financial proposal china construction bank n.
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Financial Proposal — China Construction Bank PowerPoint Presentation
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Financial Proposal — China Construction Bank

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Financial Proposal — China Construction Bank - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Proposal — China Construction Bank. China kunshan. 2007.06. Topics. 1 、 Bank information 2 、 Our business 3 、 The service project for company 4 、 Some of our clients. Bank Information.

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Financial Proposal — China Construction Bank

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    1. Financial Proposal—China Construction Bank China kunshan 2007.06

    2. Topics 1、Bank information 2、Our business 3、The service project for company 4、Some of our clients

    3. Bank Information • As one of four major state-owned banks, China Construction Bank (it abbreviates CCB below) established in 1954. CCB’s H shares began trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 27 October 2005 (Stock Code: 939). And CCB is the first state-owned commercial bank which has succeeded in the launch of IPO in the oversea market. Till the end of June 30,2006,we had RMB 5166.24 billion assets in total,in which, loans in total was RMB 2815 billion and deposits in total was RMB 4491 billion.

    4. Awards of 2006 • annual best dealer, annual best equity dealer, annual best initial opening publisher and several international big awards in 2006 —Asia financial • best domestic bank in china,best dealer,best initial opening publisher,best equity and best publisher in Asia region in 2006 —financial info • annual best bank in china , ranked 11th among the world’s top 1,000 bank —banker • equity deal of the year 2006 —international financial comment • 65th position in the world’s biggest public companies F —Forbes

    5. Overseas branch:HONGKONG branch、Tokyo branch、Singapore branch 、Frankfurt branch ,Johannesburg、 London 、Seoul 、New York representativeStrategic cooperative bank:Bank of America with 8.52% of total shares and Asia Financial Holdings pte. Ltd with 5.88% of total shares are our strategic investors. We have cooperated with Bank of America in the GTS operation. We are headquartered in Beijing and have an extensive network of 14250 branch outlets allover the country

    6. Ourbusiness Our business consists of three principal business segments: 1、Corporate banking,including corporate loans,trade financing,deposit taking,agency services,consulting and advisory service,cash management,remittance and settlement, 2、Personal banking,including personal loans,deposit taking,bank cards,personal wealth management,remittance and securities agency services; 3、Treasury operations,which manage our money market activities.

    7. The service project for your company 1、Capital Service 2、Settlement 3、Foreign Exchange 4、Personal Financial Services

    8. 1 、Capital Service:We would like to give your company a general credit facility bases on your demand, and you are entitled to freely select RMB or USD, even any other currency to be loaned, or the issue of LC and LG, etc.Especially,we are experienced in fixed asset loans. 2 、Settlement: The SWIFT system is available in our international settlement, which can ensure the safety and fastness of international transfers. In the same time, our domestic nationwide T/T remittance network that links almost all major cities and towns enables your company to effect the collections and payments of all funds. Remittances can arrive on real time.

    9. 3 、Foreign Exchange:We can provide spot foreign exchange business as follows: spot FOREX, forward FOREX, FOREX transactions, etc. 4 、Personal Financial Services:Assist your company in transferring your employees' salaries from your company's account to the employees' individual saving accounts as long as your payroll is offered to our bank to reduce the scruples of your company as well your employees; Issue RMB credit card and debit card to your employees; Extend loans in terms of durable products; Extend individual housing loan, decoration loan, autos loan .

    10. Some clients of CCB

    11. Thanks!