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  2. The lightning is a yellow fork From the poetry “The Lightning is A yellow fork”, I will try to appreciate about the plot especially I want to focus on the conflict. The writer has internal conflict. She feels something wrong in her life. She has problem in her life and it makes her down because she just quiet and keep silent for her problem, but in the fact she never quiet to keep her problem self. It is flaming her heart and she feels that it appears her ignorance. The problem makes her sad and drop and she never quiet to hide her problem self. It is like the lightning.

  3. The lightning is a yellow fork I want to appreciate the theme of “The Lightning is a Yellow Fork”. In my opinion this poem is about the sadness of the author because many words in the poem show us that she is in the sadness like this sentence “By inadvertent finger dropt, the awful cutlery”. I think the sentences show that someone suddenly get a big problem in their life. In the first stanza I catch that someone in bad situation, bad condition and she was sad to face their problems in her life. In the second stanza, I can catch that someone in the big problems and ever get a peaceful in her life also. So many tools to get in the dark. So in my opinion the theme of the lightning is a yellow fork is about someone sadness in their life.

  4. The lightning is a yellow fork From the first stanza I conclude that lightning is very dangerous . Lightning attack something suddenly. It destructs everything like a sharp knife cut food. The next stanza said that nothing can hide from the lightning even a big house can be destructed by the thunder. When the thunder comes, even the darkness cant stop it to destruct everything. So the thunder is very strong that nothing can stop it to destruct everything.

  5. The lightning is a yellow fork I suggest this poem is about disaster especially flood. In the first stanza, the writer tells how the thunderbolt appear from the cloud in the sky and it was rain because our sphere was broken of human manner like illegal logging, filthy the water and the writer say it like “by inadvertent fingers dropt, the awful cutlery”. The flood occurred. The second stanza “mansion never quit disclosed and never quit concealed” is the earth and the apparatus of the dark to ignorance revealed is human being who live in the earth now.

  6. The lightning is a yellow fork Foreshadowing The writer tells what was happened by using irony “lightning as a fork dropt the mansions from tables (cloud) in the sky Irony It is situational irony because the writer tells the situation what happened dramatically just as a fork dropping fingers

  7. So, which one is the most convincing appreciation in your opinion ?