everything follows health health doesn t l.
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Everything Follows Health, Health Doesn’t. PowerPoint Presentation
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Everything Follows Health, Health Doesn’t.

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Everything Follows Health, Health Doesn’t. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Everything Follows Health, Health Doesn’t.

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  1. Everything Follows Health, Health Doesn’t.

  2. In our present day world, we are forced to sacrifice lot of things to achieve many more things. • Many a time we go without our lunch, or have a late breakfast, not enough exercise or sleep. • We are under pressure to deliver, to achieve, to meet targets, to do well, etc. • Some of us are forced to work late in night and at all untimely hours thus affecting our body clock. • Many of us enjoy late nights, partying, eating tasty but junk foods, enjoying smoking & drinking. This kind of lifestyle of untimely food, work, sleep, over a period of time increases deficiencies in our body and we become prone to ailments etc. • We regret only when it is too late. Neither can we undo nor regain what is lost. But given a chance would we not want to improve our health & live a better life at least now onwards?

  3. Far Infra Red Rays are :1. Part of the Invisible Spectrum of the sunlight.2.Part of nature, essential for life & is known as‘Light of Life’ 3. Able to penetrate deep into human body, warms body by direct light conversion method, makes one to sweat, cleanses body internally, purges out toxins & wastes from deep inside body.

  4. Far Infrared Rays EM Spectrum of SUN

  5. Sweating well everyday is very Good for Health for Every one. Our health is in our hands. Quality & success in life are best defined by how well we maintain our health. The Innovation using Far Infra Red Rays is all set to redefine HEALTH. NowAchieving & Maintaining good health forever will be much more easier & convenient using “Far Infrared Thermal System”

  6. ‘Achieving & Maintaining’ Good Healthis now made easy. All you have to do now isSit, Sweat & be Fit.A30 minutes session inFar Infra Red Thermal SystemCauses Profuse Sweating, Burns Calories, Relaxes, Reduces Stress, Benefits skin, Expels Toxins, Relieves Pain, Controls body weight, improves immune system, Provides the same effects of Exercise & MuchMore…

  7. Far Infrared Thermal System Far Infrared Thermal System (FIT System) is a Digital Sweating unit which makes anyone who sits inside for Half an hour a day to sweat profusely. The Unit made out of Quality Wood & Glass, is embedded with Patented Ceramic/Carbon Source which producesFar Infrared Rays By using this system one will enjoy Good life with extended Good Health. The best thing is that you can make your calls, read, work on your laptop etc while sitting in this unique system, thus not affecting your busy schedule. The best thing about this is you can continue to work as you do not stink after a session, as is usually the case with sweating. You feel fresh & charged…

  8. Benefits of exposing Human Body toFar Infra red Rays Detoxification– Purges out Toxins & wastes through the skin along with sweat Profuse Sweating – A session is equal to Running 6 Kms, or walking 10 Kms. or any good Physical workout. Weight Reduction / Control- Fat becomes soluble water at 42°C which is then sweated out. Benefits Skin – Helps one to achieve healthier skin with soft, firm & reduces wrinkles associated with aging… ..Contd.. 

  9. Benefits of exposing Human Body toFar Infra Red Rays Reduces Stress Far InfraRed Heat Tones & loosens Muscles and Relaxes Body. Relieves You from Pain FIR heat expands blood vessels, increases blood circulation to each & every part of the body. Improves immune system Develops good body resistance – increases Immunity. Provides the same effects of exercise As walking, running, jogging, any good Physical workout etc, for all age groups. Contd…

  10. Benefits of exposing Human Body toFar Infra red Rays • Burns 600 – 900 calories in a 30 minute session – you will loose weight • Conditions & strengthens the cardiovascular system- you will enjoy a healthy heart • Controls Body weight – you will Feel Good • Shapes up Body – you will Look Good • Reduces cellulite – you will reduce bulk • Cleanses the skin and induces a healthy glow- you will develop an aura • Tones up the muscles – you will feel energetic • Treats burns, wounds, cuts and other skin problems- you look healthy • Reduces ageing signs like wrinkles and pigmentation - you willlook more attractive • Contd 

  11. Benefits of exposing Human Body toFar Infra red Rays • Reduces swelling, inflammation, especially joints and neck • Reduces stretch marks, keloids, scars and sunburn …etc • Removes from skin the deeply settled Cosmetics, Hair Dyes, Makeup, chemicals, pollutants…etc..

  12. Benefits of using OUR “FIT SYSTEM”with Far Infra red Rays when compared with Conventional Sauna & Steam baths Unlike in Traditional, Conventional or Steam Saunas there is No Steam, No Smoke, No over heating, No skin burn or skin irritations and no side effects. Unlike Conventional Saunas no stones or steam are used for maintaining Heat. Only Invisible body friendly light called Far Infrared Rays. Unlike traditional, conventional or Steam Saunas where a session leaves you depleted & tired after a session.A session in our “FIT System” the Infrared rays leave you feeling invigorated - session after session. Unlike Traditional saunas where the temperature of the air is increased to a very high level within the chamber to warm the body. In our “FIT System” using Far Infrared Rays, it is only the body temperature which increases and nothing around.

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  14. DAEiSpaproudly presents For the First time in Bangalore a Worldwide new Technique “FIT SYSTEM” (Far Infrared Thermal System) Useful for Everyone to ‘Achieve & Maintain’ Good Health

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