Spring in my country
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Spring in my country. By Andrei Oprea. Temperature.

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Spring in my country

Spring in my country

By Andrei Oprea


  • Romania is positioned on the globe in the northern hemisphere at the intersection of the parallel 45 ° north latitude and the meridian of 25 ° east longitude, and within the European continent it is located in the central area southeast at approximately equal distances from the ends of the continent. Consequently, the climate is temperate continental one transition, characterized by the presence of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. There are climatic differences between various parts of the country and this difference is due both latitude and altitude and climatic influences oceanic continental Scandinavian-Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Sea.

1 th martch
1 Thmartch

  • Mărțișor (Romanian pronunciation) is an old Romanian celebration at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st, which according to old calendar was also considered as the beginning of the new year. Symbolically, it is correlated to women and to fertility as a means of life and continuity. The tradition is authentic in Romania, Moldova, and all territories inhabited by Romanians and Aromanians. Alike though not identical customs can be found in Bulgaria (see Martenitsa), while similar ones exist in Albania, Greece [not in citation given] and Italy.

8 th martch
8 Thmartch

  • International Women's Day (IWD), also called International Working Women's Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women's economic, political, and social achievements. Started as a Socialist political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries, primarily in Europe, including Russia. In some regions, the day lost its political flavor, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.


  • An equinox occurs twice a year, around 20 March and 22 September. The word itself has several related definitions. The oldest meaning is the day when daytime and night are of approximately equal duration. The word equinox comes from this definition, derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). The equinox is not exactly the same as the day when period of daytime and night are of equal length for two reasons. Firstly, sunrise, which begins daytime, occurs when the top of the Sun's disk rises above the eastern horizon. At that instant, the disk's center is still below the horizon. Secondly, Earth's atmosphere refracts sunlight.


  • Greets spring with seasonal fruits and vegetables that are armed with an arsenal of impressive vitamins, trace elements and a series of targeted nutritional fortification role, increase body resistance.

  • If we stop and look at the nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables of the season we will be impressed by their nutritional properties, and therapeutic and adaptive to new conditions.

March april and may
March,Apriland May

  • March-

  • April-

  • May-

Events and traditions
Events and traditions

  • As of Thursday, April 24, Brasov festive attire dress again at the traditional

  • This year, the celebration is not only a joy for Brasov and tourists, but also an opportunity to promote local values​​. In 2014, the Days Brasov Square scene will be made available to artists at the beginning of the road Brasov, who want to use this opportunity to make themselves known. This year, the four bands Brasov who expressed this intention (Jockers, King's Project, and Za Frappe Band) will perform in the opening concert on Friday and Saturday.

  • feast day of Brasov, the twelfth edition.

Young brasov
Young Brasov

  • Young Braşov, Brasov or more correctly Young said junior Schei Brasov Brasov and old is a group of horsemen from Schei Brasov today ceremonial function, which, year after year, marching in the streets of Brasov. Their feast is a set of habits that combines pre-Christian practices of Christian events to play the old myth of death and rebirth ritual calendar time. Every year, Schei Brasov, on the first Sunday after Easter Eastern - of St. Thomas - both Brasov and assists guests in a show with elements of myth, rite, ritual and magic. It is the manifestation Junior scrolling habits that they have inherited from ancient times

Migrating birds
Migrating birds

  • Bird migration is the regular seasonal movement, often north and south along a flyway between breeding and wintering grounds, undertaken by many species of birds. Migration, which carries high costs in predation and mortality, including from hunting by humans, is driven primarily by availability of food. Migration occurs mainly in the Northern Hemisphere where birds are funnelled on to specific routes by natural barriers such as the Mediterranean Sea or the Caribbean Sea.