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Federal Work-Study 2013/2014 Online Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Federal Work-Study 2013/2014 Online Annual Meeting

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Federal Work-Study 2013/2014 Online Annual Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal Work-Study 2013/2014 Online Annual Meeting. Federal Work-Study Annual Meeting Online . Presented by; Josefina Carbajal, Federal Work-Study Office Lynn Marks, Human Resources Bobbi Van Every, Human Resources Sarah Le long 2013/2014 Financial Aid & Scholarships Department

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Presentation Transcript

Federal Work-Study


Online Annual Meeting

federal work study annual meeting online
Federal Work-Study Annual Meeting Online

Presented by;

Josefina Carbajal, Federal Work-Study Office

Lynn Marks, Human Resources

Bobbi Van Every, Human Resources

Sarah Le long


Financial Aid & Scholarships Department

Bayramin Hall ~ Room 130

(818) 677-2373

  • Current information
  • Departmental Agreement
  • Supervisor Quiz
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Job Advertisement
  • Work Conditions
    • How Students are Awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS)
  • Hiring Process
  • FWS Std Authorization Requests
  • FWS Authorization for Non-HR
  • Payroll
  • Department FWS Budget Balance
  • Budget Tracking Sheet
  • HR - FWS Student Expenditure Report
  • Department Increase Requests
  • Student Balance of Award
  • Monitoring View Page
  • Merit Increases
  • Student Evaluations - New
  • Reclassification
  • Terminations
  • Website Resources
information on current year
Information on Current Year
  • Last day for students to work is Wednesday, May 15th
  • Timekeeper Deadline – Thursday, May 16th ~ Noon
  • Approver Deadline – Friday, May 17th ~ Noon
  • HR will automatically terminate FWS students on May 16th
  • The deadline to submit year end corrections (Aug 2012 to April 2013 Pay Periods) – Monday, May 13th
  • 2013/2014 - Students may begin working on August 1st
departmental agreement for new federal work study employers
Departmental Agreement for New Federal Work-Study Employers
  • NEWdepartments requesting participation in the FWS Program must complete and submit the Departmental Agreement in order to pay students under FWS funds.
  • The form is available online at
  • Complete, print, obtain the appropriate department signature, and mail (MD 8307) or attach form to an email to If emailing, put in the Subject line: “New – your Dept ID – 2013/2014 New Budget participation request”.
  • Complete & Submit Only Sections: C, D & E
  • New departments/programs will be allocated $3,500
  • New Requests Due Monday, May 20, 2013
  • Attach FWS Supervisor Quiz Signature Page to Sections: C, D & E
  • Attach department’s Student Learning Outcomes – New departments only(See slide #17 for details)
  • Approved budget allocation (Section E) will be sent to the department FWS contact via email the week of July 9th
departmental agreement for continuing fws employers
Departmental Agreement For Continuing FWS Employers
  • The Departmental Agreement with approved budget allocations will be sent (via email) to all department FWS Contacts & back-up on file with an approved 2012/2013 FWS budget allocation.
  • Approved Budget Allocations will be sent the week of July 9th
  • Departments are required to verify the information on SECTION C , D & E of the Departmental Agreement and make any necessary corrections/updates.
  • Print only Section C, D & E, obtain the appropriate signature and mail it to the Federal Work-Study Office (MD 8307). You may also update, sign and scan the document and attach it to an email sent to
  • Corrections/Updates & Signature are due Friday, July 26, 2013
  • Attach the FWS Supervisor Quiz Results page to signed Sections C, D & E
departmental agreement
Departmental Agreement







Department Approved Budget

Marian Nobleza











July 15, 2013



Yvonne David


yld9_ _ _ _


Linda Brignoni

FW Study


hlbfa_ _ _ _



FW Study

Josefina Carbajal

Vchfao_ _ _ _ _ _


hfao_ _ _ _

Veronica Corona



Mnhfa_ _ _


Department Verifies


Submits Corrections



Financial Aid & Scholarships Dept.

