Aseptic and septic operation theatre orientation
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Aseptic and Septic Operation Theatre Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aseptic and Septic Operation Theatre Orientation. Introduction Heart of an hospital-OT Team Skilled Surgeons Nurses MLOP Anaesthetist. Separate theatres for septic and aseptic surgeries Aseptic Theatre:- Cataract PKP Squint Retina Glaucoma Septic (Minor Theatre):- - Enucleation

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Aseptic and septic operation theatre orientation
Aseptic and SepticOperation Theatre Orientation


  • Heart of an hospital-OT

  • Team

    • Skilled Surgeons

    • Nurses

    • MLOP

    • Anaesthetist

Aseptic and septic operation theatre orientation

Separate theatres for septic and aseptic surgeries

Aseptic Theatre:-

  • Cataract

  • PKP

  • Squint

  • Retina

  • Glaucoma

    Septic (Minor Theatre):-


  • Evisceration

  • DCR

  • DCT

  • Infected Cases

Planning of ot
Planning of OT

  • An should have

    • High standard of asepsis

    • Maximum standard of safety for patients and staffs

    • Optimum utilization of space and staff time

Location of aseptic theatre
Location of Aseptic Theatre

  • The Location Should be

    • Free from general traffic Eg: Away from road side

    • Free from noise and other disturbance

    • Free from contamination and possible sources of infection

    • Closure to ward

Operation theatre zones
Operation Theatre Zones

  • Four Types of Zones

    • Sterile Zone

    • Clean Zone

    • Protective Zone

    • Disposable Zone

Aseptic and septic operation theatre orientation

  • Sterile Zone

    • Operation Room

    • Scrub room

    • Anaesthesia room(Block room)

    • Instruments sterilization

Aseptic and septic operation theatre orientation

  • Clean Zone:-

    • Pre operative block room

    • Nurses work room

    • Recovery room

    • Anaesthesia /Medication store

Aseptic and septic operation theatre orientation

  • Protective Zone:-

    • Reception room in OT

    • Waiting room for relative of patient

    • Dress changing room

    • Pre Anaesthesia room

    • General store room

    • Main Autoclave room

    • Trolley lay,Wheel chair,Stretcher

    • Control area of electricity

Aseptic and septic operation theatre orientation

  • Disposal Zone:-

    • Dirty /Blood stained linen

    • Used head caps,mask,socks

    • Solid materials both disposable and non disposable should move with outcrossing sterile & clean zones.

Operation room
Operation Room

  • Contains:-

    • Airconditioning –maintains asepsis

    • Operating table

    • Adjustable chair for surgeons

    • Instruments trolley

    • Microscope & other necessary equipments,Phaco machine etc

    • A working space of around 1. 2 m around operation table

    • IV stand tray and fluids

    • One Bowlstand for rinsing hand with sterile water.


  • Surgical instruments sets and different ocular surgeries

  • Bipolar diathermy with points

  • Vitrectomy machine with vitrectomy probes

  • Boyle apparatus for GA

Sub sterilizing area
Sub sterilizing Area

  • Instaclave with cheatle forceps and container

  • Stainless steel basin for cleaning the instruments

  • Electric water drums for boiling water or drum with clean sterile water.

  • Soft brush for cleaning the Instrument & instrument cover

  • Adequate water supply

Scrub area
Scrub Area

  • Sink with running water facility

  • Hands should not touch surface of sink

  • Scrubbing Solution (Chlorhexidine, Iodine 7.5%)

    • With Soap and brush

    • 6 minutes for scrubbing

    • First one minute for two times using soap then 2 minutes used for solution first time scrubbing with brush and full fore arm

    • Second 2 minutes with scrubbing solution for proximal half of fore arm

Location of septic ot
Location of Septic OT

  • Located at a place which has limited access to patients

  • Closure to ward

  • Away from aseptic OT

  • Should have separate dressing room,scrub room,sterilization section

  • Should have good ventilation

  • Good lighting system

  • Instruments and eye towels should be sterilized separately from other than linen like coats.

  • Flash autoclave or sterliser-in between cases

Staffing pattern
Staffing Pattern

  • OT Manager is usually OT Nursing officer

  • OT Manger has to ensure

  • Availability of equipments ,instruments and nursing staffs

  • Proper care and maintenance of equipments

  • Theatre cleaning and sterility

  • Adherence to work discipline

  • Maintenance of OT records

  • Relationship with other departments

Staff allocation
Staff Allocation

  • Operation area

  • Scrub nurse- 2 for 1Surgeon

  • Circulating nurse-1for 1 Surgeon

  • Block room-Local –1-3 persons,GA-2 persons

Information board

  • Notice board for display of daily operation

  • Schedule with details at entrance of OT

  • Helps to begin the preparations without delay

Roles of mlop in ot
Roles of MLOP in OT

  • Circulating MLOP:-

    • To give nursing care to patients during preparation for the surgery

    • Checks the case sheet

    • Helps doctors in giving local anaesthesia and counseling to the patient .

    • She makes available the sterile things and medicines supplied needed for surgery

Scrub mlop
Scrub MLOP

  • Scrub MLOP is a well trained person,who will be familiar with procedure of surgery

  • She assists the surgeon through out the surgery

  • Helps to wear sterile gown

  • Arranges instrument trolley

Dress code
Dress code

  • Should wear only special theatre dress to minimize cross infection.

  • Should not leave outside OT with theatre linen

  • Caps must be worn to cover the hair completely

  • Face masks must be worn.

  • Dress colour-preferably light blue,green

Slippers and overshoes
Slippers and Overshoes

  • Should remove personal slippers outside OT

  • Feet must be washed

  • Theatre slippers should be worn

  • Slippers should be scrubbed after use daily

  • Theatre slippers should not be used outside the theatre

A dedicated ot mlop
A dedicated OT MLOP

  • Should have a same of sincerity ,honesty and punctuality and compassion to all the patients.

  • Should have sufficient knowledge of medical terms

Ot discipline
OT Discipline

  • MLOP should come early before the start of surgery

  • Take all responsibility to arrange the theatre,ready to the patient and allocate the surgeon

  • Eating or drinking tea or coffee should be strictly prohibited in OT area

Personal hygiene
Personal Hygiene

  • Hairs and Nails must be kept clean and short

  • No Nail polishing or jewellary

  • Cuts and abrasion should be corrected and reported to incharge person

  • Infectious diseases like common cold should getprompt and complete medical treatment

Patient hygiene
Patient Hygiene

  • Should have their bath and wear clean dress

  • Diabetic ulcer patient Hansen or other infected diseases should be operated at the end

  • Disposable cap and shoes to every patient

Key point to remember
Key Point to Remember

  • OT should be located away from pollution (Noise & Air)

  • The attender /visitors should not be allowed to stand in front of OT

  • MLOP should check the working conditions of equipments , electrification etc prior to surgery

  • MLOP should take responsibilities to inform/make arrangements for repair and replacement of equipment.

  • An extra supply of instruments should be available at request.

  • An extra supply of all OT dresses must be available for visitors and staffs

  • The medical personal should strictly follow the theatre discipline