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  1. CONTENTS • Introduction • Business Field • Strength • Production • Service Network

  2. NYK Container Line Nippon Container Terminals Mitsubishi Ore Transport NYK Shipmanagement NYK Logistics Nippon Cargo Airlines NYK Cruises Crystal Cruises UNI-X NYK Global Bulk Logistics NYK Hinode Line Ship Owner 1. Introduction (Relationship companies) NYK TRADING Co., is the trading company representing NYK Group which comprises of about 30 companies headed by NYK LINE. We, NYK Group cover wide business field related with marine transport and logistics in the world. NYK Group NYK Line The Master of NYK Group Sanyo Trading NYK Trading Hikawa Marine Keihin Dock The No.1 trading company in the NYK Group Boltech Nihon Nozzle Nihon Yuka Trading Company Manufacturer

  3. 1. Introduction (Company Profile) Now we have commercial interests in Marine and Industrial Energy, Green Energy, Chemicals, Instrumentation, Machinery and Automation System Instruments, Technical Service, Logistics Materials and Insurance. Financial Highlights (Year Ended March 31st) • Established: 1948 • Employees: 170 • Location: Tokyo as headquarter • Subsidiaries: the other 4 cities in Japan. Shanghai, Singapore, Manila, London and Los Angeles. • Capital: 1.2Bilion

  4. NYK Trading Corporation Energy & Chemical Machinery & Instrumentation Overseas Branches Marine & Lubricants Group Instrumentation Sales Group Shanghai Industrial Energy Group Mumbai Representative Machinery Sales Group Singapore Green Energy Group Plant Engineering Group Manila Petrochemicals Group After Sales Service Group London 1. Introduction (Organization) Marine Team (Overseas Division)

  5. Providing equipments for factories. And also provide equipments for the processes at power generation plants. 2. Business Field Providing various equipments for marine, and supplying various parts for repair vessels. Providing fuels and lubricants for vessels. After Sales Service Providing fuels and lubricants for manufacture.

  6. 2. Business Field ・Our Customers ・Sales Products Our main customers are shipyards, ship owners, manufacturers and so on. All Marine Equipment Japanese Shipyard Overseas Shipyard (ex. China and South East Asia) Automation System etc. New Shipbuilding New Shipbuilding Parts for Marine Equipment etc. NYK Trading Chemical Products Instruments Japanese Ship Owner (ex. Temperature/Pressure Sensor & Switch, Flow Meter etc.) Fuel Oil, Lubricant Oil Marine Manufacturer Overseas Ship Owner (ex. Main Engine, Generator, Boiler etc.) Ship Owner Ship Owner Manufacturer Manufacturer

  7. Package Deal Providing marine equipment and vessel design as package dealing. Equipment Selection Selecting the best marine equipment for customer’s requested specification. Good Price Offering competitive price. NYK Trading hasstrongly relationship with Japanese manufacturer as a member of NYK Group company. 3. Strength NYK Trading has strength of providing Japanese marine equipment in the world.

  8. *Air Conditioner *Side Thruster/Bow Thruster *Valves *Gas Detector *Fire Extinguisher *Deck Machinery *Level Gauging System *Cargo and Ballast Valve Remote System *Inert Gas System *Fans etc. 4. Production 4-1) Products for Hull Part

  9. *Main Switchboard *Engine Console *Integrate Automation System for Gas Carrier *Fire Detection Alarm System *Radars, GPS, Gyro *Temperature Instrument etc. 4. Production 4-2) Products for Electric Part

  10. *Auxiliary Boiler *Exhaust Gas Economizer *Propeller & Thruster *Automatic Control Valve *Oily Water Separator *Sewage Treatment System *Flesh Water Generator * Incinerator *Air Compressor *Pumps etc. 4. Production 4-3) Products for Engine Part

  11. * Fuel Consumption Monitoring System * Inverter Controlled System for Seawater Cooling System * LED Illumination * MGO Cooling Unit * FO Shifter etc. 4. Production 4-4) Save Energy & Environment

  12. Japan Shanghai Singapore India UAE The United Kingdom 5. Service Network NYK Trading has our service network in the world.