Reclassification upgrading of positions
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RECLASSIFICATION/ UPGRADING OF POSITIONS. What is Reclassification?. A form of staffing modification and/or position classification action applied only when there is substantial change in the regular duties and responsibilities of the position. What is Reclassification?.

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Reclassification upgrading of positions


What is reclassification
What is Reclassification?

A form of staffing modification and/or position classification action applied only when there is substantial change in the regular duties and responsibilities of the position

What is reclassification1
What is Reclassification?

This may result in a change in any or all of the position attributes:

 Position title;

 Level; and

 Salary grade.

What is reclassification2
What is Reclassification?

It generally involves a change in the position title and may be accompanied by an upward or downward change in salary

Reclassification is the generic term for changes in staff/position classification

What is upgrading
What is Upgrading?

Involves the upward change in salary grade allocation without change in position title.

Upgrading is a form of reclassification

Section 325 of republic act no 7160
Section 325 of Republic Act No. 7160

General limitations. – The use of the provincial, city and municipal funds shall be subject to the following limitations:


Section 325 of republic act no 71601
Section 325 of Republic Act No. 7160

(f) no changes in designation or nomenclature of positions resulting in

- promotion or

- demotion in rank or

- increase or decrease in


Section 325 of republic act no 71602
Section 325 of Republic Act No. 7160

except when the position is actually vacant, and the filling of such positions shall be strictly made in accordance with the civil service law, rules and regulations.

Dbm circular no 2004 3 conversion of positions performing staff non technical functions
DBM Circular No. 2004-3 (Conversion of Positions Performing Staff/Non-Technical Functions)

Dbm circular no 2004 3
DBM Circular No. 2004-3

3.2 It shall not cover, however the following positions:

 Legal Officers, Engineers, Librarians, etc. and those which require passing bar/board examinations;

Dbm circular no 2004 31
DBM Circular No. 2004-3

 Medical and Allied Medical positions under RA 7305 requiring passing the board examinations;

 Position rendering security of buildings;

Dbm circular no 2004 32
DBM Circular No. 2004-3

 Chief Accountants and lower level accountant positions which head accounting units; and filled Accountant positions.

 Municipal/City/Provincial Government Assistant Department Heads/Department Head; and

Dbm circular no 2004 33
DBM Circular No. 2004-3

 Positions performing line function of the agency, e.g. : carpenters in engineering Districts, bookbinders in the National Printing Office, and photographers in Office of the Press Secretary.

Csc mc no 7 s 2011
CSC MC No. 7, s. 2011

Coverage: Constitutional Bodies; Depts., Bureaus and Agencies of NatlGovt; GOCC and SUCs

“9. The appointment of an incumbent whose position was reclassified should be approved even if the incumbent is not qualified. The incumbent of reclassified position has a vested right to the reclassified position.