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  • Uploaded on U.S. Army North. Operational Control. Joint Task Force – North. Joint Task Force – Civil Support. Civil Support Training Activity. Ten Defense Coordinating Officers. Two Deployable Command Posts. Theater Enablers. 63rd TAB (KYNG). 167th TSC (ALNG).

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u s army north
U.S. Army North

Operational Control

Joint Task Force – North

Joint Task Force – Civil Support






Defense Coordinating Officers


Deployable Command Posts

Theater Enablers

63rd TAB


167th TSC


263rd AAMDC



U.S. Northern Command’s

Joint Force Land Component Command (JFLCC)

  • The Army Headquarters within the United States dedicated to:
    • Homeland Defense
    • Civil Support
    • Security Cooperation
  • Our Purpose – Protect the American People and our Way of Life
  • Operational Authority for CBRNE Consequence Management Response and Counterdrug / Counter-narco Terrorism
  • Training Center of Excellence for Civil Support operations and Homeland CBRNE Response Forces

Senior Command of Fort Sam Houston and Camp Bullis, Texas


Hurricane Katrina makes landfall August 2005 in Louisiana.

U.S. Army North coordinates Department of Defense assistance to other federal agencies.

defense support of civil authorities dsca
Defense Support of Civil Authorities(DSCA)
  • Provide DoD (Title 10) support to Civil Authorities when directed and requested:
    • National Special Security Events
    • Natural and Manmade Disasters
    • Civil Disturbance
    • Counter Drug
    • Counter Transnational Threats
  • Coordinate Department of Defense assistance to other Federal Agencies
  • Provide deployable command and control headquarters anywhere within the U.S. Northern Command’s Area of Responsibility to effectively command and control DoD Active Component (Title 10) response forces
  • Conduct DoD DSCA Course –

ARNORTH Efforts:


Theater Security Cooperation

Canada Mexico

Army North Soldiers share knowledge and training with their Canadian and Mexican counterparts. Through the Military Personnel Exchange Program, the command’s goals include promoting mutual understanding and trust; enhancing interoperability through mutual understanding of doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures; and developing long-term, professional and personal relationships.


Secure land approaches to the Homeland

  • Military-to-Military relationships to enhance the overall security of North America
  • Assist our neighbors to build capability and capacity to defeat common threats on their side of our borders

Col. Mayr briefs Lt. Gen. Swan during a visit to the Region IV headquarters in Atlanta.

Defense Coordinating Officers / Elements

Army North DCOs/DCEs coordinate DoD assistance with state and federal agencies following collapse of Minneapolis Bridge in August 2007.









Signal / Support

2 Military

1 Civilian

1 Civilian

1-2 Military

(Regions II, III, IV, X)

3 Military

  • Dedicated team of professionals
  • Co-located with FEMA regional headquarters
  • When directed, coordinate DoD assistance
  • Inter-agency expertise
  • Subject-matter experts for their region
  • Fully integrated with states and region
contingency command posts ccp

Contingency Command Posts (CCP)

Maj. Gen. Basilica is briefed by his team during a train-up exercise.

An NCO with CCP1 follows a briefing during a CCP train-up exercise.



Vehicle (ERV)

Army North emergency response vehicles are unloaded from aircraft after being quickly moved where needed to provide communication capabilities.


Commanded by reserve component major generals

One standing – CCP 1 (Task Force 51)

One minimally manned – CCP 2 (Task Force 52)

Respond to all hazards (to include CBRNE)

  • When directed, deploy to provide command and control and unity of command for all Title 10 land forces assigned, or attached, to U.S. Northern Command in Homeland Defense and Civil Support Operations


Army North Sentinels are loaded onto aircraft and quickly moved where needed to provide communications.

Army North military and civilian personnel load up equipment as they prepare to move out on mission.

joint task force north jtf n

Joint Task Force – North(JTF-N)

JTF-N provides military support to the nation’s law enforcement agencies within the U.S. Northern Command AOR.

JTF-N provides six categories of support, including engineer support, along the southwest border..


Provides military support to law enforcement agencies

  • Conducts theater security cooperation as directed
  • Facilitates interagency synchronization within the USNORTHCOM area of responsibility
  • To anticipate, detect, deter, prevent and defeat transnational threats to the Homeland
  • Provides support in six categories:
    • Operational
    • Engineer
    • General / Training
    • Intelligence
    • Technology Integration
    • Interagency Synchronization

Chemical – Biological – Radiological – Nuclear – high-yield Explosive (CBRNE) Consequence Management Response

Army North and JTF-CS serve as lead elements during the Vibrant Response 10.1 and 10.2 Field Training Exercises at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Indiana. More than 4,000 service members and civilians worked with federal and state response teams to the combat the effects of a simulated 10-kiloton nuclear blast in Indianapolis.


Joint Task Force – Civil Support


  • Anticipates, plans and integrates U.S. Northern Command’s Chemical – Biological – Radiological – Nuclear - high-yield Explosive (CBRNE) consequence management operations
  • When directed, JTF-CS commands and controls designated DoD forces to assist federal, state, local and tribal partners.
  • To save lives, prevent further injury, and provide temporary critical life support to enable community recovery

USARNORTH Theater Enablers

The 263rd Army Air and Missile Defense Command plans, coordinates, integrates and executes missions to defeat or destroy short- and medium- range ballistic missile threats.

The 63rd Theater Aviation Brigade provides theater aviation planning and coordination.

The 167th Theater Sustainment Command plans and coordinates theater sustainment and logistical support.


167th Theater Sustainment Command (TSC)

  • Alabama National Guard, based out of Fort McClellan, Alabama
  • Headquarters only
  • Multi-Compo Organization
  • Plans and coordinates Theater sustainment and logistical support
  • Provides command and control of Theater sustainment
  • Establishes and operates the Theater distribution system, to include port-opening operations
  • Rapidly positions and effectively controls operational and tactical sustainment elements in support of DoD forces conducting DSCA operations in the AOR

263rd Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC)

  • South Carolina National Guard, based out of Anderson, South Carolina
  • Headquarters only
  • Supporting command for all Army Air Defense missions as required to detect, deter, divert and defeat air and cruise missile threats
  • Plans, coordinates, integrates and executes missions to defeat or destroy short- and medium-range ballistic missile threats
  • Supporting command to First Army and FORSCOM for Title-10 Training Readiness Authority for Homeland Defense Army ADA missions
      • National Capital Region Integrated Air Defense System (NCR-IADS)
63rd theater aviation brigade tab
63rd Theater Aviation Brigade(TAB)
  • Kentucky National Guard, based out of Frankfort, Kentucky
  • Headquarters only
  • Provides Theater aviation planning and coordination for USNORTHCOM / USARNORTH for Homeland Defense and Civil Support Operations
  • Supports USARNORTH in Theater Security Cooperation activities
  • Dual-hatted as Task Force Aviation for CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force (CCMRF) 10.1