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  1. Creation of an animation Project Overview Learning Areas Levels P5-7: 9, 10 and 11 year olds Objectives To develop the skills of animation with pupils. To work co-operatively in the production of the animation. Description To develop the skills of animation with pupils. To work co-operatively in the production of the animation Software Keywords Stopmotion Pro Junior animation software Animation, French, Characters Authors Primary 5,6,7, Luthermuir Primary, Aberdeenshire Council

  2. Teacher Planning and Management Staff Involved Mrs. Marjory Smith Head Teacher Mrs. Kathleen Murray Head Teacher Relief Ms. Corrie Ling Additional Support Needs Teacher Mrs. Murray is the Team Leader and in charge of all the day-to-day management of the project. Click on the files below to find out more about this innovative project.     Documents

  3. Teaching Resources Click the documents below to view the teaching resources used in the teaching of this learning project: The original Project Proposal A copy of the Project Overview from the Outside Provider. Documents

  4. Assessment and Standards Click the document below to see the assessment rubrics and standards covered in this learning project: Mapping the Standards: Mapping this project’s learning objectives against curriculum standards. Documents

  5. Teacher and School Information The Infant Cloakroom – designed by pupils and painted by a parent Luthermuir Primary is a small rural primary school with 57 pupils. The school is in the southernmost part of Aberdeenshire. There are three classes and the Head Teacher, Mrs Smith shares her class with Mrs Murray. Mrs Kathleen Murray is leading the Learning Project. Mrs Murray teaches french to the P6/7 pupils and she is the Glow Mentor for the Network. Ms Ling, Additional Support Needs Teacher, will also be involved on a Tuesday with the activities. Her role will be to support individual pupils and groups in their tasks, and as Enterprise Co-ordinator in the school, to maximise enterprise opportunities.