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Covert NLP. Secret Mind Control William Horton Psy.D . The Secrets. Split Consciousness One MUST have Rapport and Advanced RAPPORT One Must Deeply Understand the NLP technique to be used covertly Need to have understanding of Hypnotic Language Hypnotic Timing and Pacing

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covert nlp

Covert NLP

Secret Mind Control

William Horton Psy.D.

the secrets
The Secrets
  • Split Consciousness
  • One MUST have Rapport and Advanced RAPPORT
  • One Must Deeply Understand the NLP technique to be used covertly
  • Need to have understanding of Hypnotic Language
  • Hypnotic Timing and Pacing
  • Signal Recognition Ability
  • Story & Metaphor
basic rapport
Basic Rapport
  • Basic Rapport Mirror & Match to get COMFORT
  • Elicit your Targets VAK rep systems
  • Elicit Targets Personal Trance Words
  • Meta Programs
  • Rapport always the key
split consciousness
Split Consciousness
  • Look at your hands (you lead) Now look at me but pay attention to your hands, that’s right look at me and putt your conscious mind on your hands, as your looking at me and focusing on your hands you notice that one hand become tingly, that hand become more tingly, wiggle the fingers of that tingly hand that’s right, that’s so cool keep focused on that as you listen to me
advanced rapport
Advanced Rapport
  • Put yourself in STATE
  • Align Your Energy
  • First Think Of Someone you know well and can read
  • Imagine a bubble of energy sounding both of you
  • Have energy “blend” and then they are like X
  • Now It is easier, old friends you have not meet yet!!!!
hypnotic language
Hypnotic Language
  • Understand Hypnotic Language
  • Personal Trance Words
  • Analog Marking
  • Embedded Commands
  • The More The More
  • Pacing & Timing
signal recognition
Signal recognition
  • Know your Targets signals for
  • YES
  • No
  • Relaxed & Accessible
story metaphor
Story & Metaphor
  • Understand Basis of Metaphor creation
  • Metaphor & Story easy way to COVERTLY use NLP
  • NLP in a story format easy to do
metaphor creation
Metaphor Creation
  • Metaphors can step by step lead into deeper states of consciousness*
  • Heightened awareness HORROR MOVIES, everything then is scary
  • Comedy things are funnier
  • Romantic (why guys do not take girls to Romantic comedies, if you do REWARD!)
  • Inspirational ROCKY RUDY Ready to Take On WORLD!
  • Obstacle Removal Using bad for good Cinderella
nlp techniques
NLP Techniques
  • Understand The Technique you want to Covertly use!
  • Structure & Process
  • Intentions
  • How to Break into Small Chunk Sizes
  • Use The Structure to help you design metaphor/story
review techniques
Review Techniques
  • Visual Squash
  • Parts or Polarity Response
  • Conscious Subconscious Conflict
  • Conscious part wants to change
  • Subconscious holds onto old beliefs
visual squash
Visual Squash
  • Break out parts in story or metaphor form
  • Create a story of conflict (drama or comedy)
  • Have characters be relatable (both good & evil) Rapport
  • Have Belief Reframe & Change History built into story
  • Use Hypnotic words in story telling
  • Have clear outcome in your mind
  • Add Physical Movements
once upon a time
Once Upon A Time
  • Presenting problem: A student wants to study more & be more focused but something stops him
  • Already set up for Visual Squash
  • Toward, Visual with strong K some auditory
  • Fear of being a NERD
  • Lets rock
that reminds me
That Reminds me:
  • OF A Story of two types of people……….
  • One who Liked to study and work hard or the achievers
  • The others liked to play and be spontaneous the naturals
new behavior generator
New Behavior Generator
  • Create a New Behavior
  • Need A Role Model who has Skill
  • Understand Trance Identification
  • Have Ability to Pace Story and add Physical skills
  • Know Secret of implanting desire to do extra work towards goal
i had a client once
I had a Client Once
  • Presentation Person wants to improve Speaking Skills
  • Since you said you want to be a better speaker, that reminds me of a client who had same issues, and I know that you, like me, understand the need to develop those skills, I had a client once …..
covert nlp1
Covert NLP
  • NLP by its nature is covert Hypnosis
  • Keep it simple
  • Understand the PROCESS of NLP and its techniques
  • Regular NLP techniques are Covert Hypnosis
covert hypnosis
Covert Hypnosis
  • When you add the techniques of Covert/Conversational Hypnosis it becomes Magic in action
  • By Pass all Critical Factors
  • Reframe Beliefs
  • Done while person assumes no Trance which increases power of technique
conversational hypnosis nlp
Conversational hypnosis/NLP
  • Next Modules of class will break down Covert NLP
  • Become a Master of Conversational Covert NLP & Hypnosis
  • Learn the Secrets to TRUE Covert Hypnosis
  • Understand Secret Mind Control
  • Special price $197 till May 1, 2014
secret mind control
Secret Mind Control
  • Without; No deep understanding of conversational hypnosis, no ability to do things on the fly and by pass resistance, less income (lost sales) less impact as speaker/trainer
  • With: greater understanding of hypnosis & NLP, ability to improvise, better speaking skills, more sales, more impact
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Spring Super Special
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