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IPDR Standardizing Next-Generation Accounting PowerPoint Presentation
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IPDR Standardizing Next-Generation Accounting

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IPDR Standardizing Next-Generation Accounting
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IPDR Standardizing Next-Generation Accounting

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    3. 3 The Solution: Internet Protocol Detail Record Organization (IPDR.org) Mission To enable cost-effective usage measurement and exchange for next-generation services. Method Implement de-facto open standards for IP-based support system interoperability, enabling providers to deploy next-generation services rapidly and profitably.

    4. 4 IPDR Members and Contributors Board of Directors - 2005 Amdocs, BSG Clearing Solutions, Cisco, NARUS, Sprint PCS, VeriSign, Members BSS: Amdocs, CGI-AMS, Comverse, MetraTech OSS: Infosys, Narus Mediation: Active Broadband Networks Hardware: Arris, Bigband Networks, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola Service Provider: Coastal Technologies Group, Inc., Rogers AT&T Wireless, SBC, Sprint, Clearinghouse: BSG Clearing Solutions, Syniverse, VeriSign Software: Primal Solutions Other: DISA, TeleStrategies

    5. 5 IPDR Reference Model

    6. 6 IPDR.org Work IPDR Specifications XDR and XML files Streaming IPDR for network equipment IPDR Compliance program & testing Reference Libraries in C & Java

    7. 7 Streaming IPDR for Network Equipment v3.5 Streaming IPDR: Enhanced interface for high-speed equipment eliminates file management Real-time, reliable, efficient transport Joint projects refine and apply service specs for manufacturer communities Cable Labs ATIS TMOC ATIS/OBF TMF

    8. 8 Industry Work NDM-U technology fully supports partner exchange and streaming data Joint work ensures support of existing settlements networks and technologies ATIS OBF VoIP Group ATIS TMOC Group ITU-T Study Group 3 Cablelabs DOCSIS 2.0 TMF SID Group

    9. 9 A Few IPDR.org Partners ATIS recognized IPDR as one of 5 top partners and technology providers and offers proprietary EMI mappings. CableLabs employs IPDR in the DOCSIS standard used by every cable modem worldwide. CIBERnet participates in the IPDR WLANAS effort and offers proprietary IPDR VOIP mappings. ITU-T Study Group 3 officially recognizes IPDR as a technology provider for VOIP. TMF has used IPDR in multiple Catalyst interoperability projects. WFA recognizes IPDR WLANAS as the preferred medium for inter-industry PWLAN roaming.

    10. 10 Find Out More About Us Membership Packets on drive Website www.ipdr.org Ask any of us during this two day meeting Kelly Anderson, President Steve Cotton, Editor-in-Chief Marianne Jenkinson, Marketing Director