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Data Entry Outsourced provides comprehensive Data Management solutions to small, mid, and large enterprises around the globe. Follow Data Entry Outsourced for valuable industry update on Data Management.

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About DataEntryOutsourced

DataEntryOutsourced has over 10 years of experience in providing proficient, quality business outsourcing services to our clients across the world.

DataEntryOutsourcedhas compiled a team of experts that will adapt to your business and requirements with ease, providing you with the very best data entry and data management solutions.

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Data Handling Outsourcing Services by DataEntryOutsourced

  • DataEntryOutsourced are the domain specialists with the expertise to provide you with class-leading data entry and management solutions. Get all your valuable data entered, scanned, filed, processed, indexed and ready to serve you.

  • Data Entry Services - We provide precise, accurate and time bound data entry services at extremely affordable packages unmatched elsewhere

  • Data Conversion Service - Helping you store any form of data—including catalogues, financial statements and invoices, reports, periodicals and more—and easily place them into a single database in a way that best suits your needs

  • Data Processing - We’re industry leaders in data processing, and we understand exactly what it takes to provide you with all your data entry and data capture needs

  • ePublishing Services - We offer comprehensive ePublishing services that include formatting, conversion and publication into any number of formats for the iOS platform, Kindle, Nook or other PC and Mac based software

  • Data Scanning - Our teams scan all types of documents, images, and other data and prepare them for databases or online storage

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  • Optical Character Recognition - Our OCR services are the cornerstone of great document management. We work with companies all over the world and utilize OCR scanning to help create readable data from printed documents

  • Indexing Services - We specialize in document indexing, creating comprehensive databases that are certain to help your company thrive in today’s information-rich world

  • Catalog Management - We will help you create and maintain an online product catalog that is certain to attract buyers.

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Data Entry Services from DataEntryOutsourced

  • When you outsource your data entry services to us, you will be collaborating with the world’s leading data entry service provider—a company skilled at efficiently moving your data into whatever system or database you need. 

  • Online Data Entry: We are available to copy, edit, organize, and accurately manage your information in a way that drastically cuts your time and costs, helping your company save money and better manage its data

  • Offline Data Entry: Our Company specializes in offline data entry services, handling all of the back end operations, affordably and efficiently performing all your data entry

  • Image Data Entry: We convert TIFF, PDF, JPG (JPEG), GIF, and RTF formats to a file type that you need, and enter them into a database that suits your needs

  • E-book Data Entry: We have trained experts in e-book conversion ready to take any hardcopy text, such as books, technical journals and more, and turn them into an e-book that is accessible through the Internet or any e-book reader

  • Data Capture: Data capture services to help companies collect data from outside sources, including the data entry process itself, forms, and e-Documents, and convert that data into an easily retrievable format for analysis

  • Data Extraction: Numerous extraction services that utilize our state-of-the-art data extraction tools to easily collect and store data from all types of sources

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  • Database Development and Migration: We have a staff of trained and experienced staff that specializes in web database development and are ready to offer you solutions to all your database needs

  • Data Enrichment: Offering comprehensive range of data enrichment services

  • Copy/Paste: Our expert team is available to copy from any file format to another, often working from MS Word documents (and other files) and pasting data into other software programs such as MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe PageMaker

  • Document Management: Our document management services are designed to help you save resources and start organizing your documents better

  • Directory Services: We offer the business directory services necessary to get this done, with easily accessible and scalable directory creation that creates a secure foundation for ID management, authorization, and identification

  • Document Data Entry: We have trained data entry experts and a complete quality support and oversight staff that manages every product, utilizing new methodologies and techniques to ensure all your data is entered accurately and efficiently

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Data Conversion Services from DataEntryOutosurced

Our data conversion process allows us to convert any type of electronic document or format into a single, common format.

  • XML Conversion: With our affordable XML conversion services, you can turn your documents and data into XML files easily.

  • HTML Conversion: We convert to and from HTML, so that your files can easily be read by whatever program that uses them. 

  • PDF Conversion: Our highly skilled data conversion specialists, coupled with our advanced tools, such as our superior data processors, scanners and Adobe tools, ensure smooth PDF conversions.

  • File Conversion: We offer file conversion services to drastically cut down on your company’s file conversion needs.

  • Book Conversion: With our e-book conversion service, you can quickly and easily convert any standard book into digital format, and immediately use it for your sales or marketing needs.

  • Document Conversion: We work with the leading document conversion software and have operations in place to ensure the fastest turnaround time.

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  • SGML Conversion: We offer a broad range of SGML conversion services within your budget, and we’re confident we can provide you with the conversion you need.

  • Word Formatting: We offer comprehensive Word processing formatting options for any type of business.

  • Electronic Document Management: Our electronic document management services are available to create and manage your crucial business documents quickly and easily.

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Data Processing Services from DataEntryOutosourced

  • We’re industry leaders in data processing, and we understand exactly what it takes to provide you with all your data entry and data capture needs.

  • Forms Processing

  • Order Processing

  • Data Mining

  • Data Cleansing

  • Insurance Claims Processing

  • Transaction Processing

  • Image Processing

  • Survey Processing

  • Mailing List Compilation

  • Market Research Forms Processing

  • Check Processing

  • Credit Card Processing

  • B3 Form Building

  • Data De-duplication

  • Electronic Bill of Lading Generation

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ePublishing Services (ePub) services from DataEntryOutsourced

  • Data Entry Outsourced offers comprehensive solutions for ePublishing that include conversion into any of the top formats, including Kindle (.mobi), MobiPocket (.prc), Adobe Digital Editions, iBook, ePub, and more.