Financial Aid & Scholarships







Lili Vidal




federal work study supervisor quiz
Federal Work-Study Supervisor Quiz
  • Go to the link below take the 2013-14 FWS Supervisor Quiz. Make sure to go all the way to the end of the quiz and follow instructions for proof of taking the quiz
  • At the end you will be prompted to the following:
  • Cloick
federal work study supervisor quiz1
Federal Work-Study Supervisor Quiz
  • Fill your name, department ID. Print and attach to the signed FWS Departmental Agreement.
  • Fi.
  • Send it to the Federal Work-Study Office via campus mail or attached to an email (MD 8307).
  • After entering your name and Dept. ID make sure to click “Next” & you see

the following

  • If you do not go the “Finish” page I will not be able to see your name on the results page.
student learning outcomes required
Student Learning Outcomes - Required
  • The Federal Work-Study Office has moved to fully support the learning outcomes initiative of the University. Learning Outcomes are only required by new department/programs for the 2013/2014.
    • List the learning objectives for students working in your department
    • Indicate how you (department/program) will communicate Student Learning Outcomes to your students .
    • Indicate how the department will determine if students are learning what is expected.
  • The FWSO is asking you to recognize that all parts of the University play a role in student learning and that you actively participate.
  • The written documentation must be attached to the Departmental Agreement, Sections C, D & E.
  • Continuing departments with Student Learning Outcomes on file with the FWSO are not required to resubmit them unless the document has been revised or changed in any way.
advertisement of federal work study jobs
Advertisement of Federal Work-Study Jobs
  • Federal Work-Study jobs are advertised online through

hosted by the CSUN Career Center Online.

  • Career Center web site –
  • Employer Registration Online Instructions
  • Review all job descriptions for accurateness and/or updates during the month of June
  • Student will begin searching for jobs week of July 5th
  • FWS Supervisors close & open their jobs
how to create a new job 2 of 7
How to Create a NEW Job (2 of 7)

Select Position Type. Note that if you select additional Position Types in addition to STUDENT EMPLOYMENT- WORK STUDY you will still be required to follow FWS guidelines to advertise a job.

Restrict Applications. Choosing YES will restrict applications for this position to only those students who meet the screening criteria you set.

Choosing YES will hide Employer/Contact name and link from students

how to create a new job 3 of 7

Job Title: TIP title your job posting to reflect the duties of the job

How to Create a NEW Job (3 of 7)
  • Job Description:
    • DUTIES:
    • PURPOSE:
    • HOURS:
    • WAGE:
    • DEPT. ID#:
how to create a new job 4 of 7
How to Create a NEW Job (4 of 7)

Requested Document Notes: Special instructions regarding requested documents.

Display Contact Information To Students: If checked, please provide information in contact Information field.

Posting & Expiration Dates: Range that students will be able to view the Job posting.

how to create a new job 5 of 7
How to Create a NEW Job (5 of 7)

Location:TIP you can list ‘CSUN’ in the city location or ‘On Campus’ instead of Northridge to indicate to students that the position is on campus.

how to create a new job 6 of 7
How to Create a NEW Job (6 of 7)

Requested Document Notes: Special instructions regarding requested documents.

NOTE: If a required Screening Criteria field is one which is not needed for the position, select all the choices available by holding the <CTRL> key or dragging your mouse while making selections.

Submit : Click the Submit button to your

active vs archived 7 of 7
Active vs. Archived (7 of 7)

Active /Open Job Posting

Archived Jobs/Closed Job Postings

ONLY Preview Format

To Un-Archive A Job Posting email the Federal Work Study Office with Job ID #

active vs archived
Active vs. Archived

Active /Open Job Posting

Archived Jobs/Closed Job Postings

ONLY Preview Format

To Un-Archive A Job Posting email the Federal Work Study Office with Job ID #

work conditions
Work Conditions
  • 20 Hour Limit
  • Up to 40 per week during breaks
  • 15 Minute Breaks
  • Lunch Breaks
  • Volunteer
how students are awarded f ederal w ork s tudy
How Students are Awarded Federal Work -Study
  • Need Based
  • Priority Deadline always March 2nd
  • How students are awarded
  • Students apply each year
  • Award Amount $3,500
federal work study student awards
Federal Work-Study Student Awards
  • New Student Employees:

Will only be awarded if they can secure a FWS job.

