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HKUST Library Mobile Technologies PowerPoint Presentation
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HKUST Library Mobile Technologies

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HKUST Library Mobile Technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HKUST Library Mobile Technologies
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  1. International Digital Library Conference 20148–10 April 2014Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia HKUST Library Mobile Technologies K.T. LamAssociate University LibrarianThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library Last revised: 7 April 2014


  3. Commuting Mobile, mobile, anywhere, anytime… • Resting • Waiting • Working • Studying

  4. Mobile device is your … • Entertainment center • Social media appliance • Utility tool box • Stationery drawer • Internet in the pocket The Internet connected Mobile device

  5. Enabling factors • Connection to the Internet • Ever increasing data bandwidth • Affordable mobile data plans • Free Wi-Fi • Capability of mobile device • Increasing powerful hardware • Mature mobile operating systems • Proliferation of mobile appsavailable at app stores • Mobile websites simplifydisplay on small screens

  6. Library mobile users on the rise Mobile users – Percentage of visits to by mobile devices Virtual visits to HKUST Library - number of times computers visiting websites hosted by HKUST Library

  7. Mobile apps and mobile websites • Mobile apps • Small pieces of computer program downloaded from app stores and installed on the mobile devices • Great variety of applications – games, entertainment, productivity tools, news, etc. • Dependent on operating system • Mobile websites • Accessing websites from mobile devices • Parallel website layouts to support desktop and mobile browsing • Independent on operating system

  8. Full website Mobile website

  9. Possible library services on mobile • Search, renew, reserve items • View my library account • Locate books on bookshelves • Discover • Read articles, e-books, news • View videos, digitized objects • Reserve computer and study room • Find your directions in library • Register a library class • Submit various web forms • Print documents • View library guides, e-learning objects • Ask a librarian • Check library opening hours

  10. HKUST Library Mobile Home Page <>

  11. Library Catalog

  12. SmartCAT HKUST Library’s next-generation library catalog • Two apps were created based on SmartCAT’s RSS syndication features • Mobile app for Apple iOS • Joint project of HKUST’s Publishing Technology Center and the Library • Mobile app for Google Android • Student course project – in collaboration with the Library • Also has a mobile website version for SmartCAT • By library systems staff • Mobile device auto-detection

  13. Library catalog app on Apple iOS(via m.HKUST) m.HKUST app is a mobile campus guide on iOS Download via iTune <>

  14. Library Catalog app on Android Search results Search screen Download via Google Play <>

  15. Library Catalog app on Android (cont.) User’s book review Record display - item Record display – e-book

  16. Library Catalog app on Android – Item Locator – to locate books on book shelves Click the Location link from Androidapp to launch SmartCAT’s Item Locatorin mobile web browser

  17. Library Catalog (SmartCAT) mobile website <> Full website Mobile website

  18. Mobile website version of My Account Login to My Account to view your checked out items or renew them My Library Account <>

  19. Mobile website version of My Account – Request Item Click the “Request item” link to place request page in My Account page View your requested items from My Account

  20. Mobile technologies used in these Library Catalog projects • Apps development for iOS and Android • SmartCAT web services for use by the apps • Mobile device auto-detection • Writing CSS stylesheets for mobile website • Item Locator – to locate items on bookshelves • Technique of making use of INNOPAC / Millennium’s alternate SSL port for the mobile version of My Account (patroninfo)

  21. Electronic Resources

  22. Get yourknow-howon the go

  23. Mobile websites • Compile a list of databases that have mobile website • Link to their mobile website • You have a choice to go to Full or Mobile version • Databases that have mobile app • Require individual installation by users • Establish pairing • Library provides user guides • e.g. BrowZine<> Mobile apps

  24. PairingEBSCOhost • From any PC connected to the campus network • Go to EBSCOhost full website • Click on “iPhone and Android Apps” link (at bottom of page) 1 • Enter your email address • Read email on your iPhone or Android 2 • Follow the instructions in email to • Install the app • Install the authentication key • [Do these steps on you mobile device 3

  25. Pairing mobile device to EBSCOhost • Purpose of pairing • To guarantee that you can use the paired mobile device to access EBSCOhost via the app on any Internet connection. That is, no need to • Validate IP address • Authenticate (login) every time you use the app to access EBSCOhost • Pairing mechanism • Determine that you are a subscriber of the database • Request was done on a computer with IP address known to EBSCOhost • Submit an email address during request • Determine that you own (or have access to) the device • Communication via email address submitted • Clicking “Authentication Key” link in the instruction email on the mobile device results in establishing the pairing I know you!

