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Paul Vaughan National Project Manager HCA Initiative, WiPP

Paul Vaughan National Project Manager HCA Initiative, WiPP. OVER TO YOU! BUILDING ON THE WORK OF WIPP. AIM OF THE SESSION. Identify the national drivers for change Understand how WiPP resources support general practice to develop strategies to meet the challenges of these drivers

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Paul Vaughan National Project Manager HCA Initiative, WiPP

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  1. Paul VaughanNational Project ManagerHCA Initiative, WiPP OVER TO YOU! BUILDING ON THE WORK OF WIPP

  2. AIM OF THE SESSION • Identify the national drivers for change • Understand how WiPP resources support general practice to develop strategies to meet the challenges of these drivers • Know how to access the WiPP resources and apply the tools to your practice to make changes in your practice to improve the service

  3. DEMANDS ON CAPACITY …. • Over 300 million consultations in primary care each year • Over 15 million people in England with long term health needs. Every decade that number could increase by a million • 45 million outpatient appointments each year; in some specialties up to 50% could be provided in a community setting • 5% shift in services from acute to primary care • Extending opening hours was the most popular improvement to primary care

  4. ‘Patients have told me that… they want care to fit into their lives, not have to fit their lives around the care they receive’. ‘A personalised NHS must be tailored to the needs and wants of each individual, especially the most vulnerable and those in greatest need, providing access to services at the time and place of their choice’

  5. NHS NEXT STAGE REVIEW: Interim report To help make care more personal, patient choice should be embedded within the full spectrum of NHS funded care, going beyond elective surgery into new areas such as primary care and long term conditions: • New resources should be invested to bring new GP practices (whether they are organised on the traditional independent contractor model or by new private providers) to local communities where they are most needed, starting with the 25% of PCTs with the poorest provision • Newly procured health centres in easily accessible locations should be offering all members of the local population a range of convenient services, even if they choose not to be directly registered with GPs in these centres • PCTs should introduce new measures to develop greater flexibility in GP opening hours, including the introduction of new providers. Our aim is that, over time, the majority of GP practices will offer patients much greater choice of when to see a GP, extending hours into the evenings or weekend.

  6. FUTURE CHALLENGE Deliver care differently ? • Integrated services • Local services • Patient-centred services • Services in the home • Services accessed when required

  7. 5 RIGHTS

  8. SO WHAT ARE WiPP DOING? • Enabling professionals to use their skills to the full and to take on enhanced roles • Drawing upon the expertise of the public, private and voluntary sectors • Working with patients to manage their health more effectively • Bringing the NHS Career Framework to life and enabling people to see the development opportunities • Supporting the development of collecting accurate data to influence changes that will improve the service

  9. Train/mentor/develop Redesign work flow Recruit right person for job: integrate into practice Secure support of team for introduction of new roles Supporting change

  10. SELF CARE FOR YOU: Over to you… Invite and support your Patient Participation Group to get involved in promoting self care e.g. becoming trainers, delivering taster sessions Influence your PCT to offer Self Care for You courses alongside EPP courses so that there is Self Care support for everyone not just those people living with a long term condition Send 2 people (staff and/or patients) to a TtT workshop to be trained in delivering the Self Care for You course

  11. SELF CARE FOR PRIMARY CARE: Over to you… Use the SCPC resources, specifically the PART model to think about self care messages when having a consultation with a patient. To work as a practice team looking at high demand and low complexity conditions and develop self care patient pathways to ensure consistent messages are being given to patients. By working through the workshop resources this will facilitate self care being the foundation of the practice’s culture.

  12. GPN INITIATIVE: Over to you… Look at each member of the team to ensure they are trained at the right level to do the job they are doing and use the competency resources to help you check this out Contact Sue Cross on sue.cross@wipp.nhs.uk who will put you in touch with someone in your area to help you use them in the way that suits your practice Use the appraisal system to develop each team members personal and professional development plan

  13. HCA INITIATIVE: You can… Using the HCA Toolkit, introduce and optimise the role of the HCA in your practice Using the HCA Forum Resources, set up a local HCA Forum Use ‘Principles of Delegation’ tool to safely extend the role of you HCA

  14. SOME OTHER WiPP INITIATIVES: Over to you… Feedback Workload Analysis Tool Primary Care Management Development Programme Inform your practice manager Inform local school nurse or school governors Self Care for Schools

  15. To access WiPPs free resources, visit:www.wipp.nhs.uk

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