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The Growth of Judaism

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The Growth of Judaism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Growth of Judaism. Mr. Roe 6 th Grade Social Studies. Review. -You have learned about the rise of Judaism, the Exodus, and the return of the Jews to the promised land. -You have also discovered that the Chaldeans forced the Jews out of the promised land and into Babylon.

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the growth of judaism

The Growth of Judaism

Mr. Roe

6th Grade

Social Studies


-You have learned about the rise of Judaism, the Exodus, and the return of the Jews to the promised land.

-You have also discovered that the Chaldeans forced the Jews out of the promised land and into Babylon.

-Even more, you have noticed how their religion provided them with a moral guide, and something to turn to for hope and strength when times became difficult.

k w l chart
K-W-L Chart
  • Begin by filling out the “K” section of your K-W-L chart for this section.
big idea s
  • The Jews continued their religion during their exile in Babylon.
  • Jews spread their beliefs to the Greek world and regained control of Judah. 
  • Religion shaped the Jewish way of life. 
  • Under Roman rule, the Jews were divided and rebellious. In response, the Romans destroyed the temple and exiled the Jews. 
content vocabulary
Content Vocabulary
  • Exile
  • Sabbath
  • Synagogue
  • Diaspora
  • Messiah
  • Rabbi
after this section you will be able to
After This Section, You Will Be Able To:

-Explain about the Jewish exile in Babylon, and how Jewish ideas were able to spread because of influences from other cultures/languages.

-Explain different ways how religion helped shape the Jewish way of life.

-Discuss the Jewish experience under Roman rule, and how the temple was destroyed.

by the end of this section you will submit
By the end of this section, you will submit:
  • K-W-L Chart
  • Reading Notes (Cornell or Class Led)
  • Jewish Holy Day Chart
  • Independent Research Info
connection to today
Connection to Today

Do you think this is the last time that the Jewish people will be forced from their homes? We have already seen it once in Canaan, and then again in Egypt. Now, the Chaldeans have forced them from Judah. What other instances in history do you know about where something similar to the diaspora has occurred?

life in exile
Life in Exile

What feelings and/or connections do you see in these pictures?

partner check
Partner Check
  • Imagine that you had to pick up your belongings, and move with your family and friends to another country. They speak a different language, they believe in a different god or gods, and they act very differently than you do. You do not have a choice, you have to move. You have to leave everything behind. Your school, your favorite shops and malls, and even many of your friends who do not come with you. Oh yea, and you have to do all of this by next week.
  • How would you feel? What would you do? Try to put yourself in the shoes of a people that had to do this.
i exile and return
I. Exile and Return
  • a. Jews in Babylon referred to as time of exile
  • b. Jews kept faith by meeting on the Sabbath at


What was the Sabbath used for?

Things you cannot do on the Sabbath:

this week s challenge
This Week’s Challenge
  • On a piece of blank paper
  • Write a story from the first person point of view:

Imagine that you are a Jew during exile in Babylon. Tell me a story about your daily life and experiences.

This is worth 80 Roebucks!! You must include your name, and it must be obvious that you put time and effort into your work! I expect at least one handwritten page!


Why did Jews return to Judah?

1. Persians conquered Chaldeans and Babylon

2. Persian king allowed Jews to return to Judah

3. Jews allowed to rebuild, but paid tribute to

Persian king

4. Couldn’t have won government, relied on priests

and scribes to run society


B. What is the Hebrew Bible

1. Series of 34 books put together

2. History, advice (proverbs), literature, poetry

Now, for a few stories (literature/history) from the Hebrew Bible…

(pay attention to the moral or explanation that these stories provide)

daniel and the lion s den
Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Predict: What do you think this story is about?

What lesson does this story provide for the Jewish people?

Character traits; how would you describe Daniel’s character?

tower of babel
Tower of Babel

This story provides a biblical explanation for why there are so many different languages in the world today.

noah s ark
Noah’s Ark

This story teaches a moral, or lesson. What do you think that lesson is?

ii the jews and the greeks
II.The Jews and the Greeks

a. The armies of Alexander the Great defeat the Persians

1. Judah falls under Greek control

2. Alexander allowed Jews to stay in Judah

3. Introduced Greek language and culture to Jews

  • What Was the diaspora?

1. Scattering of Jews outside of Israel and Judah

2. Learned Greek, but remained loyal to Judaism

a. Copied Hebrew Bible into Greek

* Cause and Effect: Jewish ideas spread throughout the

Mediterranean world.

a miracle happened there
A Miracle Happened There
  • B. Who were the Maccabees?

1. Greek named Antiochus tried to make

Jews polytheistic

2. Jews rebelled led by a man named Judas


3. Fought Greeks, and regained control Judah

a. regained control of temple and destroyed

polytheistic idols

1. Hence, the holiday of Hanukkah,

burning oil, dreidels…etc).

iii jewish way of life
III. Jewish Way of Life

a. Religion provided laws for the Jews to follow

b. Laws emphasized self-control and a link to the past

c. Dictated what they could wear, eat, and even do

A. Jewish Clothing

1. Wore certain clothing to symbolize their religion

B. Family Life

1. Family important (sons valued more)

2. Education important

C. Jewish Diets

1. Must eat Kosher food (no pork, eel, etc)

What kinds of things provide guidance to you and your family? Do you share any of the same values/beliefs as the Israelites?

iv jews and the romans
IV. Jews and the Romans

a. Romans would conquer Judah in 63 B.C.

b. Romans rename Judah Judaea

c. Initially, allowed Jews to rule themselves

  • Rule of King Herod

1. Jews divided under Roman rule

a.Phariseesgroup of Jewish leaders who taught

Torah and oral tradtion

b. Sadducees-law focused, not oral tradition

c. Essenes-Lived in desert and prayed to be

free of the Romans


B. Jewish Revolts

1. Jews hatred for Rome peaked

a. Some waited for a messiah (deliverer sent by God)

b. Others were Zealots (wanted to fight Romans)

2. Zealots revolt in A.D. 66

a. Romans retaliated by killing thousands

b. Romans destroyed Jewish temple in Jerusalem

3. Simon Bar Kocha led Jews in another revolt

a. Romans now forbade Jews to live in Jerusalem

b. Began to call area of Judah Palestine


C. Jewish Teachers

1. Jews would begin to call their priests Rabbis

a. primary role was to teach and interpret the Torah

b. Yohanan ben Zaccai

1. Convinced Romans to allow him to teach Judaism

c. Passed on teachings through books called commentaries

2. Talmud most important commentary

a. deals with daily life (what to do)


You have learned about the very first Israelites, the rise of Judaism under powerful leaders, and the spread of Judaism throughout the world via language and the diaspora.

You have also studied the influence of religion on culture and society, as you have seen how Judaism provided moral guidance and a set of laws for people to follow.

k w l chart1
K-W-L Chart

Please take this time to complete your KWL chart for this section!

culminating project
Culminating Project!
  • P. 197
  • Divide you foldable into three separate pockets (follow the directions)
  • You must have a picture for each section on the back column (see example on board)
  • You will take your notes (K-W-L and Class Notes) and fold them so that they fit into each section (see example on board)
  • You will include any other work from each section in your foldable. You will then decorate your foldable with Jewish symbols.