crystal reports 9 using the banner database l.
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Crystal Reports 9 using the Banner Database PowerPoint Presentation
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Crystal Reports 9 using the Banner Database

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Crystal Reports 9 using the Banner Database - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crystal Reports 9 using the Banner Database. Augusta State University Projects Office. Agenda. Introductions Running a report SCT BANNER Databases Report Wizard Crystal Professional Summary Reports Cross-tabs. What is Crystal?.

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crystal reports 9 using the banner database

Crystal Reports 9 using the Banner Database

Augusta State University

Projects Office

  • Introductions
  • Running a report
  • SCT BANNER Databases
  • Report Wizard
  • Crystal Professional
  • Summary Reports
  • Cross-tabs
what is crystal
What is Crystal?
  • Report writer for SCT Banner, PeopleSoft® and other databases
  • Can create reports, datafiles, letters, labels and merge files for mass e-mails
running a crystal report
Running a Crystal Report
  • Most users only run reports
  • Where to find reports at ASU
  • How to run a report
when to use crystal
When to use Crystal
  • The information is simple to obtain
  • You are only one that needs the information
  • It is needed immediately and you can get it from Crystal
  • Sent a request to ITS Programming if:
    • If the information is complicated (requiring calculations, extensive joins, etc.)
    • If the information will be needed on a routine basis or is needed by other departments
databases relational structures
DatabasesRelational Structures
  • Key Field- a field which uniquely identifies each row of data on a table
  • Multiple Tables
  • Empty or Null rows do not take up space
  • Can have virtually unlimited rows ie: Multiple telephone numbers
understanding banner database
Understanding Banner Database

Banner uses forms to enter or change data in an Oracle database

Data entered on one form used by other forms, reports, jobs

banner database
BANNER Database
  • SGASTDN - Form name
  • SGBSTDN - Table data is stored in
  • Each table has an owner
  • Format for a field name: Database table name_ field name
  • How to find Field Names
  • Place cursor in field and click F1
  • Help, Dynamic Help Query
what is a view
What is a View?
  • A grouping of information in a logical order
    • (i.e. enrolled students)
  • Designed to make report writing easier
  • Some are database fields (Last Name)
  • Some are calculated fields called functions (Freshman)
report wizard
Report Wizard
  • Find a database view or table
  • Link multiple tables and/or views together
  • May need to link on multiple fields
    • Pidm
    • Term
    • CRN
    • Seq No
    • Appl No
report wizard14
Report Wizard
  • Logon to database
    • Database displays table and views in expandable ‘nodes’ by owner
banner databases
Banner Databases
  • HOT -
  • PPRD –
  • Once used, database name under History
  • Can also right click and add Banner databases to list of Favorites
  • Sign on to database
report wizard17
Report Wizard
  • Add fields
  • Select records
  • Select Template
    • Optional
    • Can create master templates

Crystal Reports Toolbars

Standard Toolbar

Insert Tools Toolbar

Expert Tools Toolbar

Formatting Toolbar

toolbars expert tools toolbar
ToolbarsExpert Tools Toolbar















professional window
Professional Window

Save – often


Sort the data

Export into a spreadsheet

Summary information


exporting crystal reports
Exporting Crystal Reports
  • Click envelope
  • Send to non-Crystal user
    • .pdf file
    • Microsoft Word file
  • Excel file
  • Datafile for mail merge
  • Report titles
  • Column headings
  • Logos and pictures
  • Borders and colors
  • Headers and footers
  • Charts and tables
summary reports
Summary Reports

Summary Report

Create full report

Hide or suppress detail

Can suppress detail based on formula

Suppress if balance = 0

summary operations
Summary Operations
  • Sum
  • Average
  • Maximum and minimum
  • Count and distinct count
  • Statistical analysis
drill down reports
Drill Down Reports
  • Drill down report
    • Summary reports
      • Double click on summary to get detail within a group
      • Mouse pointer becomes a magnifying glass when drill-down is toggled
      • For confidential information (ie salary of employees)
        • Suppress (No Drill-Down)
  • Group sort with breaks
  • Summarize by group
    • Subtotals
  • Exclude group based on selection criteria
    • Exclude vendors with 0 balances
  • Grand total at end of report
formula editor
Formula Editor

Check formula syntax

cross tab overview
Cross-Tab Overview
  • Summarize large quantities of data
  • Rows and columns for an easy to read format
    • Identify trends, make comparisons
  • Descriptions where ‘by’ is included
  • Best of all it’s remarkably easy!
when to use cross tabs
When to use Cross-Tabs
  • Average GPA by major
  • Admit type by Ethnicity
  • Hope awards by classification
cross tab tips
Cross-Tab Tips
  • Fields with most groups should be rows for printing purposes
  • Cross-tab cells cannot contain anything but numbers created from summary functions
  • Select multiple objects by using CTRL-click. Then formation all at the same time through Formatting toolbar or the Format Editor
  • Cannot drill down on a cross-tab cell
editing an existing cross tab
Editing an Existing Cross-Tab

Right click in white box in upper left hand corner

  • When a value requires immediate action
    • Bad Data
    • Amount over a specified total
    • Negative numbers
    • Examples
      • Printing > 500 letters (add paper to printer or use email)
      • Report on SAT tape loads with Alert if GPA = H or G
report design
Report Design
  • 10 Things to Ask Before You Create a Report
    • What is the purpose of the report?
    • What fields do you want to included in the report?
    • What views or tables are they from?
    • Do you want all the records or a subset?
    • How do you want the data grouped?
    • How do you want the data sorted
    • What summary calculations do you want in the report?
crystal tips
Crystal Tips
  • When designing report, use ‘Saved Data’ if possible to save time, help overall performance
  • Use parameters –Term, Major
  • Do not end task for at least 15 minutes
questions later
Questions Later?

Augusta State University

Projects Office

  • Mary Filpus-Luyckx
  • Mark Brown
  • Get the tech briefs from Crystal Decisions
  • Books – “Crystal Reports 9 for Dummies: A Reference for the Rest of Us”, by Allen G. Taylor
  • “Crystal Reports 9: The Complete Reference”, by George Peck