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RATEX POS*Liberty Maintaining Backup Registers PowerPoint Presentation
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RATEX POS*Liberty Maintaining Backup Registers

RATEX POS*Liberty Maintaining Backup Registers

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RATEX POS*Liberty Maintaining Backup Registers

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  1. RATEX POS*Liberty Maintaining Backup Registers RATEX Business Solutions, Inc. RATEX Users’ Conference Minneapolis ’03

  2. Topics to be Discussed: • Hardware Setup and Configuration • Online vs. Offline Register Settings & Functions • The Upkeep of the Data Files • Procedures of Polling & Merging Data • New & Additional Features of the PC Register & POS*Liberty software

  3. Hardware Setup & Configuration • NEW! RegSetup documentation • Available at:

  4. Hardware Setup & ConfigurationTechnical Notes • Important PC Configuration Settings: • Access to the CPU to send & retrieve data: C:\Windows\ftps.ini IPFilter=;( It is the ( that limits access to only the IP provided in this parameter. • Connecting to the host: C:\K95\K95cus~1.ini telnet • Utilizing quit as the last line entry eliminates K95 prompt at logoff or disconnect • Network Settings for TCP/IP: PC Specific IP Address, Subnet Mask & Gateway

  5. Online vs. Offline Register:Settings & Functions • POS-PM-02 Register Maintenance Parameter • Port Number: • Online: WHO result vs. Offline: Always port 1 • Terminal Type: • Online: VT100 vs. Offline: AT386 • Display Bar Type: • Online: UTCPD1100XLB vs. Offline: UTCPD1100XL • Receipt Printer Type: • Online: VT100_AXIOHM7156 vs. Offline: AT386_AXIOHM7156

  6. Important Offline Notes: • POS-01: Open the Day should occur daily in offline mode to update the data files downloaded from the host the previous day • POS-04: The Close the Day is not necessary unless the PC Register was used in Offline mode that day. • The PC Register will continue to accumulate sales data for multiple days. Be sure to continue to Open and Close the Day accordingly.

  7. Important Offline Notes: • Kermit & PcVerse sessions cannot run simultaneously. Data that should be going to the receipt printer in the offline session will instead display across register screen. • Files from the host cannot be downloaded to the PC Register when the register is in use in offline mode. • Be sure to update RUSH registers that have been out of circulation with the ‘latest and greatest’ data.

  8. The Upkeep of the PLU File • POS-05-04 Start Full PLU Download • This process creates a product record in the POS.PLU.FILE file for every CO.SXRF item • Record format located in the General Parameters POS-PM-06 PLU Attribute Map. It is important that both host and PC maps match. • Upon completion, error report is generated • POS.PLU.FILE is updated and downloaded nightly automatically or via POS-05-06 menu

  9. The Upkeep of the Data Files • POS-04 Close of Day • Automatically sends all files to every PC Register • POS-05-06 PC Cash Register Maintenance • 01 Files to Download • 02 PCs to Download To • 03 Download Selected Files (from 01) to Selected PCs (from 02) OR • 04 Download All Files to All PCs

  10. ED POS.TF FTP.SEND-12982-65543 0001: PC Cash Register download beginning at 18:12:23 on 07/17/03 0002: **** Move data files 0003: Cleaning up temporary files … 0034: File "NEW.CO.BP" has been cleared. … 0085: Copying /ratex/prodlive/702/POS/POS.FEES to /ratex/prodlive/702/POS/POS.TRAN/SEND/POS.FEES 0086: Converting /ratex/prodlive/702/POS/POS.TRAN/SEND/POS.FEES 0087: POS.FEES successfully copied and converted. 0088: Copying /ratex/prodlive/702/POS/POS.EMF to /ratex/prodlive/702/POS/POS.TRAN/SEND/POS.EMF 0089: Converting /ratex/prodlive/702/POS/POS.TRAN/SEND/POS.EMF 0090: POS.EMF successfully copied and converted. 0091: ***** Transfer data files 0092: Downloading files to 123.456.165.151 0093: 3}403}123.456.165.151}90.1374}}}}File transfer OK 0094: Downloading files to 123.456.165.154 0095: 3}402}123.456.165.154}90.1229}}}}File transfer OK … 0098: 123.456.172.233 not responding. PC Cash register skipped. … 0140: Completed at 18:39:40 on 07/17/03

