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College Effectiveness Council

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College Effectiveness Council. Fiscal Year: 2008/09 Meeting 2 – Nov 11, 2008, 2-3:30 GCC Board Room. CEC Quarterly Meetings. September 9, 2008 November 11, 2008 February 10, 2009 April 14, 2009. Agenda - November 11, 2008. Shooting for Student Success Team – Fall Harvest

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college effectiveness council

College Effectiveness Council

Fiscal Year: 2008/09

Meeting 2 – Nov 11, 2008, 2-3:30

GCC Board Room

cec quarterly meetings
CEC Quarterly Meetings
  • September 9, 2008
  • November 11, 2008
  • February 10, 2009
  • April 14, 2009
agenda november 11 2008
Agenda - November 11, 2008
  • Shooting for Student Success Team – Fall Harvest
    • Team building event to assess the first SPOL Fall Status Report (see September – Fall Status Reports on Planning Objectives)
  • Annual SACS Compliance Audit
    • The College has just responded to the SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.12 Substantive Change and will continue work on the Compliance Certification in anticipation of the on-site visit – these responses to the Principles will be entered in SPOL and assigned to the appropriate planning units – the performance of an annual audit will ensure that the College remains in compliance with standards, adheres to best practices in higher education, and is prepared for the next SACS reaffirmation
  • CEC Establishes Strategic Priorities
    • Building on the environmental scanning and SACS audit, and in preparation for the coming planning and budgeting cycle, CEC identifies strategic priorities, indicating the critical focus areas for the coming year and reviews College vision, mission, and goals
cec november 11 activities
CEC November 11 - Activities
  • Preview of Shooting for Student Success Team Building – Oct 17
  • Meeting Outcome
  • 08/09 Strategic Initiatives – Dennis & Jean
  • Red Cars – 11 minutes
  • 09/10 Strategic Initiatives
    • SWOT Summary
    • Strategy Map – Debbie
    • Planning Priorities in SPOL
  • SACS Update
building a house of quality
Building a House of Quality











gcc 08 09 strategic initiatives
GCC 08/09 Strategic Initiatives
  • Costs Associated with the General Obligation Bonds
  • Salary Equity
  • Financial Aid
  • SACS Substantive Change – Curriculum Committee Policies
  • Distance Learning – Dennis Westman
  • CCSSE and SENSE to Assess Student Engagement – Jean Sorenson
  • Staff Development – Slide Show
  • SPOL Nov 2008 release, version 3.2.1 with numerous enhancements

February 2009, release, version with the following:

Outcomes Module (student learning outcomes, program outcomes, and institutional outcomes)

Survey Engine

Faculty Credentialing (current status by course, document manager for scanned in transcripts with encryption, and individual faculty development plans for continuous compliance and improvement)

Balanced Scorecard

strategy maps
Strategy Maps
  • How do we create and improve value for customers/students (primary stakeholder)
  • Can be used to formulate (or refine) a strategy
  • Can be used to describe and communicate a strategy
educational institution strategy map concept adapted from strategy maps kaplan norton 2004
Educational Institution Strategy Map Concept adapted from Strategy Maps, Kaplan & Norton, 2004

The Mission

Stakeholder Perspective

To achieve our mission,

how must we look to our stakeholders?

Fiduciary Perspective

What do we need to support Learning and Growth and Internal Processes

Internal Perspective

To satisfy our stakeholders,

at which processes must we excel?

Learning & Growth Perspective

To achieve our mission,

how must our organization learn and improve?

learning and growth strategic alignment of intangible assets
Learning and Growth: Strategic Alignment of Intangible Assets
  • Human Capital: The availability of skills, talent, and know-how required to support the strategy
  • Information Capital: The availability of information systems, networks, and infrastructure required to support the strategy
learning and growth strategic alignment of intangible assets1
Learning and Growth: Strategic Alignment of Intangible Assets
  • Organizational Capital: The ability of the organization to mobilize and sustain the process of change required to execute the strategy. Includes the organization’s Culture, Leadership, Teamwork and Alignment (alignment with strategic focus)
  • Community Capital: The relationships with the community, community support and community involvement
planning priorities in spol
Planning Priorities in SPOL
  • Typically planning priorities are established by institutions at a high-level to provide strategic direction and focus, particularly with regard to budget decisions.
  • While college goals may have a long-range focus, planning priorities tend to be more short-range.
  • Institutions may wish to use their planning priorities as a planning classification to provide direction to users in writing objectives that fit institutional priorities.
planning priorities 2009 10
Planning Priorities 2009/10
  • Small Group Activity
    • SWOT Analysis Results
    • GCC Strategy Map
    • Identify 2009/10 Planning Priorities
  • Strategic Planning Online

    • Connect your objectives in January to 2009/10 Planning Priorities
    • Connect your budget requests in March to 2009/10 Planning Priorities
accreditation update
Accreditation Update
  • SACS Sub-C Team
    • Jeanie Hardin, Ann Kirch, Steve Davis, Mark Taylor, Lisa Hebert, Janet Hoover, Debbie Plyler
    • 4 prospectus, 2 process approvals, to EC 12-5, to COC 12-12
  • SACS Leadership Team
    • Alan Scheibmeir, Debbie Plyler, Jeanie Hardin, Giles Brown, Gary Paikowski, Wendell Williams, Jean Sorenson
    • Faculty Association President David Foster
    • SACS annual conference
    • SACS accreditation assignments in SPOL
important gcc planning sites
Important GCC Planning Sites
  • Strategic Planning Online

  • College Effectiveness Council
  • Staff Development
  • GCC Planning Calendar
more business
More Business
  • SACS Sub-C – Jeanie, Ann, Mark, Lisa, Janet, Debbie
  • Vision, mission, goals task force – David, Ann, Shelle, Ginger, Yasminda, Mark
  • Balanced Scorecard – SPOL Accountability Measures, President’s Executive Council, David, Patty, Steve, Debbie
  • Shooting for Success Teambuilding – Staff Development Resource Team, Giles, Wendell
  • SACS Leadership Team – Alan, Jeanie, Gary, Wendell, Giles, Jean Sorenson, Debbie
  • SENSE Survey of Entering Student Engagement – David, Mark, Jean Sorenson, Jeanie, Wendell
  • Information Needs Task Force – Gary, Wendell, Jeanie, Giles, Debbie, Kim, Steve, Ann