Eligible student must:

  • Look for FWS jobs on Sunlink
  • Take a copy of their Financial Aid Award to their job interview - or
  • Ask student to go to the FWSO to obtain proof of FWS eligibility.
  • If the student is being hired. Complete the FWS Student Award Request form & refer the student to the FWSO (BH 130)
  • Continuing FWS Employees:

Will be awarded in July. Continuing Students must have:

  • Completed FAFSA by 3/2/2012. No exceptions for late filers
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Be Pell eligible and have unmet need
what if your 2 0 12 2013 f ws student did not receive federal work study for 2 0 13 2014
What if Your 2012~2013FWS StudentDid Not Receive Federal Work-Study for 2013~2014?
  • 2013-2014 awards will be available for department HR Hirers mid July. An email notice to the FWS Listserv will be sent once continuing students have been awarded.
  • If your 2012-2013 student employee did not receive a FWS award you may prepare a memo addressed to Josefina Carbajal requesting the student be awarded FWS for 2013-2014.
  • Give the memo to the student
  • Refer the Student to the Federal Work-Study Office during the walk-in hours (see slide #35)
  • If the student is eligible, he/she will be awarded. Results of the award will be sent via email to the hiring supervisor and department FWS contact.
federal work study student counseling walk in hours
FederalWork-Study Student CounselingWalk-In Hours:
  • Tuesdays & Wednesday s
  • 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • &
  • 1:30 pm-4:30 pm
new students

August 1, 2012

September 1, 2013


hiring process
Hiring Process
  • Department verifies student Federal Work-Study awards on Human Resources/Manager >Work-Study Dept Authorizations
  • Complete New Employee Hire Form
  • Student signs-in with Human Resources
  • Department verifies student sign-in by requesting copy of student sign-in paperwork
  • Department completes on-Line Federal Work-Study Authorization
  • FWS Office approves Student FWS Authorization
  • Department hires student on HR/SOLAR
  • Once student has been hired department makes sure that the student’s funding strip is correct (40901……) by going to the HR Manager’s Workbench.
student federal work study award verification for supervisors with no solar hr access
Student Federal Work-Study Award Verification for Supervisors with No SOLAR HR Access

Request that the student bring proof of FWS award eligibility to the job interview

If eligible, the student will given the FWS Student Award Request Form.

If you are interested in hiring the student complete the FWS Student Award Request Form, give it to the student, and ask the student to return the form to the FWSO .

Complete and give student the New Employee Hire Form. Refer student to Human Resources (HR) to complete the payroll sign-in process.

Request that student come back with proof of HR sign-in

Give department HR Hirer student hire information (See slide 40)

Ask student to go to the FWS web, take the Work-Study Quiz and give you the FWS Quiz Certificate. FWS Student quiz certificate stays in the Department student hire file.

Dept. HR hirer requests FWS Authorization in SOLAR and notifies student supervisor when the student may begin working.

student federal work study award verification cont
Student Federal Work-Study Award Verification - Cont.

Provide your department’s HR hirer with the following information:

A copy of student HR sign-in form (New Hires Only. Make sure to replace student SS# with student CSUN ID #)

A copy of student’s Financial Aid Award or proof of FWS Eligibility

Student’s name

Student’s ID

Federal Work-Study Job ID # (SUNlink)

Job Title

Pay Rate

Start date (must be in the future)

Direct supervisor’s name & Solar ID

sample of student financial aid award summary
Sample of Student Financial Aid Award Summary

Marilyn Doe


No FWS award Sample

Juana Doe


access to work study pages
Access to Work-Study Pages

View Work Study Awards:

Link only works for students with jobs. To see if a student has received an award prior to hiring, use Work Study Dept Authorizations.

