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Welcome to Curriculum Night August 25, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Curriculum Night August 25, 2014

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Welcome to Curriculum Night August 25, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Curriculum Night August 25, 2014
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  1. Welcome to Curriculum Night August 25, 2014

  2. Introductions • 19th Year Teaching • 3rd Year Teaching Magnet at Campanelli • 2 Masters Degrees • Curriculum and Instruction from DePaul University • Education Administration from Northern Illinois University • National Board Certified Teacher

  3. Magnet Essential Outcomes

  4. Assessment/Grading Reflect on our Essential Outcome Wordle; what should be our focus in Magnet? Our Main Goal: The achievement of learning, not the achievement of grades

  5. Grades • Students receive letter grades • Assignments and Assessments are graded using number correct/total • For assignments that it is challenging to provide total points for, a scale of 1-4 will be used – 1 is beginning to develop skill; 2 is developing an understanding; 3 shows mastery; 4 demonstrates efforts above and beyond. • Students have the opportunity to self-reflect and correct their assignments and most assessments to demonstrate their understanding • Students are encouraged to be self-advocates for improving an assignment

  6. Infinite Campus Grade Book Parent Portal • 4th - 6thgrade parents have access to Infinite Campus • Parents have the opportunity to continuously monitor students’ progress • Parents can monitor assignments that students did not return

  7. Homework We believe… • Homework is a necessary component of a solid educational experience • It can introduce a new concept or topic the night before the concept is taught in class • It can reinforce what was taught during the day • It can provide for review and application of previously learned material

  8. Homework Expectations • Approximately a total of 45 minutes - 1 hour per night • (Around project due dates homework may take a bit longer • Proper planning is important and encouraged by teachers through consistent reminders and check-in points • Assignment Notebook should be used as a tool for communication between home and school– All students are expected to use an assignment notebook and periodic checks will be done • Extra Day Passes • Students are expected to complete all homework • Homework Lunch

  9. Literacy Reading • Shared/Guided Reading • Novels/Classics • Other supplemental materials • Independent Reading • Scholastic Book Orders

  10. Literacy Vocabulary • 3rd and 4th Grade - Caesar’s English 1 • 5th Grade - Caesar’s English 2 • 6th Grade - Word Within a Word

  11. Literacy Writing • Writer’s Workshop • D54 Framework • Writing Curriculum-Traits of Writing • Assessment • Narrative/Expository/Argument Essay • Required products/Choice products

  12. Math New District 54 Math Curriculum - Go Math: Aligned to the Common Core Standards and provides for student learning and application of the Standards of Practice and required math standards/skills: • Accelerated 4th: Mrs. O’Donoghue • Accelerated 5th: Ms. Durchslag and Dr. Hanisch • Accelerated 6th: Mrs. Sudol and Mrs. Whitten • Accelerated Algebra: Students will travel to Mead Jr. High – • Students will return to Campi around 8:45 a.m. Students will be working together in one of the classrooms on their math homework, while other Magnet students are participating in their math lesson. It is expected that this time is used for working on math homework with collaboration among students to assist each other.

  13. Science Themes • Animals • Mrs. O’Donoghue • Simple Machines • Mrs. Sudol • Health • Mrs. O’Donoghue • Weather • Mrs. Sudol • Principles of Matter • Ms. Durchslag/Mrs. Sudol • Plants • Ms. Durchslag • Health – Body Systems • Ms. Durchslag/Mrs. Sudol • PLTW - Energy and Environment • Mrs. O’Donoghue 5th/6th5th/6th Grade 5th/6th3rd/4th Grade

  14. Social Studies Themes 3rd/4th Grade 5th/6th Grade • Local to State Government • Political Systems • Economic Systems • Geography • Social Systems • History • Western Hemisphere • Political Systems • Economic Systems • Geography • Social Systems • History

  15. Goal Based Independent Reading Project • Students create goals for Reading based on their MAP scores, Formative Assessments completed in the classroom and conferencing with teachers • Students work on these goals for 30 minutes, 4 days a week • Student and teacher book talks will be done on an ongoing basis to encourage reading of different genres and topics • Goals will be updated as students accomplish goals • Students are accountable for working towards goals with teacher and parent input and support • Choice of independent reading books will be at the parent’s discretion based on maturity of content for some books

  16. Social/Emotional Learning • Social Skills • Mrs. Brossard will come into each classroom once a week for 30 minutes to teach a variety of social skills/organization lessons. • Each trimester, students set a social/emotional goal in alignment with our Magnet Affective Essential Outcomes • Special Opportunity: This year we will be hosting a Parent Academy with the Illinois Association for Gifted Children on Saturday, November 1st.

  17. PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) • State-wide program that we began implementing 6 years ago • PBIS is a school-wide system that provides positive support to help students achieve academic, social, and emotional success • We pre-teach the expectations, by modeling and role playing. • Every student and staff member has the same behavior expectations • We provide frequent and ongoing positive reinforcement to reward/encourage the expected behavior

  18. The Keys To Developing Essential Life Skills

  19. First Steps… • All students go through Cougar Camp • Teach the Campanelli 3 R’s (Be Respectful, Be Responsible, BeSafe ) - • Model what the expected behavior looks like throughout the building. • Each class creates norms and a mission statement for effective learning in the classroom. The expectation is that all students will follow these norms and live up to the mission of the classroom. To provide guidance, students may receive a warning in the form of a checkmark. • 3 checkmarks in 1 day = office referral • 5 checkmarks in a week = office referral • If students receive less than 4 checks in a month, they participate in the End of month Reward for the entire time – Students who receive more than 4 checks participate in a reflection period for some of the time • Positive Incentives are provided along the way • Caughtcha’s – individual rewards for appropriate behavior – any staff member can give this out • PAWS Applause –staff members can award these to a class when everyone is demonstrating the expected behaviors • These accumulate and classes receive rewards along the way • Caughtcha’s can be redeemed • Immediate reward in the office (mostly 1/2 students) • Saved for a larger reward like (3/4 and 5/6 students) • Some of the larger incentives include school supplies, restaurant coupons, books, t-shirts, wrist bands, and other donations)

  20. Throughout the year… • Offer ongoing training, support, and rewards • Cool Tools – reteach a specific behavior to all students • Booster Activities – intended to remind students about all the expectations • Whole School Recognition • Assemblies, No homework days, BINGO, Game time, Extra Recess • These are awarded for Caughtcha landmarks (1000, 2500, 5000, etc.) • Student of the Month Awards • Students that have not had missing assignments and have had exemplary behavior • Surveys, Quizzes, and Opportunities for parents to get involved and give feedback • Further information or updates throughout the year -please check our CampanelliPBIS Website –

  21. Homework Lunch • Support for students to learn responsibility • Complete homework so they don’t fall behind • Refer to assignment notebook – homework pass for an oops • Offered daily for students that have incomplete homework • Parents can support our efforts by checking the assignment notebook daily • Campanelli staff member will initial the assignment notebook

  22. Announcements • There will be some wonderful opportunities for parents of gifted children this year. Please check the Virtual Backpack on the SD54 website from time to time to access these opportunities. • Websites provide updated information on what is happening in class, please check consistently to learn about classroom happenings! • Field Trip(s) will be announced • We are changing the field trips to provide the opportunity for 5th/6th grade students to participate in the same field trip rather than the past practice of a separate field trip for each grade level. • Volunteering Opportunities • -e will be sending notes home before events to ask for volunteers if needed • We would love to have parents come in to speak to our class about topics of interest or expertise