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Applied Testing and Technology

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Applied Testing and Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Applied Testing and Technology. Specialists in Software Testing. Overview. Founded in 1993 Privately held, Delaware corporation Focused on testing projects and tools Offices: Los Gatos, CA (Silicon Valley) Minneapolis, MN. Offerings. Outsourced Testing Projects Automated and Manual

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Applied Testing and Technology

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applied testing and technology
Applied Testing and Technology

Specialists in Software Testing

  • Founded in 1993
  • Privately held, Delaware corporation
  • Focused on testing projects and tools
  • Offices:
    • Los Gatos, CA (Silicon Valley)
    • Minneapolis, MN
  • Outsourced Testing Projects
    • Automated and Manual
    • Functional/Usability, Performance, and Compatibility
  • Certification Programs
  • Test Automation Tools
where we shine
Where We Shine
  • Clever, effective solutions to hard problems
  • Wide ranging experience
  • Full-time, long-term professional staff
  • Technical and management methodology
  • Can-do attitude
technical strengths
Technical Strengths
  • Windows, UNIX, Mac
  • WWW, XML, E-commerce, N-tier
  • End user apps/consumer products
  • Test automation
  • All types and aspects of testing
  • Test tools, harnesses, and infrastructure
functional testing projects
Functional Testing Projects
  • Component, System, Regression . . .
  • Manual and Automated
  • Black, Gray, White box
  • Negative and Positive testing
  • Usability testing
compatibility testing projects
Compatibility Testing Projects
  • Interoperability with
    • OSs
    • Hardware
    • Browsers
    • Servers
    • Databases
performance testing projects
Performance Testing Projects
  • Assistance with defining metrics and goals
  • Test development
    • Stress
    • Scalability
    • Benchmarks
  • Test execution, results analysis, fault isolation, performance tuning
project methodologies
Project Methodologies
  • Start from customer requirements
  • Solve the problem with lots of good ideas
  • Become part of your team
  • Formal planning and tracking
  • Flexible and reactive to changing needs
project methodologies1
Project Methodologies
  • IEEE 829 Test Plans and Specifications
  • Automation where practical
  • Projects are always milestone oriented
  • Staff of experienced developers do the test design and development
  • Staff of experienced testers do the testing
certification programs
Certification Programs
  • Testing and Branding services
    • Systems and applications
    • Testing, auditing, administration, standards
  • Extensive experience
    • 88open portability certification program
    • Sun Java Compatibility Audit Center
    • Open Group Test Centre
aptest automation tools
ApTest Automation Tools
  • ApTest ™ Manager
    • Web based requirements and test management
    • Define and execute tests and view and compare results
market expertise



Health Care


Personal Productivity

. . . .

Operating Systems


Development tools

Market Expertise
testing expertise
Application Testing




GUI: Windows/UNIX



ORB test suite for OMG

CORBA Services test suites

Testing Expertise
testing expertise1
System Software

UNIX test suite

X Windows test suite

MOTIF test suite

ABI test suites for



Development tools

EABI test suites for




Testing Expertise
test tool expertise
Test Tool Expertise
  • Including
    • Mercury, Segue
    • Test Expert
    • TET, DejaGNU
    • ADL
aptest technical excellence
ApTest - Technical Excellence
  • We’ve “been there and done that”
    • All layers of system and application software
    • All contemporary software technologies
    • Varied markets
    • Varied test tools and environments
    • Varied project structures and roles
aptest commitment to quality
ApTest - Commitment to Quality
  • Our people make your product’s quality their personal responsibility
  • We test to achieve quality, not complete checklists
  • We constantly evaluate the total project and product, looking for ways to improve
aptest commitment to you
ApTest - Commitment to You
  • Understand your needs
  • Provide practical solutions to your problems
  • Work with your team
  • Help react to changing conditions