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The Normans

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The Normans
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The Normans

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  1. The Normans By Eoin Collins January 2014

  2. When the Normans started invading Ireland • When the Normans First started invading Ireland it was a two stage invasion . The invasion started on the First of May, Eleven Sixty Nine. It all started when Diarmait Mac Murchada asked an Norman army to land near Bannow in County Wexford. • On the 18th Of October eleven seventy one Henry II landed in Waterford to see if the Norman Army was doing what he asked him to do. In the process went to Dublin and accepted the fealty of the Irish Kings and Bishops in Ireland in eleven seventy two, creating the Lordship of Ireland.

  3. Invasion of 1169 • After losing the Tyrone Chief, Muirchertach Mac Lochlainn the High King Of Ireland who died in eleven sixty six. DiarmuitMacMurrough was forced by the confederation of Irish forces under the new High King Rory O`Connor. Diarmuit fled first to Bristol and then to Normandy. He got permission from HenryII to use the latter`s subjects to get back his Kingdom the letter said :Henry, King of England, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and earl of Anjou, to all his liegemen, English, Norman, Welsh and Scotch, and to all the nations under his dominion, greeting. When these letters shall come into your hands, know ye, that we have received Diarmait, Prince of Leinster, into the bosom of our grace and benevolence. Wherefore, whosoever, in the ample extent of all our territories, shall be willing to assist in restoring that prince, as our vassal and liegeman, let such person know, that we do hereby grant to him our licence and favour for the said undertaking.

  4. Arrival of Henry the second in Ireland in 1171 • Henry landed with a large army at Waterford in eleven seventy one, for the first time ever an England King has set foot on Irish soil. That would start the beginning of the English and British rule later on in Ireland. Waterford and Dublin were proclaimed Royal Cities. In November Henry accepted the submission of the Irish Kings in Dublin. Eleven seventy two, Henry arranged for the Irish Bishops to attend the Synod of Cashel an to run the Irish Church in the same manner as the English Church. • However , with both Diarmuid and Strongbow dead in 1171 and Henry went back to England after 2 years this treaty was not worth the vellum it was written on. John De Courcy invaded took over most of East Ulster in 1177

  5. Strongbow • Richard de Clare(a.k.a. Strongbow ) was the son of Gilbert De Clare,1st Earl of Pembroke. Richards father died in 1148, when he was 18 years old, and Richard got the title Earl of Pembroke. It was probably that the title was not recognized at Henry II coronation in 1154. As the son of the first Earl he got all of his land in 1148 but it was taken of him by King Henry in 1154 for picking sides with King Stephen of England against Henry`s mother , the Empress Matilda. Richard was in fact, called by his contemporary name Earl of Striguil, for his Lordship of Striguil where he had a fortress at a place now called Chepstow in Monmouthshire on the River Wye.