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Argon. Refrigeration Supply Purity. Argon Refrigeration. Heat load summary LN circulation LN supply. Heat Load Summary. Tank heat load 0.05%/day 47kW Flash during filling, assuming 5 psig supply 6kW Vapor displaced during filling 1.5 kW Total with 1.25 factor 68 kW.

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  • Refrigeration

  • Supply

  • Purity

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Argon refrigeration

Argon Refrigeration

Heat load summary

LN circulation

LN supply

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Heat load summary
Heat Load Summary

  • Tank heat load 0.05%/day 47kW

  • Flash during filling, assuming

    5 psig supply 6kW

  • Vapor displaced during filling 1.5 kW

  • Total with 1.25 factor 68 kW

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Ln supply perspective
LN Supply Perspective

  • Flare Usage 34 tons/day

  • Fermilab usage 45 to 78 tons/day

  • CHL liquefier 100 ton/day

  • 12 trucks or 5 railcars per week

  • LN cost at Fermilab $62/ton

  • 2002 budget price for 100 ton/day liquefier $2.9 million

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Nitrogen circulation

Argon condensers inside tank

Nitrogen storage

Nitrogen Circulation

  • Condensers inside tank to minimize argon handling

  • Redundant pumps, heat exchangers, etc.

  • Nothing extraordinary

  • Needs further development to improve cost estimate

  • Present estimate $460k

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Ln supply tasks
LN Supply Tasks

  • Five liquefier vendors contacted recently

  • Failures

    • Power failures

    • Mechanical breakdowns

    • LN leak inside detector tank

    • Supply interruptions

  • Detector Tank loses 25 tons argon/day without cooling

  • Zero backflow vent system needed

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Argon supply
Argon Supply

  • Praxiar quotation in January 2004

  • $37 million, truck delivery, ~1ppm

  • RR cars would be less expensive

  • Oxygen concentration is negotiable, 1ppm is proven without extraordinary effort

  • Could use multiple suppliers

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Argon receiving
Argon Receiving

  • Procedure proven at Dzero, NWA and E706

    • Connect to truck

    • Test carefully, accept or reject

    • Testing includes oxygen concentration, electron lifetime, possibly other tests

  • Pump through purifier into intermediate tank

  • Test and pump into detector tank

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Receiving further development
Receiving Further Development

  • Failure scenarios

    • Adding contaminated delivery to main tank

    • Spill during connection

  • Further development

    • Piping Schematic

    • Instrumentation requirements

    • Estimated time to connect and test

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Sources of impurity
Sources of impurity

  • Argon Supply

  • Surfaces

    • Tank shell

    • Cable insulation

    • Other material

  • Leaks and permeation

    • Mechanical seals

  • Dead volumes

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Argon purifiers
Argon Purifiers

  • Purifying equipment would probably run for the life of the project as well as during filling

  • ICARUS used Messer Oxisorb, proprietary regeneration

  • Air Liquide offers a packaged liquid purifier, $400k. Regeneration would consume $800k of argon during filling. Possibly can recover most of it.

  • Praxair offers gas purifier for $600k

  • Earnhart(Trigon) offers regenerable adsorbent

  • All of these should be evaluated further

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

High purity specifications
High Purity Specifications

  • Rough tank purging

    • High capacity intermediate system?

    • Further purging?

    • High purity system with high regeneration?

  • Specification for leak testing

  • Specification for tank surfaces, tank cleaning, procedures during detector construction, cable insulation

  • Specification for all argon handling equipment and piping

  • Further development needed

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Purification testing
Purification Testing

  • Testing is needed to prove high purity can be achieved without evacuation and with reasonable fabrication requirements

  • Outgassing in vacuum has been studied, but how is the rate affected by an Argon atmosphere or temperature?

  • Testing can be done on a reasonable scale

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt

Effort estimates
Effort estimates

  • Purity issues, a man-year of process engineering, plus technician and drafting support

  • M&S budget to avoid re-inventing parts that are commercially available, $100k

  • Refrigeration and Supply, two man-months of engineering to improve cost estimate

FLARE Cryogenics, RLSchmitt