My pet
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My Pet. Written by Lara Laudi. My Pet.

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My pet

My Pet

Written by Lara Laudi

My pet1
My Pet

Today I am writing about my pet dog Buddy. I saw Buddy being abandoned by three boys just an inch taller than me. They were trying to drown a dog in a puddle and because he was still a puppy, he didn’t know how to swim. I shoved my way past the three boys and picked up the poor, wet puppy from the side of the pond. I rescued him just in time!

My pet2
My Pet

I took the puppy home. On my way home I stared at him and he was shivering. I saw that his fur was as soft as cotton and his eyes were as blue as the sea. He was a white labrador and had tiny, floppy ears. He was a very sweet looking puppy. When I arrived home,I showed my mum the white dog and explained how I had found him. I begged her to let me keep him and she granted my wish. Mum checked that he was not sick because she is a vet. Luckily,Buddy was healthy.

My pet3
My Pet

I was overjoyed. The first thing I did was to give him food and water. I played ball with him and named him Buddy,as you already know. The next day,I realised that my dog was so playful, sweet and friendly. That night, when I went upstairs to bed, I heard the dog trotting behind me.

My pet4
My Pet

That night,he cuddled up tome and showed me how much he lovedme. That’s why I think Buddy is the best puppy in the whole world!