Work Study Dept Authorizations:

Can be used to see if a student has been offered an award.

federal work study dept authorizations
Federal Work Study Dept Authorizations

Financial Aid Yea 2012-2013


Juana Doe - 123456798


Office Work





August 1, 2013

navigate through the portal
Navigate Through the Portal
  • Portal entry through Human Resources/Manager pagelet (Recommended)
  • NEW 2010! All Work Study Financial Aid pages have been added.
student job codes available in the student employment module
Student Job Codes Available in the Student Employment Module
  • NOTE: All paid hourly
  • Job codes not covered by bargaining
    • 1870 – Student Assistant
    • 1871 – Work Study – On Campus
    • 1872 – Work Study – Off Campus
    • 1868 – Student, Non Resident Alien Tax Status
    • 1874 – Taxable Student Assistant (Bridge Student Assistant)
      • Will continue to use this Job Code if student is not ½ time in summer
  • Job codes covered by bargaining (Unit 11)
    • 1150 – Instructional Student Assistant
    • 1152 – Instructional Student Assistant – Off Campus
    • 1151 – Instructional Student Assistant OCWS (On Campus Work Study)
    • 1153 – Instructional Student Assistant OCWS (Off-Campus Work Study)
student summer employment
Student Summer Employment
  • What is this about?
    • Student Assistants and Instructional Student Assistants working Summer
    • Teaching Associates and Graduate Assistants working Summer
    • All Student Employees must be enrolled at ½ time or more to be

“Tax Exempt”

  • Why are we doing this?
    • To comply with IRS regulations
  • Who will manage the process this summer?
    • The Office of Human Resources will provide :
      • Training and guides
      • Forms to collect the necessary information from students
      • Departments may enter their student transactions
  • When are the training sessions?
    • April 29th from 10:00 - 11:30 in OV Presentation Room (AP Summer Workshop)
    • May 1st from 10:00 – 11:00 in the OV Presentation Room
    • Open Labs in BH- 535 on May 6th 9:30 to 10:30 and May 8th 2:30 to 3:30
hiring information
Hiring Information

Required information for all job codes and transactions:

  • Effective Date
  • Action/Reason
  • Position
  • Hourly Rate

Required information for 1868, 1874*, 1150, 1151, 1152, 1153

  • Expected end date

* Usually used in Summer

Required information for Work-Study 1871, 1872, 1151,1153

  • Work-study item type

For current aid year # = 805070000000

complete hire with work study award item type
Complete Hire with Work-Study Award Item Type
  • Complete the Hire with Effective Date, Action/Reason, Position #, Hourly Rate and Item Type
  • Work Study Item Type is required for a work study student. Once a work study position is selected, the Work Study Item Type populates automatically – IF – the job is new to the student.
  • Work Study Item Type is required for the students being Rehired and additional steps are needed.

Correct Effective date should

be 08/01/2010 or greater - the date the

Student started working for Fall

Click the Select button to

view award information.

work study award item type
Work Study Award Item Type
  • The Work Item Type page displays the Aid Year and Offer Amount. Once
  • you are in this page, click on the Select button, then the OK button, then the
  • RETURN button to return to the previous page.
  • Be sure the Work Study Item Type = 805070000000 is populated.
  • For additional information on the work study award, review the Work Study
  • Authorization panel.
re appointments and effective dates
Re-Appointments and Effective Dates

When is a re–appointment needed?

