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Rainforest. Tyler, Sarah, Mackensee, and Jeremy. Rainforest.

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Tyler, Sarah, Mackensee, and Jeremy


A rainforest is a place where many animals live.Different animals live in different parts of the rainforest. A rainforest is very dense and wet.The wet conditions of the rainforest makes plants grow fast. In just five years, a tree can grow to 80 feet high and 16 inches wide. The highest trees are called emergents .The animals that live on this part of the rainforest almost never go down.These include insect-eating birds like the night jar and fruit-eaters like the hornbill and toucan.Predators like the South American harpy eagle and the Philippine money eating eagle also stay high above.


The main canopy of the forest traps moisture and shields the rainforest from wind.The majority of species in the rainforest are found here.Our survey identified 600 different spices of beetle in one canopy. Snakes and big cats, like the South American jaguar and ocelot and the Southeast Asian clouded leopard , lie under the shady canopy, waiting to catch their prey. They feed anything from small mammals to reptiles. The forest floor lies elephants, tapirs, deer, gorillas, and other large mammals.

Tree Snake

tropical rainforest animals
Tropical Rainforest Animals
  • frogs *Lizards
  • Snakes *Gorillas
  • eagles *Lemurs
  • Monkeys *Owls
  • Hummingbirds *Crabs
  • Butterflies *Otters
  • Bats *Bees
  • Tiger *Spiders
  • Moth Mice *Slug
  • Koala
  • Iguanas
  • Apes
interesting facts
  • Only monkeys from South and central America can grip with their tails.
  • The South American douroucouli is the only nocturnal, or night, monkey in the world.
  • Some lianas are over 3,500 feet ( 1,000 m) long.
  • Jungles and rainforests cover less than 6 percent of the Earth’s land surface, about 3.5 million square miles.
  • There are over 30 million species of insects living in the rainforest.
  • Only five percent of sunlight reaches the forest floor.
  • Loss of tropical forest is very great in Central America.
rainforest plants
Rainforest Plants
  • Mosses Air Plants
  • Vines Vanilla Plants
  • Flowers Poison Ivy
  • Trees Water Lilies
  • Epiphyte Grass
  • Fems
  • Bushes