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Welcome to Bi-Tron Australia

Welcome to Bi-Tron Australia. We are here today to present to you an overview of product range that is a proven success And can save you a lot of money You will hear about…. INTRODUCING. www.bi-tronaustralia.com or www.bi-tron.info. The Bi-Tron Range of Automotive Products is Unique.

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Welcome to Bi-Tron Australia

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  1. Welcome to Bi-Tron Australia We are here today to present to you an overview of product range that is a proven success And can save you a lot of money You will hear about…

  2. INTRODUCING www.bi-tronaustralia.com or www.bi-tron.info

  3. The Bi-Tron Range of Automotive Products is Unique • Bi-Tron offers car owners: • Increased performance and power • Increased fuel economy (up to 20%) • Exhaust emission reduction by up to 90% • Add years of life to most metal components with these exclusive lubricants

  4. Motor Vehicle exhaust emissions are responsible for: • Cancer causing particulates • Respiratory problems • Poisonous carbon monoxide • Global warming carbon dioxide • Nitrous oxides and other pollutants • Photochemical smog The Bi-Tron range of products actively & effectively work together to combat these pollution problems

  5. Bi-Tron Metal Treatments • Engine Formulation added to the engine’s oil • EP Metal Treatment for power-steering, differentials (including limited slip diffs), transmissions (both manual and automatic) and all hydraulic applications. • XL-2 Stroke for added protection in all 2-stroke applications. • Penetrating Lubricant 1001 different uses around the home and workplace.

  6. EP Metal Treatment • 100% mineral oil base containing our unique polymer • Reduces friction and wear in all vehicle and machinery applications • Suitable for use in all types of transmissions, power-steering and differential applications • 100% compatible with all hydraulic and gear oils • Reduces operating temperatures and provides ongoing protection to all metal services.

  7. Engine Formulation • Contains no solids, metals or PTFE • 100% Mineral oil base • Unique polymer technology • Optimizes engine performance • Compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils • Suitable for ALL internal combustion engines • Significantly reduces engine friction and wear

  8. XL-2 • Suitable in all 2-stroke applications • Provides lubrication to all metal services within the engine and fuel system • Increased power due to lower operating temperatures and reduced friction. • Increased compression because of improved piston ring sealing. • Protection against piston seizure. • Quieter, cleaner and smoother running engine.

  9. Penetrating Lubricant • Unlimited applications • Displaces moisture - great on rust • Lubricates while it penetrates • Reduces friction, operating temperatures and wear. • Pure petroleum based. • Non corrosive. • No solids, PTFE or metal.

  10. Petrol / Gasoline Conditioner • Compatible with all leaded, unleaded, ethanol and natural gas fuels. • Lubricates upper cylinders and prevents valve seat recession. • Reduces exhaust emissions by as much as 90% • Use of our unique lubricating polymers means that unlike most of its competitors, our fuel conditioner contains no solids or PTFE. • Significantly increases fuel economy

  11. Diesel Conditioner • Compatible with all grades of diesel fuel as well as bio-diesel (B5 through to B100) • Cleans and lubricates upper cylinder walls, valves and fuel pump • Prevents corrosion and significantly reduces waxing • Maximizes power and compression • Keeps fuel tank and lines water and fungus free. • Reduces emissions and black smoke by up to 90% and provides significant increases in fuel economy.

  12. Research & Development Introducing our consultant chemist. • Chris Malyszewicz is a British based chemist who has worked for several large multinational companies such as Applied Chemicals and Diversy. • Chris has worked with Ford Cosworth, British Leyland (now Rover), Boeing Corporation, British Airways and a number of other European companies.

  13. Chris states: • Without exception, every engine old or new will benefit from Bi-Tron. • Basically, there is no better product similar to Bi-Tron on the face of the earth. It is different from anything else on the market. • The average automobile that uses Bi-Tron is reducing its pollution-causing emissions by two or more tonnes per year. • Bi-Tron products represent the finest petroleum based products available today for your car. • Bi-Tron has shown by independent testing to dramatically lower smoke emissions and hence improve combustion, increase power and performance. It will result in significant fuel savings. • No damage will result from the use of Bi-Tron products when used in any engine, weather it be petrol, gas or diesel.

  14. Introducing Bi-Tron Petrol Power + • Increases horsepower and torque by up to 10% • Improves acceleration • Keeps injectors clean • Meets BMW “Unlimited Approval” IVD Standards • Helps prevent valve and seat recession

  15. Petrol Power + • Enhances both octane (petrol vehicles) and c-tane (diesel vehicles) providing more power and better response. • Lubricates and cleans the fuel system. • Totally compatible with both bio-diesel and bio-ethanol fuels. • Reduces exhaust emissions by up to 90% • Allows vehicles operating on leaded fuel to change to unleaded fuel without any engine modifications.


  17. Bi-Tron provides the following benefits: • Save money on your fuel costs • Save money on your vehicle repairs • Get better performance from your vehicles • Increase your motoring safety • Improve the quality of our environment, by reducing Green House Gasses.

  18. Bi-Tron Australia • 5 litre bottles • 20 litre drums • 205 litre drums • Please contact us if you require bulk orders. • Bi-Tron is now manufactured right here in Australia www.Bi-TronAustralia.com Po Box 1011 Capalaba 4157

  19. Thank you for watching this Presentation. See product info at www.bi-tron.info

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