Largest country in South Asia
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Largest country in South Asia. New Delhi is the capital. Area of 3,288,000 square kilometers. India in the World. Currency: Rupees and paisa. World’s largest democracy. Seventeenth biggest country in the world. First woman Prime Minister in 1966 - 13 years before Britain.

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Largest country in South Asia

New Delhi is the capital

Area of 3,288,000 square kilometers

India in the World

Currency: Rupees and paisa

World’s largest democracy

Seventeenth biggest country in the world

Dr. Sardharwalla August 2006

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First woman Prime Minister in 1966 - 13 years before Britain.

4th largest rail network in the world

World’s largest producer of films – 3x more than USA

India in the World

Beatles used Sitar in some of their hit songs

650 daily newspapers

Over 10,000 books published each year

Dr. Sardharwalla August 2006

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The Indian flag has three horizontal stripes in orange, white and green. There is a dark blue wheel in the middle of the white stripe.

Each part of the flag has a special meaning.

The orange stripe represents the Hindus of India

The green stripe represents the Muslims of India

The white stripe represents the hope that the two can live in peace together

The wheel is an ancient Buddhist symbol. It stands for peaceful change.

The 26 spokes of the wheel represent the 26 states of India.

The flag was adopted in 1947, when India gained independence from British.

Dr. Sardharwalla August 2006

Some words used in english from indian languages l.jpg
Some Words used in English Britain.from Indian languages

curry shampoo

chutney loot

cheetah pukka

pyjamas gymkhana

cushy bangle

jungle bungalow

thug dinghy

yoga catamaran

Dr. Sardharwalla August 2006