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My Favorite Pet

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My Favorite Pet
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My Favorite Pet

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  1. My Favorite Pet By: Cameron Brown

  2. What was my favorite pet? My all time favorite pet would probably have to be my goldfish. Her name is La Fonda. I have had La Fonda since I was 7. She has been a great goldfish. I also have many memories with La Fonda.

  3. Why do I love La Fonda? One of the reasons I love La Fonda is because she is always there for me. Even know she is just a goldfish, I can always count on her to be there for me. Whenever I have drama, La Fonda is always the first person I tell. Also, La Fonda is super funny. Sometimes, she tells me jokes.

  4. My best memories with La Fonda One of my greatest memories with La Fonda is the first time I cleaned her tank. When I was 8 years old, my dad let me clean her tank all on my own. I had to take La Fonda out before I could start cleaning. I didn’t know where to put her, so I kept her in my bathtub. I got to totally redecorate her tank when I was finished cleaning. I think she really liked it.

  5. My Favorite Sport By: Emily Fowler

  6. Basketball My favorite sport would have to be basketball. Basketball to me is a challenging sport. Its not an easy sport to play but its not a hard sport. I like basketball out of all the sports I have played. I have played softball and volleyball, but basketball is still my favorite sport.

  7. Why is Basketball my favorite sport? Everyone in my family has played basketball as a child. When I was growing up I was always in a basketball gym watching my brother play or my cousins. Even if I wasn’t in a gym I was still at home with my brother watching him play in the yard. Basketball is one of those non-stop events once you sign up. I enjoy playing any type of basketball even in it in the yard or in a tournament.

  8. How do you get so good at basketball After I started playing basketball my parents started signing me up to go to all these camps. The basketball camps helped me out a lot. It seemed like the more camps I went to the better I got. The camps made me a better dribbler and shooter and most importantly a better athlete. Going and playing with people I didn’t know involved team work and good sportsmanship. Cherokee High schools basketball camp has a lot of five on five games that’s when I started getting better at passing the ball. Basketball is a sport were you can increase how you play and that’s why I enjoy it so much.

  9. Why “La Fonda?” I know La Fonda isn’t a common name, but I really liked it. I thought the crazy name really suited her personality. Since La Fonda had a neon colored body, she needed a funky name to go along with it. Also, I liked the name because it was on a funny movie called Napoleon Dynamite. This is how I chose her fabulous name.

  10. Worst memory with La Fonda Although most of my memories with La Fonda are great, I have had one bad one. It was last time I cleaned her tank. Once again, she had to be removed before I could start cleaning. This time, I filled the sink with water and let her hang out there. Unfortunately, my brother was unaware of her presence. He accidently started washing his hands in the sink. I tried to stop him, but it was too late; or so I thought. Luckily, I

  11. Worst memory with La Fonda (continued) came right in time. I was able to scoop her out quickly and save her. It was a very scary time for both of us.

  12. Conclusion I absolutely love La Fonda. I don’t know what I could do without her. When she dies, I will be really upset. There is too many memories to name. All I know is, my goldfish La Fonda is the best pet ever!

  13. Credits All credits go to Creative Commons