and virtual machines portable sharable resource
Virtualization and Virtual Machines Portable, Sharable Resource

Virtualization and virtual machines major components
Virtualization and Virtual MachinesMajor Components

Virtual Machine

Guest Applications

Guest Operating System


Host Operating System

Host Hardware


Virtualization and virtual machines virtualization features
Virtualization and Virtual MachinesVirtualization Features

  • Sandbox

  • Multiple Virtual Machines on One Host

  • Share Host’s Network Connection

  • Virtual Machine and Host Access Files:

    • Drag-and-Drop

    • Drive Mapping

    • Network Access

  • Run Virtual Machine in Background

  • Virtual Machine Expiration Date

  • Integrate Virtual Machine with Host’s Menus

Virtualization and virtual machines desktop virtualization example
Virtualization and Virtual Machines Desktop Virtualization Example

Virtualization and virtual machines virtual desktop infrastructure vdi
Virtualization and Virtual MachinesVirtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)



Virtualization and virtual machines application virtualization
Virtualization and Virtual MachinesApplication Virtualization

Virtualization in education employing virtualization
Virtualization in EducationEmploying Virtualization

  • Desktop Virtualization:

    • Instructor Distributes Virtual Machines

    • Students Create Virtual Machines

    • Use Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Locally

    • Use VDI on the Internet for Remote Access

  • Application Virtualization:

    • Deploy Conflicting Applications

    • Deploy Expensive Applications

    • Deploy Applications with Expiration Date

  • Server Virtualization:

    • Run Multiple OS Servers on One Host

Virtualization in education some possible uses in class
Virtualization in EducationSome Possible Uses in Class

  • Hacking Techniques

  • Advanced Computer Security

  • Software Installation and Configuration

  • Client/Server Development

  • Networking

  • Multiple Platforms

  • Conflicting/Competing Applications

  • Exposure to Expensive Tools

  • Software License Control

Costs and benefits of virtualization
Costs and Benefits of Virtualization



  • Hardware Resources

  • Virtualization Software

  • Virtual Machine Management

  • File Management

  • Tech Support

  • Learning Curve

  • Expand Topics Covered

  • Student Control Over Technology

  • Temporary Access to Applications

  • Security

  • 3rd Party VMs

  • Off Campus Access

  • Reduce Costs

Virtualization tools
Virtualization Tools

  • VMWare:

    • VMware Academic Program

  • Parallels:

  • Microsoft:

  • Citrix:

  • VirtualBox:

  • XenoCode:

  • Win4Lin: