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by Susanna Kärki, Europass – Challenges and Opportunities International Degree Programme Seminar Piloting Through Turbulence in International Education. Europass – What is it About.

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By susanna k rki europassi oph fi

Europass – Challenges and OpportunitiesInternational Degree Programme Seminar Piloting Through Turbulence in International Education

Europass what is it about
Europass – What is it About

  • Europass has been established by the Decision No 2241/2004/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 15 December 2004 on a single transparency framework for qualifications and competences

  • Europass is a tool to help make skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood throughout Europe

  • Europass work is co-ordinated by National Europass Centres

  • Europass work in Finland is co-ordinated in the National Board of Education (NBE), in the Recognition and Comparability of Qualifications Unit - which is also the Finnish ENIC/NARIC and the Finnish NRP

The finnish national europass centre services provided
The Finnish National Europass Centre, Services Provided

  • NEC provides support and information services to its partners:

    • Website

      • Information to partners and users

    • information and promotion materials

    • Training, participation to events and seminars

    • Networking and cooperation nationally and internationally

    • The responsible body for Europass Diploma and Certificate Supplements

      • technical support, quality work

    • Managing of the Europass Mobility

Europass documents document management and coordination opportunities for higher education

Europass DocumentsDocument Management and CoordinationOpportunities for Higher Education

By susanna k rki europassi oph fi

Europass DocumentsEuropass-CV and Language PassportDocuments for employment and training throughout EuropeEuropass Certificate SupplementTool for better understanding of vocational education qualificationsEuropass Diploma SupplementTransparency for higher education qualifications Europass MobilityRecording the skills of mobile learners

Europass in higher education
Europass in Higher Education

  • Students

    • Tools for seeking employment: identifying, enhancing and recording skills and competencies

  • Higher education institutions

    • Career guidance and counselling to students:

      • Language learning (language passport), identifying and enhancing of personal skills and competencies (Europass-CV, language passport)

    • Recording skills and competencies of students (Europass Mobility, Diploma Supplement)

    • Enhancing transparency of qualifications

    • Organising and coordinating mobility & international projects: traineeships, student exchange, degree programmes etc.

Europass cv and language passport
Europass-CV and Language Passport

  • The Europass CV and the Europass Language Passport are meant to be completed by citizens themselves.

    • Recording skills and comptences  wider approach

    • Open to all  accessibility

  • Information in a flexible, yet uniform structure

    • A tool for mobile citizens, as well as employers, HEI’s, teachers etc.

  • NEC ensures that information on these documents will reach the widest number of citizens possible.

    • Information material, promotion, training

Europass certificate supplement
Europass Certificate Supplement

  • The purpose of CS is to make it easier to understand what knowledge and skills a person has had to acquire in order to complete the qualification

  • Qualification-specific, not a personal document

  • The format is the same in all EU/EEA countries

  • Available to all vocational, further and specials vocational qualifications in Finland

  • Status of implementation varies in different countries  more information from Europass Centres

Diploma supplement
Diploma Supplement

  • All HEI’s issue the DS automatically, free of charge and in English to all their graduates. All DS’s follow the European model

  • Main emphasis is on quality assurance and support to HEI’s.

    • Support material and instructions available on the website

    • Training

    • NEC and HEIs have close co-operation

  • Current and future challenges

    • DS to international degree programmes

    • DS to joint degree programmes  new guidelines

Europass mobility
Europass Mobility

  • ”Europass Mobility is a document for recording details of the knowledge and skills that the holder has achieved during a period spent learning in another European country.”

  • Tool for recording skills of mobile learners and for managing and coordinating mobility

  • Increasing co-operation with HEIs in order to tackle the challenges of document handling

  • Contributing to the whole life-span of mobility

    • IT and database solutions on national and European level

    • A common European understanding of EM and mobility for learning

Europass mobility in finland
Europass Mobility in Finland

  • Europass Mobility is currently used in some 50 VET institutions (ca. 1300 awarded in 2006)

  • Higher education sector will implement Europass Mobility gradually and on their own pace

    • Two piloting institutions: University of Tampere, University of Turku

    • EM’s linked into their student register systems

  • The use of Europass for the new Erasmus Traineeship programme

    • First phase: ECV and ELP, expanding to EM when technically possible

  • Finnish NEC a member of Commission’s EM Technical Working Group

Europass in finland www europass fi

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