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The Prospectus

The Prospectus

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The Prospectus

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  1. The Prospectus The Plan

  2. FORMATS FOR A PROSPECTUS • Thesis statement • Description of Project • Preliminary bibliography • Must be stated at the beginning of paper • What arguments do wish to include? Counterarguments? • What sources have you found already (include all that you have researched)

  3. Writing the thesis statement • Introduce the subject by providing history or background • Offer your reader some information to help your reader gain interest in your subject • State the most important idea you are writing of and conclude it with the thesis sentence

  4. Writing the description of project 1. Write a condensation • Usually 100-200 words of what arguments or topics you will cover in your paper 2. Write a paragraph on the components of your thesis • narrative, explanatory, informative, classification • definition, descriptive • Alcohol-induced activities lead teenagers to drink excessively. 3. Opinion of your topic: Write a first-person statement

  5. Writing a Condensation • This is an abstract of your overall paper. • You have to have the ability to see the paper as a whole, as a completed project • You’ll have to take points and develop it as a summary • Use an outline

  6. Write a paragraph on the components of your thesis • narrative, explanatory, informative, classification • definition, descriptive Alcohol-induced activitiesleadteenagers to drink excessively to the point that it can lead to serious injuries. definition cause / effect narrative

  7. Alcohol-induced activities - definition Alcohol-induced activities range from quarters to wet t-shirt contests, from bellyshots to Girls Gone Wild. These activities are front stage and center in most watering holes. In recent years as alcohol consumption plays a major role in local bars, college parties, and even in private homes, teenagers find themselves infused in modified card games, like Truth or Dare, Poker, 21, and Spoons. Alcohol-induced activities are games that enhance a social gathering by requiring a participant to take a drink or a shot to get ahead. With those rules, come the unruliness of what alcohol can induce.

  8. Lead – cause / effect Alcohol-induced activities are enjoyable, as games are, which leads the inexperienced drinker to drink more and more. Because of the continuous drinking, an inexperienced drinker, such as a teenager, will continue to drink without limits, because it’s fun; it’s engaging. Drinking without limiting oneself will lead to poor judgments, like drinking and driving; worse off, it can lead to alcohol poisoning, which can end up fatal. However, there are far worse situations that can and have lead to damaging one’s self-esteem and self-respect.

  9. teenagers to drink excessively- narrative In the Fall of 1983, there were two college girls I witnessed while attending a college party. There were football players playing quarters and girls playing 21 with liters of tequila. They were laughing and having such a good time, noone, not even myself, paid attention when a girl who walked sideways got up from the couch we were all sitting on and headed toward a bay window on the 7th floor of the dormitory. The end result was horrific as we watched her try to walk through the window.

  10. Concluding paragraph In that instance, it was frightful, and not that all drinkers behave that way. Unfortuantely, when teenagers drink, they will drink more if there are activities that keep them from thinking of their consumption. Young inexperienced drinkers , especially teenagers are more apt to drink without hesitation when games are involved. Thus, alcohol-induced activities lead teenagers to drink excessively, which can be detrimental to their lives and to the lives of others.