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Life Cycle of a Plant PowerPoint Presentation
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Life Cycle of a Plant

Life Cycle of a Plant

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Life Cycle of a Plant

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  1. Life Cycle of a Plant How living things grow, live, and die 2nd grade Science

  2. Core Content SC-04-3.4.3 • Students will compare a variety of life cycles of plants and animals in order to classify and make inferences about an organism. • Plants and animals have life cycles that include the beginning of life, growth and development, reproduction and death. The details of a life cycle are different for different organisms. Models of organisms’ life cycles should be used to classify and make inferences about an organism.

  3. Vocabulary • Life Cycle – a series of stages that a plant passes through from seed, seedling, mature plant, and death. • Reproduce – the process by which a plant makes more seeds. • Seed coat – covers the outside of the seed to protect the tiny plant. • Germinate – when a seed begins to grow because it has soaked up enough water and sunlight. • Flower – the reproductive structure of the plant. • Pollination – happens when pollen is moved from a stamen to a pistil. The flower then begins to make fruit and seeds. • Dormant – the stage where the seed is alive, but not growing. Usually in winter.

  4. Stage 1 • Most plants begin their life cycle with a seed. • A tiny plant and seed food is inside every seed. • A seed coat covers the outside of the seed and protects the tiny plant inside.

  5. Stage 2 • When the seed gets enough warmth and moisture, it germinates or sprouts. • The seed soaks up water, and the seed coats splits open. • The seed sprouts. • A root grows down into the soil and a little shoot grows up toward the sunlight

  6. Stage 3 • As the roots grow, a stem will also appear. The bean uses the food in the seed to grow. • Leaves will grow on the stem and the plant will stretch toward the light. • At this stage, the plant is called a seedling and it can use photosynthesis to make its own food.

  7. Stage 4 • The plant will begin to develop flowers. • The flower’s function is to reproduce to make new seeds.

  8. Stage 5 • After pollination, the flower will turn into a pod with the seeds inside. • Many plants also develop fruit, which covers and protects the seed. • When the seed has fully developed, the cycle begins again.

  9. Bean Seed Life Cycle

  10. The Life Cycle of a Plant Use the life cycle diagram sheet. Draw what happens during each of the five stages of a plant’s life cycle. Be sure to explain what happens during each stage.