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Client Configuration Components

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Client Configuration Components - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Client Configuration Components. © N. Ganesan, Ph.D. Module. Network Client. Network Components. NIC drivers (covered in previous slides) Load the correct drivers Protocol (covered in previous slides) Install the TCP/IP protocol Client Services. Client Installation.

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Network Client

network components
Network Components
  • NIC drivers (covered in previous slides)
    • Load the correct drivers
  • Protocol (covered in previous slides)
    • Install the TCP/IP protocol
  • Client
  • Services
client installation
Client Installation
  • When TCP/IP is installed, the Client for Microsoft Networks is automatically installed
  • In the following example, the Client for Novell Netware will be installed so that this computer may also access Novell networks
installed components
Installed Components
  • The previous process will install the client service for Netware
  • It will also install the required protocols to access Novell network
    • NWLink related protocols
uninstalling client services
Uninstalling Client Services
  • The client services for Novell Netware can be uninstalled as well


Network Services

  • There are many services that could be installed
  • To share files and printers, the file and printer sharing service must be installed
    • An example will be presented later showing the installation of the file and printer sharing service
some examples of services
Some Examples of Services
  • File and printer sharing
    • Microsoft networks
  • Backup of data
  • HP Laser Jet administration
backup data
Backup Data


Backup Tape

Install the Arcada Backup Agent, for example

network printer administration
Network Printer Administration
  • A network attached printer directly connected to a network can be administered from a client by installing the administration service on the client
remote hp laserjet administration
Remote HP LaserJet Administration

Client Station

HP LaserJet

LaserJet connected

directly to the network.

HP JetAdmin service


installing file and printer sharing services
Installing File and Printer Sharing Services
  • In most cases, when a network is installed by the OS, file and printer sharing services are automatically installed
  • If these services are not required, for security, they should be disabled
  • The following example shows the installation of the said services based on the assumption that they were not installed