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Healthy and junk food PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy and junk food

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Healthy and junk food - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthy and junk food. The aims of the lesson:. To revise vocabulary and grammar material Develop reading & speaking skills. Match pictures and words. sugar tomatoes soup ice-cream. Put the items from the shopping list into the correct categories. Shopping list

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Healthy and junk food

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    1. Healthy and junk food

    2. The aims of the lesson: To revise vocabulary and grammar material Develop reading & speaking skills

    3. Match pictures and words sugar tomatoes soup ice-cream

    4. Put the items from the shopping list into the correct categories. Shopping list chocolate bread tomatoes coffee yoghurt tea bananas crisps chicken cereal lamb chops peppers Fruit & vegetables Meat & poultry Dairy products Beverages Cereals, grains & pasta Snacks

    5. Choose the correct container cup can packet jar box 1. A ……. of tea 2. A ……. of cola 3. A ……. of crisps 4. A ……. of honey 5. A ……. of cereal

    6. Составьте предложения: 1. eat/in the morning/porridge/I 2. She/milk/with/coffee/drink/does not 3. hamburgers/they/with/like/cheese 4. We/eat/for breakfast/do not/pizza/salad/fish/or 5. For supper/would/I/orange/like/juice 6. are/tea/drinking/they/and/cake/a/nice/eating/chocolate 7. Does not/Lizzy/mineral/drink/water

    7. Look at the table below and complete the column about what you eat in the morning. Then make sentences, as in example.

    8. CompletethesentencesusingthePresentPerfectorthePresentPerfectContinuous.CompletethesentencesusingthePresentPerfectorthePresentPerfectContinuous. 1Justin .................dinnerfor two hours now! (cook) 2She ............ a present foryou. (buy) 3 They ............... theirholiday for the last two weeks. (plan) 4 I ............ Jack for six years. (know) 5 You .................. all morning! (pack)

    9. Answers 1.Justin has been cooking dinnerfor two hours now! 2.She has boughta present foryou. 3.They have been planningtheirholiday for the last two weeks. 4.I have known Jack for six years. 5.You have been packing all morning!

    10. Food pyramid What does each food group give us to be healthy?

    11. Meat group What food should we eat to have a strong and healthy body?

    12. Milk group What products should we eat to build strong teeth and bones?

    13. Fruits and vegetables hj What food provides vitamins?

    14. Bread and cereal group What gives us energy?

    15. Fats and sugar Why should we eat fats and sugar ?

    16. What is tasty is not always healthy

    17. Guess whether these sentences are true (T) or false (F). Eating junk food is a great passion of people. A lot of people have ever enjoyed a hamburger. The American habit of eating popcorn at the movies is not well-known. Junk food is rich in vitamins and minerals. Junk food has poor nutrition and that’s why is unhealthy. Junk food doesn’t cause diseases. Junk food is attractive.

    18. Answers 1.True 2.True 3.False 4.False 5.True 6.False 7.True

    19. Every day a new McDonald’s restaurant opens the door somewhere on our planet.

    20. They are quick and you don’t have to wait The food is cheap The restaurants are usually clean and the waiters wear special uniforms They do their best to attract children, some of them organize parties for children

    21. The restaurants create litter The food contains a lot of fat The food is the same everywhere and you can’t order the dishes which you enjoy most of all You can’t visit the restaurant before opening hours

    22. Enjoy your meal!

    23. Role play You and your friend are deciding where to go for lunch St A:Ask St B where the person would like to eat St B: Take time to think about before answering St A: Show St B that you are considering the suggestion before answering

    24. Every nationality has its own folk cuisine. I want you to tell about the Tatar cuisine

    25. Gubadya

    26. Tunterma

    27. Kuystuybuy

    28. Belyashi

    29. Chuk-Chuk

    30. Self-preparation Role play St.A: Tell St.B some things that annoy you about dishes at out canteen. St.B: Tell St.A if you have the same or different problems. Essay about junk food (for & against)

    31. Do you like this lesson? What do you like the most? Have you learnt anything new today? Was the way of learning interesting?

    32. Thank you very much for your participation.