Welcome to curriculum night 2013 2014
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Welcome to Curriculum Night 2013-2014. Brookwood Elementary School First Grade Mrs. Emily Souders. Daily Schedule. Morning. Afternoon. Lunch (11:27-11:57) Math Specials (1:25-2:10). Morning Work RTI Phonics Reading/Language Arts Guided Reading Centers Social Studies/Science.

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Welcome to curriculum night 2013 2014

Welcome to Curriculum Night2013-2014

Brookwood Elementary School

First Grade

Mrs. Emily Souders

Daily schedule
Daily Schedule



Lunch (11:27-11:57)


Specials (1:25-2:10)

  • Morning Work

  • RTI

  • Phonics

  • Reading/Language Arts

    • Guided Reading

    • Centers

  • Social Studies/Science

Language arts
Language Arts

Differentiated Guided Reading

-Using leveled readers in small group instruction

-Literacy stations- to practice skills and read leveled text

-Running records for assessment

Writer’s Workshop

Daily writing mini lesson, independent journal writing, author’s share, and teacher/peer conferencing

Sight Words and Spelling

- sight words and patterned spelling words

- previously taught spelling patterns and rules are assessed through writing

Phonics - Saxon and Making Words

Grammar- Nouns, Proper Nouns, Verbs, Antonyms, Synonyms, and Sentence Structure

Welcome to curriculum night 2013 2014

  • Math Frameworks

    • Emphasis on hands-on learning

    • Math Worksheets (Paper/Pencil)

    • Supplemental Activities and Games

    • Skills are taught and practiced based on Common Core Standards

    • Math lessons and tubs

      • For Practice At Home…

        • Reflex

        • Practice Math Facts (math fluency)

Social studies
Social Studies

  • Map Skills–city, county, state, nation, continents, oceans *Does your child know his/her address?

  • Land Forms-mountains, deserts, valleys, plains, plateaus, coasts

  • Historical Figures-Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, Sacajawea, Harriet Tubman, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington Carver

  • American Folk Tales-John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, Davy Crockett, Annie Oakley

  • Government and Civics-good citizen, rules, our nation’s celebrations

  • Economics-producer, consumer, goods, services, personal spending and saving


  • Living Things

    – Plants – Identifies needs and parts of plants

    -Animals – Identifies needs and compares motion, growth, and appearance of animals

  • Weather and Climate

    -water cycle

  • Magnets

  • Light and Sound

  • Scientific Inquiry

First grade will be visiting the Science Den once per unit

Grading and reporting
Grading and Reporting

  • Standards-Based Report Card

    • Grades are based on task performances, paper/pencil assessments, and daily work

  • Teacher Rubrics

    • Levels of Performance of Standards

      • 4, 3, 2, 1 Grading System

    • Expectations for each quarter increase in difficulty

      * Most of our work is done with journals, white boards, and through projects. You will not see a lot of papers going home in communication folders.


Academic achievement is evaluated using a standards-based score of the following:

  • 4 (Student excels and extends within the standard)

  • 3 (Consistent Achievement toward Standard Mastery)

  • 2 (Moderate Achievement toward Standard Mastery)

  • 1 (Limited Achievement toward Standard Mastery)

Meeting the needs of all students
Meeting the Needs of All Students

  • Ongoing assessment

    • matching learner’s abilities with appropriate materials

    • teaching to individual student needs

  • Provide remediation and enrichment as needed

    • RTI, ESOL, Horizons, EIP

  • Leveled Library

  • Whole group, small group, and individual instruction

  • Collaborate with grade level team and use school resources

  • Student-centered classroom

Personal conduct
Personal Conduct

  • Recognizing that successful students take initiative and have good work habits, these skills will be assessed throughout the year using the following scale: 

    • E = Exemplary (Student displays habits beyond expectation)

    • S = Successful (Student displays habits that meet expectation)

    • D = Does Not Meet (Student does not display behaviors that lead to successful learning)

Classroom management
Classroom Management


  • Be respectful of all people and things

  • Don’t lie

  • Don’t embarrass me


  • Souders Savings Banking System (Individual)

  • Corn Bucket (Whole Group)

  • Warning

    Consequences (and praise!) at home is greatly appreciated and helps keep your child accountable!


  • Reading - Read a minimum of 10 minutes per night totaling 60 minutes each week – reading log

  • Sight Word Practice – Practice words in word bag

  • Monthly Homework Calendar – choose 3+ activities each week


  • Weekly Newsletter & Bobcat Buzz

  • Brookwood Website

    • Staff ~ Souders, Emily

    • Curriculum ~ First Grade

  • Daily Folders (green) in white binder

  • Phone: 770-965-5060 ext. 470299

  • Email: esouders@forsyth.k12.ga.us

Extra notes
Extra Notes

  • Transportation Changes

    • Send a written note or contact the front office with last minute changes

  • Attendance

    • Send in written notice within five days of absence. Attendance is critical to learning.

  • Snack

    • Send a healthy snack each day, be aware of class allergies. Water bottles allowed.

Specials area teachers
Specials Area Teachers

Art (K-5)

Ms. Edwards

Music (K-5)

Mr. Evans

PE Para (K-5)

Mrs. Gant

Physical Education

Coach Johnson

Guidance (K-5)

Ms. Bain

Science Lab (2-5)

Ms. Hayes

Technology (K/1)

Ms. Paluzzi

Media Para

Ms. Miller

Media K/1

Ms. Lessard

Home of the Bobcats!

Specials areas expectations
Specials Areas Expectations:

  • Listen quietly and follow directions

  • Respect yourself and others

  • Use materials (equipment) correctly

  • Be kind and helpful (good sportsmanship)

  • Clean-up at the end of class

    VisitVisit Brookwood’s Website for more information about the specials schedule and programs.

Welcome to curriculum night 2013 2014

Bobby’s Bistro

Family Lunchroom Procedures

Please sign in at the front desk with Mrs. Schwind

Meet your child in the main school hallway (Brookwood Boulevard) behind the cafeteria.

If you are purchasing a cafeteria lunch, you may accompany your child through the line.

If you are not purchasing a cafeteria lunch, please proceed to the parent lunchroom.

Please remain in the parent lunchroom until a classmate stops by to walk with your child to the classroom.

Sign out at the front desk with Mrs. Schwind

Lunchtime is very busy at Brookwood and we appreciate your support.