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Cupcake Math

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Cupcake Math. Raven Morris Algebra 1 Pre-AP Accelerated 6 th Period. What’s the Deal?.

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cupcake math

Cupcake Math

Raven Morris

Algebra 1 Pre-AP Accelerated

6th Period

what s the deal
What’s the Deal?
  • Raven’s Cupcake Company ships cupcakes all over the country. There is a flat rate of $2.00 for every order shipped, and cupcakes cost $6.00 a dozen. What is the total cost if Shantaniatia orders three dozen cupcakes?
x and y
X and Y?
  • Your ‘x’ value is the number of cupcakes that she purchases, which we already determined was three. So x=3.
  • Your ‘y’ value is the total amount that the order will cost, which will be determined in a later slide.
  • Equation: y=$2.00+6x
independent and dependent
Independent and Dependent?
  • Our independent value is….the number of dozens of cupcakes purchased
  • Our dependent value….is the total cost of the cupcake plus shipping
  • So, the total amount required to purchase the cupcakes depends on the number of cupcakes purchased!
  • In case you were wondering, yes, this is a function because it has independent and dependent values!!
domain and range
Domain and Range!
  • The domain is all of the possible x values. Lets just use…


The range is all the possible y values. To determine the y values, we have to use our formula, which is y=$2.00+6x…

R:{$8, 14, 20, 26, 32, 38, 44}

continuous or discrete
Continuous or Discrete?
  • This domain is continuous, because you can get any number of cupcakes.
function notation
Function Notation

If this equation were written in function notation, it would look like this…


equation stated
Equation Stated
  • If we were to write this equation in what I like to call standard notation it would look like….

y= $2.00+6x

possible outcomes
Possible Outcomes
  • Some of the possible outcomes to this equation are as follows…
  • This is what some of the outcomes would look like on a graph…

Total Cost

Number of Cupcakes

  • Now that we know how to find our answer, we should be able to figure out that Shantaniatia will have to pay $20.00 for her cupcakes and their shipping. We also hopefully learned a little more about functions from Raven Morris!