  • Tagging and linking Table of Contents

  • Re-pagination

  • Fixing and cleaning up Page Headers and Page

  • Numbers

  • Image and Illustration proofing

  • PDF Conversion services

  • Conversion between existing eBook formats

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Data Scanning services from DataEntryOutsourced

  • Our teams scan all types of documents, images, and other data and prepare them for databases or online storage. We’ve worked with aerospace companies, pharmaceutical companies, engineers, plastics manufacturers, attorneys, medical clinics, government agencies and others.

  • Document Digitization: We work with every type of file, focusing on electronic document imaging and organizing files in a way that works best for your company. Our digitization services are customizable to meet your needs. 

  • Microfiche Scanning: With our high-tech digital microfiche scanner, we can scan and convert nearly every type of microfiche.

  • Microfilm Scanning and Conversion: Our services utilize advanced machinery that allows for a quick and easy microfilm scan, and allows you to manage each image using state-of-the-art scanning and output solutions.

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OCR Services from DataEntryOutsourced

  • Our OCR services are the cornerstone of great document management. We work with companies all over the world and utilize OCR scanning to help create readable data from printed documents.

  • Replace hardcopy files with digital files, and vice versa.

  • Quickly and easily create an e-copy of any document.

  • Transform a scanned document into a Word file.

  • Search through thousands of scanned files with a keyword or phrase.

  • Drastically reduce your physical storage space and the costs of filing and upkeep.

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Indexing Services from DataEntryOutsourced

  • We specialize in document indexing, creating comprehensive databases that are certain to help your company thrive in today’s information-rich world. You’ll be able to not only search by word, but also cross reference against other files in a way that is completely natural.

  • Document conversion

  • Cataloging (including publishing CD-ROMs)

  • Profile and text indexing

  • Data backup and duplication

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Catalog Management services from DataEntryOutosurced

  • We’re pleased to offer top of the line online catalog management services. We will help you create and maintain an online product catalog that is certain to attract buyers. We offer a vast array of services dedicated to meeting your business’ needs.

  • Catalog Processing: We help create a business process catalog that is certain to meet the needs of your company. 

  • Catalog Building and Catalog Indexing: We provide you with catalog building and catalog indexing services that are guaranteed to provide you with the quality online store you need to attract business.

  • Catalog Conversion: We specialize in helping companies just like yours develop their online catalog through catalog conversion—the process of taking an offline paper catalog (or information not yet placed in an online store) and turning it into a real, web-based online catalog that is ready to attract customers. 

  • Catalog Updating: We can set up, support, and update your catalogs for any online store or web-based business, with catalog processing services and catalog management services available to suit your needs.

  • Catalog Content Management - Our catalog content management services are designed to keep track of all of your products, update your catalog regularly, and ensure that you have a current and effective database of content.

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Technical Expertise at DataEntryOutsourced

  • There are a variety of state-of-the-art software tools at the disposal of our experts to make sure that we are able to provide you with innovative business solutions to help your company fulfill its very best potential.

  • Trained professionals

  • Huge experience

  • Advanced software

  • Effective data management systems

  • Data security firewalls and protocols

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Quality Systems at DataEntryOutsourced

  • At DataEntryOutsourced we strive to be the very best, and it’s our policy that the experts on our team are always training in the latest, most efficient practices and are constantly learning about the most recent technological advancements.

  • Initiation and ongoing training

  • Quality management processes in place

  • Strict control on accuracy and precision through latest tools

  • Closed loop feedback chain to ensure highest quality

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Privacy Measures at DataEntryOutsourced

  • We can assure you that your information is in safe hands. We take care of our clients all-around, so we take every step to make sure your information is absolutely private. 

  • Layered security protocols

  • Constant monitoring

  • Verified professionals

  • Limited and need basis access to client data

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Benefits of Partnering with DataEntryOutosurced

  • At DataEntryOutsourced, we cater to every aspect of their data entry needs. Simply put, we have the tools, the experience, the knowledge, and the technology to improve the client’s business through outstanding, precise data entry services. 

  • Technical expertise

  • Unmatched infrastructure

  • Security of data

  • Affordable pricing

  • Quality assured

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About DataEntryOutosurced Workforce

  • Our team of professionals is made up of only the best analysts, subject matter experts, and managerial talents that will collectively cater to the proposed goals of our unique clients.

  • Certified and trained professionals

  • Huge experience

  • Can handle complex assignments

  • Highly reliable

  • Periodic training for updating skills

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Infrastructure and Technology

  • Located in Bangalore, the company has more than 32 highly experienced data entry professionals who are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and advanced technology to provide world class services in their respective fields.

  • Secure Cisco® VPN Tunnel to customer

  • Secured Cisco® Intelligent switches and Cisco® Network Assistant

  • Cisco® PIX® Firewall, which blocks all ports for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP

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Success Stories

  • Data Entry Outsourced, Bangalore is one of the leading outsourced providers in data entry, data conversion, data processing and Epub services in India catering to a huge global client base. It has provided comprehensive solutions for varying business needs of startups as well as established corporate.

  • List of top 5 clients : Complete Data Handling and management Services to the following clients –

  • Executive recruitment firm in the U.S

  • Leadership training company in the U.S

  • Online health lessons company in Canada

  • Leading logistics company in the U.S

  • Leading insurance company in the U.S

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