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The 3 Step Funnel

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The 3 Step Funnel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 3 Step Funnel. It’s All About the Cheese. Give something of value in exchange for their email address Make it clear what the value is QUICKLY Make it simple to get it Make it relevant to your niche

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it s all about the cheese
It’s All About the Cheese
  • Give something of value in exchange for their email address
  • Make it clear what the value is QUICKLY
  • Make it simple to get it
  • Make it relevant to your niche

**Note: words like “download”, “cheat sheet”, and “cheat list” convert higher than register, sign up, and get it now.

it s all about the cheese1
It’s All About the Cheese

Get your Home Buying cheat sheet and be prepared.

Download your cheat sheet HERE.

Thinking of buying a home? Make sure you have theinsider information you need to protect your family. Get your Home Buying cheat sheet now.

Send my cheat sheet to X (email address form)

it s all about the cheese2
It’s All About the Cheese
  • What is a Home Buying cheat sheet?

A list of all the things I can think of that happen in a home buying transaction:

What documentation they need to secure loan What happens during the inspection process What the buying agent should be doing for them What the selling agent should be doing What must be disclosed by the seller


step 1
Step 1
  • Make a simple squeeze page
  • Simple
  • Less is more
step 11
Step 1
  • Make sure your notification rules are set
  • Go back to Drive
  • Open the forms “responses” spread sheet
step 12
Step 1
  • Select the tools option
  • Then the notification rules
step 13
Step 1
  • Set how you want to be notified
step 2
Step 2
  • Deliver the cheese
  • Email as attachment
  • Send download link for Drop Box, Google Drive, Evernote
  • A video recording plays*****
step 21
Step 2
  • Send consistent cool stuff
  • Follow up email

Hey there,

I hope the Home Buying cheat sheet answered some of the questions and has you prepared.

If you have any questions not covered in the cheat sheet. Please feel free to call me. I will be glad to explain any part of the homebuying process so you can make the best decision for your family.

Paul P.S. Just in case you need it, I have attached a great article I found on buying your first home.

step 22
Step 2
  • Send consistent cool stuff
  • Follow up email #2

Hey there,

How is the house hunting going? I hope the cheat sheet is making it easier.

One thing I that can really help in focusing on the right home is finding out exactly what your buying power is. This allows you to focus on the homes that fit your budget and get more home for your buck. I offer a free no obligation pre-qualification that breaks down exactly what your Home Buying Power is.

Call me today to get your no obligation pre-qualification Paul P.S. Feel free to text me also if you have any questions.

step 23
Step 2
  • Send consistent cool stuff
  • Follow up email #3

Hey there,

The latest reports are in. I wanted to follow up with you as I know you are looking at buying a home soon. The current interest rates are going to be rising. It has been an awesome run of historical low rates, but all the experts are saying it can’t last. Check out the trends sheet I attached. As you can see the rates are creeping back up.

Give me a call if you have questions. We may be able to get agreat rate locked in for you.

Paul P.S. Did you get your no obligation pre-approval? Call me if not.

step 3
Step 3
  • Get it seen
  • Facebook Ads
  • You need a Page to do the ad from
  • Either create tab or Link to squeeze page
step 31
Step 3
  • For a Tab
  • Woobox custom tab
step 32
Step 3
  • Install page tab
step 33
Step 3
  • Choose your page and select add page tab
step 34
Step 3
  • Scroll down on fan page and click the new “welcome” app
step 36
Step 3
  • Go to your Google Drive form
  • Select File then Embed
step 37
Step 3
  • Copy the code
  • Adjust size if you like. Is fine for a FB tab
step 38
Step 3
  • Paste code in your new tab on Facebook
step 39
Step 3
  • Scroll down to change the tab name and image
  • Save settings
step 310
Step 3
  • Scroll to the top
  • Select view tab
step 312
Step 3
  • Go to
  • Select the Create ad button
step 313
Step 3
  • Choose Page Likes
  • Then select your page with the new tab
step 314
Step 3
  • Upload a relevant image
  • Add short grabber line
step 315
Step 3
  • Select Show advanced options
step 316
Step 3
  • Change the headline on 70 characters. Short and sweet
  • Drop down the landing view option and select your new tab from the list.
step 317
Step 3
  • Set up your demographics
step 318
Step 3
  • Set your pricing
  • Start small to see how your ad converts
step 319
Step 3
  • Place order
analyze and tweak
Analyze and Tweak
  • Keep your eyes on your results.
  • Try different headlines and descriptions
  • Once you have a good idea what converts best for your cheese

Do more of it!!!!