  26. Responsive website 2 1 Screen layout changes accordingto the size of the display device <> 3

  27. Responsive website [cont.] <> Full Website Mobile Website

  28. Responsive website [cont.] <> Portrait view Landscape view Screen layout changes when the mobile devicerotates between Portrait and Landscape view

  29. Facilities & Services

  30. Room Booking • Three ways to bring you to the Room Booking System on mobile device • Library mobile home page • Library Floor Plans app • QR Code on signage Click AVAILABLE buttonto book the time slot

  31. Library Floor Plans app brings users to Room Booking System Click this button to book the room

  32. QR Code brings users toRoom Booking System Group Study Room LC-03 QR Code on the signageoutside the Room

  33. Computer Availability at Information Commons

  34. Library class registration

  35. Circulating Kindles • 20 Kindles (Paperwhite) • Each device is preloaded with 20 titles • Devices are arranged into 10 sets(Set A, B, .. K) with two devices each • The two devices in the same set have the same group of titles [Purchased 200 titles from Amazon, each has two copies] <>

  36. Circulating Kindles[cont] • Kindle packagecontains • Kindle Paperwhite • Barcode label attached to the device • USB cable (for charging) • Quick start guide • Plastic bag Borrow KindleatCirculationCounter

  37. Circulating Kindles [cont] • Technical challenges • Maintaining local copy of Kindle e-books • Store on a networked file share • Each e-book downloaded must match with the device triggering the download • Refreshing Kindle content • When device is checked in at Circuration Counter • Procedures • Reset device to factory default • Reload the group of e-books from the file share to the device • Recharge the device

  38. Printing from mobile devices • Ricoh’s Print&Scan app • Works iOS and Android devices • Must print to Ricoh’s supported printers – there are 6 in the Library Print documents from mobile devicesto printers via campus Wi-Fi

  39. Help

  40. WhatsApp a Librarian • Trends • Library information service desk • Decrease in in-person and telephone questions • Use of smartphones • Become ubiquitous among students and staff • Enjoy messaging services (e.g. WhatsApp and WeChat) • Project began in Summer last year • Goal: offering a new channel of communication between the Library and its users via popular mobile messaging apps • Challenges: • Not satisfied with just purchasing a smartphone for this purpose • Investigated answering WhatsApp questions via a desktop PC • Service launched in January 2014

  41. Librarian at InfoDeskchecks WhatsApp on PC Patron chats to librarian via WhatsApp

  42. WhatsApp a librarian [cont.] • Technical challenges • Emulating Android mobile screens and inputs on desktop computer • BlueStacks App Player • Emulator on PC does not have physical SIM card, but WhatsApp requires communication via the mobile phone number during installation • Resolved • The emulation PC is housed in Server Room • Information service librarians and InfoDesk staff can connect to this PC via Remote Desktop Connection

  43. Click this icon to launch WhatsApp BlueStacks Player for Windows

  44. A WhatsApp question and answers

  45. Another WhatsAppquestion

  46. WhatsApp a librarian [cont.] Promotion • Launched Feb 4, 2014 (start of Spring Term) • Added to all contacts on web, Facebook, blog, etc. • Email to all staff and students • Physical signs at Circulation Counter and InfoDesk Response • Questions at InfoDesk (Feb 4 to April 3, 2014)

  47. QR Code Image Generator Our staff can use this tool to generate QR Code images for use in various areas • Posters • Publications • Brochures • Exhibits • Signage • Web pages

  48. Summary • HKUST Library is devoted to provide on-the-go library services in the following areas: • Search library catalog, request and renew items, view My Account • Discover and access information (articles, e-books, videos, etc.) • Use library facilities and services • Seek for help on using the Library • HKUST Library continues to seek for new technologies and opportunities in enhancing these on-the-go library services

  49. Thank you!