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Dr. Pamela B. Rumi PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr. Pamela B. Rumi

Dr. Pamela B. Rumi

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Dr. Pamela B. Rumi

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  1. Dr. Pamela B. Rumi 949-554-5003

  2. Benefits: • Permanent Weight Loss • End the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle • Stop the Emotional-Binge Eating • Eliminate Sugar Addiction • Stress Management • Habit Control • Learn How to Create Healthy Boundaries • Smoking Cessation • Nutritional Counseling • Personal Training CIRCLE OF BALANCE

  3. Degree in Counseling from CSUF Doctorate and Masters Degree in Nutrition from Westbrook University. Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA) Certified Aerobic Instructor (AFAA) Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance) Certified Acu-Yoga Teacher Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (IHF) Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach (NESTA) Education

  4. Fun facts Love Disneyland Born on Christmas Day Ironing is Meditation

  5. Why my practice is unique • Two pack a day smoking habit • Weight reached 200 lbs • Sugar & Carb Addiction • Emotional-Binge Eating • Yo-Yo Dieting since 12 • Unhealthy Boundaries • Low Self-Esteem • Stressed • Low Energy

  6. Services Behavior Modification Hypnosis Weight Loss Emotional-Binge Eating Yo-Yo Dieting Healthy Boundaries Stress Relief Smoking Cessation Nutrition Coaching Overcome Sugar-Carb Addiction Supplements Personal Training

  7. Though Pam I learned about how to balance my body nutritionally. I learned that it is not JUST about calories or fat, or cutting out carbs, it’s a balancing act between all foods. I also learned how to exercise based on my unique body type. ~Amber Testimonials

  8. Pam taps into more than losing weight. She reminded me to take care of ME, to quit making excuses, to commit to yourself everyday to why you are doing what you are doing, and for each one of us it can be different. ~Stephanie Testimonials

  9. I finally found something that works for me and enjoy it too. The whole journey with Pam has been easier than I thought and much easier than other weight loss programs I have tried. I am learning how to make a change in my life that can carry on.. ~Debra Testimonials

  10. This challenge has changed my life completely. I started to log my food and within 9 weeks I lost another 8 lbs. I'm so excited: my pimples are gone for good and I have skipped a size. I am now size 8 going on 6. I have skipped sized 10 completely. I had to buy new clothes because the old ones were sliding down my hips. Isn't that the best feeling? ~Diana Testimonials

  11. I learned that not everything happens in my time frame, I learned that keeping a food journal keeps you accountable, I learned that the weight will come off slowly but surely and I learned that I need to be patient and consistent. I learned that support comes in many angles and groups are the best. I learned that I need to reach out and ask for advice/help from people that are successful with this program and I learned that my ego gets in the way. ~Sherry Testimonials

  12. The meeting we would have each week helped me to shed weight and keep it off. I had high cholesterol when I started and now I have cut that in half! My cholesterol level is great. I have children and my youngest is 5 and I made a choice to make changes and live! Thank you Pam for being such a great inspiration in my life. ~Candace Testimonials

  13. Though your guidance, encouragement and knowledge I'm beginning to feel "I can do this!!!!" I've been overweight for a very long time. Thank you for all of your support. I'm definitely continuing the program. ~ Susan Testimonials

  14. Professional associations • American Institute of Hypnotherapy • American Board of Hypnotherapy • International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists • National Guild of Hypnotists • International Hypnosis Federation • National Association of Profession Women • National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association • IDEA Health & Fitness Association • South Orange County Chamber of Commerce • Corona Del Mar Chamber of Commerce • Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce

  15. Hyundai Corporation, Fountain Valley Kingston Technology, Fountain Valley Verdugo Woodlands Elementary Schools, Glendale, CA QPC Fiber Optic, San Clemente, CA Cannon e-Institute, Tustin, CA Boy & Girls Club, San Juan Capistrano Hungry Heart, Laguna Niguel, CA Advantage Physical Therapy & Wellness, Lake Forest References

  16. Office Location:23591 El Toro Rd., Ste. 292 Lake Forest, CA 92630 949-554-5003 Office Hours:9 am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday • • Contact Information

  17. Balanced Life Wellness LLC Dr. Pamela B. Rumi