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Prospectus. STUDENT COMPANY Travel agency. What is STUDENT COMPANY?. The „Student company“ is a company of students from Business Academy who decided to set up a business to use their experience from economy, marketing and tourism. We like to travel. 1. The IDEA.

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Travel agency

what is student company
  • The „Student company“ is a company of students from Business Academy who decided to set up a business to use their experience from economy, marketing and tourism.
1 the idea
1. The IDEA
  • We wanted to use practical application of our economic knowledge from management and marketing
  • The students came with the idea to do trips, because they wanted to visit new places, which were interesting for young people
  • Our Travel agency want to focus on cheaper travelling for students
2 market research a questionnaire and graphs
2. Market researcha) Questionnaire and graphs
  • Before realization of ideas we had to do some surveys in our school
  • The results showed us students’ interest about our offer and prices, that students are ready to pay.
b competition suppliers and partners
b) Competition, suppliers and partners
  • There is a big competition in tourism industry, but our advantage is in low prices.
  • We do it for our friends
  • We look for new sponsors and grants, that would help us with our activities
c strength and weakness
c) Strength and weakness


  • Close contact with clients – young people, we know them very well (we are one of them)
  • Enthusiasm
  • Motivated to learn


  • Small knowledge in business
d business strategy
d) Business strategy
  • We offer special products, which are unusual for our clients
  • We want to built strong loyalty of our clients to our products
e marketing mix
e) Marketing mix
  • Product – Our main ambition is cognition attractive places – Prague, Vienna and other cities and nature wonders.
  • Price – covers only costs.
  • Promotion – brochures, school radio, website and personal sale
  • Place – school building
3 law frame
3. Law frame
  • Our company is a non-profit organisation – it is a High School Club.
  • We are members of Association of High School Clubs of the Czech Republic
  • The purpose of our Club is to fill young people’s spare time, e.g. by making trips.
b conditions for starting regular profit business
b) Conditions for starting regular “profit” business
  • Trade Licence is necessary.
  • Special condition is education and experience in the field.
4 property what we need
4. Property, what we need
  • PC with Printer
  • Telephone
  • Notice boards
  • Office supplies
5 employees
5. Employees
  • All members of the Club (Student Company) are volunteers.
  • Everyone does this work in his spare time without any salary.
6 expenses sc
6. Expenses SC
  • PC, printer and office furniture – provided by our school.
  • Others expenses:
    • Phone bills and Internet bills
    • Ink
    • Papers and office supplies
    • Copying

are covered from grants and donations from EU.

  • As a non-profit organization we use all revenues to cover costs.
7 financing of activities
7. Financing of activities
  • Own revenues
  • Grants EU
  • Grants from Association of High School Clubs of the Czech Republic
  • Grants to support young people’s free time activities
  • Private sponsors
8 example of trip calculation
8. Example of trip calculation
  • The one-day trip to Vienna:


      • 2 Buses Olomouc – Vienna – Olomouc: 800 €
      • Tour Guides: volunteers, 0 €


      • Seats sold: 72
      • Price per person: 13 €

Net profit: 136 €

9 valuation
9. Valuation
  • In future we want to extend
  • To our offer we want to add learning trips, adrenalin sport trips and sight seeing tours
  • We believe that we can continue in our activity.

We hope that you like our idea.

Is it something you would like to do at your school in our city?


– members from the