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State Building Code Update

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State Building Code Update. Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Hawaii February 9, 2010. State Building Code History. SCR 17 of 2005 legislature requested taskforce Taskforce recommendations submitted to 2006 legislature Recommendations inserted into bills

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state building code update

State Building Code Update

Building Owners and Managers Association

(BOMA) Hawaii

February 9, 2010

state building code history
State Building Code History
  • SCR 17 of 2005 legislature requested taskforce
  • Taskforce recommendations submitted to 2006 legislature
  • Recommendations inserted into bills
  • State building code feature of bill killed in conference
  • Two versions of house and senate bills introduced in 2007 legislature
  • Senate bill 795 enrolled to governor; enacted as Act 82, SLH 2007
act 82 provisions
Act 82 Provisions
  • Creates state building code council
  • Preserves responsibilities for administration, permitting, enforcement and inspection and prohibits conflict with chapter 464, HRS
  • Permits county amendments without state building code council approval
state building code council
State Building Code Council
  • Attached to DAGS
  • Nine voting members, one non-voting member
  • Chairman elected annually by members
  • Forms technical committees
  • Consults with general building contractor associations, and building trade associations
  • Adopts state model building codes
sbcc membership
SBCC Membership


Selected by

Four county building officials

State fire council member

Department of health

Department of labor and industrial relations

Structural engineers association of Hawaii

American institute of architects Hawaii chapter

Comptroller, DAGS


State fire council

Director, DOH

Director, DLIR


AIA Hawaii chapter

Statute (Ex-officio)

codes specified by act 82
Codes Specified By Act 82
  • State fire code
  • Uniform plumbing code
  • International building code
  • Hurricane resistant criteria
additional codes considered for adoption
Additional Codes Considered For Adoption
  • Residential
  • Existing building
  • Electrical
  • Flood and tsunami
  • Energy
  • Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Elevators, escalators, rides/trains
  • Toilet, food establishment, sanitation
  • Onsite wastewater systems and sewage disposal
  • Mechanical, AC, ventilation
  • Residential safe room
  • LEED/green building
sbc code implementation timelines
SBC Code Implementation Timelines
  • Adopt new state model building code within 18 months of new national/international model building code
  • State building construction to be in compliance with state model building code in one year
  • Counties may amend/adopt within two years
    • If not, state model building code shall become applicable to county until county amends/adopts state model building code
sbc code implementation steps
SBC Code Implementation Steps
  • Propose adoption of new code
  • Review and unanimous approval by subcommittee of four county building officials
  • Approval by full Council
  • Rule making process
    • Review by Attorney General & Small Business Regulatory Review Board.
    • Governor’s approval for public hearing(s)
    • Public hearings
    • Approval or further amendment by SBC Council
codes approved by the state building code council
Codes Approved by the State Building Code Council
  • State Building Code – 2006 IBC, HAR 3-180-xx
  • State Electrical Code – 2008 NEC, HAR 3-182-xx
  • State Energy Conservation Code – 2006 IECC,

HAR 3-181-xx

  • State Plumbing Code – 2006 UPC, HAR 3-183-xx
  • State Fire Code – 2006 NFPA 1 – UFC, HAR 12-45.2-xx

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advantages of the new state building code
Advantages of the New State Building Code
  • Adopts the ICC building code, which is a Model Building Code adopted now by all 50 states, and that provides more flexibility in designs of buildings.
    • Allows greater areas and heights of buildings
    • Enables larger, taller buildings using wood and light gauge steel, resulting in less costly buildings.
  • The ICC codes allow for greater safety
    • Incorporates the latest structural requirements pertaining to wind and seismic design for the design professional.
advantages of the new state building code1
Advantages of the New State Building Code
  • Enables all four counties to use the same edition of the building code for all of the codes involved with building construction including the building code, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and elevator codes.
  • Enables the fire and energy codes to be the same edition as the building code
  • Enables design professionals to need to know only one code statewide.
ibc 2006 amendments in the state building code
IBC 2006 Amendments in the State Building Code
  • New 100-year, 1-Hour Rainfall Maps for design of building roof drainage and roof system
  • Termite treatment standards for lumber and foundations appropriate for Hawaii rather than mainland conditions
ibc 2006 amendments in the state building code1
IBC 2006 Amendments in the State Building Code
  • Appendix U – Hawaii Hurricane Sheltering Provisions for New Construction.
    • Community Storm Shelter Design Criteria
    • Hawaii Residential Safe Room
    • High Occupancy Buildings - Design Criteria for Enhanced Hurricane Protection Areas
ibc 2006 amendments in the state building code2
IBC 2006 Amendments in the State Building Code
  • Appendix W – Hawaii Wind Design Provisions for New Construction
    • Determination of Wind Loads via maps of
      • Topographic effects
      • Terrain Exposure
    • Effective wind speed maps for simplified specification of high wind components and cladding
    • Windborne debris protection requirements were calibrated to Occupancy Category, resulting in more efficient construction economies
iecc 2006 improvements in the state energy conservation code
IECC 2006 Improvements in the State Energy Conservation Code
  • ICC energy code vs. ASHRAE 90.1
    • IECC includes a chapter for residences.
    • ASHRAE 90.1 covers commercial buildings
    • ASHRAE 90.2 covers residences
  • IECC residential chapter is comprehensive
    • Hawaii’s residential code covers only roofs
  • Hawai‘i amendments to IECC 2006 make it 15% more efficient than the mainland code
  • Counties have a head start
    • Hawai‘i County adopted IECC 2006 in May 2009, Maui adopted it in October 2009, C&C of Honolulu is about to adopt it, and Kaua‘i is considering IECC 2009
codes in the mill
Codes In the Mill

Code Ready for Public Hearing

  • State Residential Code – IRC 2006, HAR 3-185

Codes Under Review

  • Existing Building Code
  • 2009 issuances of international and national standards

Codes to be Addressed

  • Flood/Tsunami
  • DOH, DLIR, Other State code

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Russ K. Saito

Chair, State Building Code Council

State Comptroller