  • Only students with required Expected End Dates need new appointments to continue
    • 1868 – Student, Non Resident Alien Tax Status
    • 1874 – Taxable Student Assistant (Normally Summer)
    • 1150 – Instructional Student Assistant
    • 1151 – Instructional Student Assistant OCWS (On Campus Work Study)
    • 1153 – Instructional Student Assistant OFCWS (Off Campus Work-Study)
  • There cannot be a gap between the end of the previous appointment and the beginning of the new one. The action/reason is DTA/APT.
  • Example of a student working a Fall semester, taking a holiday break, and coming back to work the following Spring:
    • Originally Appointed from 08/24/11 to 12/23/11
    • Last day of work is 12/23/11
    • Starts work in Spring on 01/19/2012
      • Terminate effective 12/24/11 (day after LDW) and Rehire 01/19/12
    • Alternative:
      • Appoint from first day worked in Aug thru day before Spring starts, then re-appoint (DTA/APT) the first day of the spring semester
        • Eg: 08/24/11 – 01/18/12 and 01/19/12 – 05/30/12

When the student is no longer working –

All students may be terminated in the module by the user if they are no longer working. Instructional Student Assistants (1150) and Non-Resident Alien (1868) must be terminated by the Department User.

  • Effective Date
    • Can be earlier than the original Expected End Date
    • Should be the day after last day the student worked
    • Final hours worked should be posted on the date the student last worked, not the end of the month
    • Cannot be later than the last hours entered
  • Termination of FWS Student Employees
    • Students should be terminated if no longer working
    • Notify FWSO by email (preferred method) if termination of an FWS student is not a courteous termination.
  • Mass Terminations
    • Work Study Students are all automatically terminated on May 16th if they are active
    • Student Assistants (1870) are terminated regularly if no pay has issued for them in the last 2 months. Best practice is to have only one job active at a time.


federal work study payroll
Federal Work-Study Payroll
  • SOLAR Issues!!!
  • Time Sheets
  • Time Entry Errors
  • Federal Work-Study student employees’ must be paid out the FWS (40901……..) account
  • Student Funding Strip Errors – The department contacts HR. Errors must be corrected by completing the Journal Entry Request Form. Form is available at
  • Attach a copy of the students pay from the Peas Report.
  • Payroll Adjustments – Must be sent to the Federal Work-Study Office first


Financial Aid & Scholarship



Make sure to enter the student FWS award balance once you have deducted the pay on this form.

Arthur Doe


department student federal w ork s tudy budget balance
Department/StudentFederal Work-StudyBudget Balance

Departments should know at all times what their approved budget is ( Section E).

    • Departments are expected to keep track of their FWS payroll expenditures and budget balances. (See next two slides Work-Study Budget Report)
    • There should never be any surprises!
    • The Federal Work-Study Office does not anticipate being able to approve any department budget increases for the 2013/2014 academic year.

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to monitor:

  • Student award balance
  • Coordinate student hours and award available balance with other supervisors
  • Monitor student attendance
new work study budget report
New -Work-Study Budget Report



Select Server Name – PSUNX for Excel) then click ‘OK’

First time running the report you must

click Add a New Value



Enter Report Name

  • Click “Run”
  • Click “Save”
  • Then click on “Process Monitor”

Click ‘Add a New Value’

new work study budget report1
New -Work-Study Budget Report




You will know it’s running because it is assigned a

‘Process Instance #’


Once the ‘Instance’ has Success under ‘Run Status’ and under ‘Distribution Status’ shows Posted click on ‘Details’

work study budget report cont
Work-Study Budget Report Cont-



  • Select SCV to download to Excel format.

Report Results:

Enter your department approved budget

To calculate your department balance.

federal w ork s tudy budget worksheet
Federal Work-StudyBudget Worksheet


Last Name, First























monitoring view page
Monitoring View Page


Juana Doe

merit increases student evaluations more
Merit Increases, Student Evaluations & More
  • Every 6 Months
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Student Employee Job Data Change Form no longer required by WSO
  • Enter New Pay Rate Amount in HR page
  • Employee Job Data Change Form to FWSO.
  • Job Description for New Job May be needed
  • FWSO Updates Online FWSA & Notifies Dept.
  • Department updates Student New Pay Rate Student hire record in SOLAR
  • Second Job within same Department

Any Questions?

Contact Josefina Carbajal at ext. 3875


Send email to