  11. Procedures of Polling & Merging Data • POS-05-01 Merge Data from Backup System • Used only when sales data is to be retrieved from PC Register(s) and merged with host data • The closing process, POS-04 Close of Day, must be completed on the offline register prior to polling the data from the PC CPU to the host • Register cannot be in use in offline mode when polling process occurs as this locks access to the files

  12. Procedures of Polling & Merging Data • POS-05-01 Merge Data from Backup System • Verifies connectivity of PC register to the network • Retrieves and clears the Sales Transactions (POS.VST.UPLOAD), Bankcard Transactions (POS.BCR.UPLOAD) and Electronic Journal records (POS.EJF.UPLOAD) on the PC Register • Validates the last date the register was polled and verifies the processing date to avoid duplication • Merges the polled data records into the appropriate .UPLOAD files with host data

  13. Additional Features:Suspend & Resume • Utilize the Suspend transaction modifier (POS-PM-12-5 as \SS) • Recall ID number printed on receipt • Register totals, merchandise stock-on-hand and sales dollars are unaffected • Implement Resume transaction type (POS-PM-4 as RS) • Resume transaction can be recalled at any store any register combination; modifications to the resumed transaction are permitted

  14. Additional Features:Return Validation • Enabled via General Parameters (POS-PM-06) • Enter original sales transaction data: • Transaction, Store, Register, Drawer & Date • Cashier is informed and prompted: • Original transaction does not exist • Product being returned does not exist on original transaction • Item being returned has previously been returned • Ability to implement a security level to Override the validation

  15. Additional Features:Online Inventory Updating • Real-time posting of inventory updates to General Merchandise, Trade and Text • Phantom process runs in background • Establish Start and Stop times and Transaction Types to process (POS-PM-22)

  16. Additional Features:Creating Key Maps • POS-PM-08 Keyboard Mapping Templates • Choose the appropriate function – multiple keystrokes required – and an available key • Set InUse & EndInput to ‘Y’ • Place the exact keystrokes the cashier would use in the Map to Key Sequence field • Use ‘^013’ as the <ENTER> key when selecting transactions, modifiers and updating input • Update and test the key within register mode

  17. Additional Features:Buyback Station • The PC Register can also be used as a Buyback station with ability to scan, print receipts, utilize the customer pole display and provide a secure cash drawer • BUY-01-05 Buying Stations Parameter Settings: • Terminal Type: VT100 • Local Printer: Y • Printer Type: AXIOHM7156 • Display Bar: UTCPD1100XL • Cash Drawer: 1

  18. New Features:Customer Loyalty Club • Create a Transaction Modifier (POS-PM-12-05 as BC) • Establish Loyalty Club parameters (POS-PM-11-07) • Applicable items defined at Class/Department • Once desired number of items is purchased, discount given as: • Average Amount • Flat Dollar Amount • Lowest Retail Price • Percentage of the Total Dollar Value • Ability to debit earnings to Gift Card

  19. POS*Liberty New Features GIFT CARDS User Session presented by: Janet Rampenthal Monday 2:30-3:30

  20. POS*Liberty 7.6 Software Upgrade for the PC Registers • 7.6 POS*Liberty software for the PC Registers is available in a zip format, contact support about obtaining the file • Upgrade each PC Register • Process: ‘get’ pc-cash761.exe from server onto PC CPU, unzip the files & restore POS parameters on each unit • Time: 5-10 minutes for each PC Register • Installation Instructions - see attachment

  21. But wait, I have a question… • Documentation via CD or • Online Knowledgebase Search • at OR 1-800-41RATEX

  22. RATEX Business Solutions, Inc. Have a Great Day!