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GSA Expo 2009

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GSA Expo 2009. Managing Services, What I Need to Know as a COTR. Leslie S. Deneault Defense Acquisition University. Other Agency Logo . Objectives. What Every COTR Should Know Common Errors Very Bad Ethical Mistakes Managing Services Contracts

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GSA Expo 2009

Managing Services, What I Need to Know as a COTR

Leslie S. Deneault

Defense Acquisition University

Other Agency Logo

  • What Every COTR Should Know
  • Common Errors
  • Very Bad Ethical Mistakes
  • Managing Services Contracts
  • How DOD is Going to Do Certification and How that will Probably Effect You
  • Resources
what is a cor
What is a COR?

The COR’s key role is to:

- observe

- document and

- communicate

contractor performance to the contracting officer (KO) and contractor

what is a cor1
What is a COR?
  • A Government employee
  • A technical expert
  • Qualified by training
  • Specifically designated in writing
  • Responsible for specific contract administration functions
cor duties
COR Duties
  • Know the contract
  • Work with your contractors
  • Provide technical direction and guidance
  • Liaison on technical matters between the KO and the contractor
  • Support the mission and recommend changes to the KO
  • Monitor and evaluate performance
  • Ensure satisfactory, timely, delivery within the financial constraints of the contract
cor no no s
COR No No’s
  • Promise or authorize more work
  • Get involved with subcontractors
  • Modify the contract
  • Disclose source selection information
  • Divulge budget information
  • Grant deviations or waivers of contract terms and conditions
the standard
The Standard

Avoid even the appearance of anything less than

complete integrity, objectivity, and impartiality

Legislation and policies can’t force ethical behavior

unethical behavior early warning signs
Unethical Behavior Early Warning Signs
  • “Everybody does it.”
  • “Well, maybe just this once…”
  • “No one will get hurt.”
  • “No one will notice the difference.”
  • “I don’t care how, just get it done.”
  • “We didn’t have this conversation.”
ethical dilemmas
Ethical Dilemmas
  • Your position as a COR places special trust in and responsibility upon you
  • A few examples where your ethical behavior will be paramount include:
    • Bribes or gratuities offered in exchange for contract awards
    • Collusion among the vendor base
    • Supported organizations attempting to exert undue influence over contract awards
recent events
Recent Events
  • AF SSgt accepted $15,000 bribe in exchange for awarding a $373K contract for a cold-storage warehouse
    • Sentenced to 3 months Confinement, fined $500/month for 35 months, Reduced to E1
  • Army Officer Indicted for Bribery – alleged to have received $9.6 million in bribes while a contracting officer in Kuwait
    • Trial pending
  • Army Officer shot and killed herself in Baghdad …suicide occurred a day after she admitted to an Army investigator that she had accepted at least $225,000 in bribes
    • Estate’s assets frozen by federal investigators

If you act unethically…you will get caught and pay the price

what about the 7 steps for pbsa
What about the 7 Steps for PBSA?

The Official Guidebook

of PBA for Services

establish an integrated solutions team
Establish an Integrated Solutions Team
  • Create an Integrated Project Team! The IPT should have your technical expert, stakeholders, financial person, and acquisition. Be sure to include contracting so that you start off on the right strategy and discuss the requirement.

The COTR is frequently the technical expert. You want

to be involved in early in the process as possible. COTRS can do a lot more than monitor.



  • Interview all internal and external parties to determine the needs, desired outcome, potential solutions, obstacles. Get Buy IN!
  • Take notes during the meeting, send them out to everybody. Documentation takes time, but eliminates complaints and issues that may arise.
  • Try very hard to just think about your needs
  • not what was done with the last contract
conduct market research
Conduct Market Research
  • Contractual
    • Research existing contract vehicles to see if they can be used to meet your needs
      • There are tons of GWACs, MACs, and GSA Schedules out there. Generally, if you look hard enough or ask enough people, you can find somebody else has already done all of the work for you.
    • If not, then do a source selection. Sole Source is the last choice.
  • Technical
    • Research to find out possible solutions and involve your team members in market research
    • Research the public-sector to see what has worked for your counter-parts in other agencies
    • Research your industry before structuring the acquisition


talking to industry
Talking to Industry
  • What if you don’t know what you want?
    • Industry Day: Provided information to primes and subs. Usually a one-way briefing. Give as much historical information as possible
    • One on One: The Government releases a draft description of the requirement and opens up the doors to interested parties, helping each side clarify the requirement
    • Site Surveys: See where the work is going to be performed. If we are providing GFP, let them see it.
  • Both will increase the quality of your RFP and the contractor proposal and price because competition should increase and industry understands your requirement.
requirements definition developing the pws
Requirements Definition - Developing the PWS
  • Conduct an analysis.
  • Capture the results of the analysis in a matrix.
  • Write the PWS.
  • Let the contractor solve the problem.
decide how to measure and manage performance
Decide how to measure and manage performance
  • Think about the outcomes rather than the processes
  • Use the contractors internal quality systems
    • When selecting the contractor give value to their quality system and past performance
  • Only measure things that are meaningful, not things because you can
how it fits into the sourcing process
How it Fits Into the Sourcing Process






  • Requirements Roadmap development fits in the Sourcing Process as a key tool to help drive requirements definition

Requirements Roadmap











Step 1

Step 2

Step 3












Step 4

Step 5

Step 7

Step 6

requirements roadmap for a bos acquisition
Requirements Roadmap for a BOS Acquisition






How Often










Engineering and construction services that support the requirements of the overall base and tenant organizations

Maintain and retrieve base infrastructure drawings and documentation

Hours of Service support

7am – 6pm

Routine drawings retrieved within 8 business hours

Priority – within 15 minutes

Correct document provided

98% within target

98% within target, 100% within 4 business hours

99% of the time

Zero Tolerance for incorrect retrieval resulting in a loss of service (e.g., cut lines)





Request response log; Request submittal time and request delivered time

Request response log; Request submittal time and request delivered time

Request log

Request log

Number of drawings retrieved on time/ Total number of drawings requests

Number of drawings retrieved on time/ Total number or drawings requests

Number of correct document provided /Total number of documents








$100,000 disincentive per incident plus cost of repairs

Vision: To effectively and efficiently outsource Base Operating Services that deliver…


Sourcing Strategy – Source Selection Process

Preparation and Planning Phase

Initial Evaluation Phase

Award Without Discussions

Competitive Range Determination

Discussions Phase

Final Evaluations Phase

Decision Phase

understanding the selection process
Understanding the Selection Process

Select the Best Contractor

  • Significant Evaluation Criteria
    • Understand the risks in the work
    • Understand the marketplace
    • This is the job of a team of people
    • Should match the Roadmap
execute the strategy
Execute the Strategy
    • Understand what the winning contractor proposed to do
  • Understand
    • Contract Type
    • What you will be monitoring
    • Contractor’s Quality Assurance Plan
    • COR’s Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan
    • Incentives
manage performance
Manage Performance
  • Conduct a post-award kick-off meeting with the acquisition team
  • Ensure all parties including the Program Manager understands contract administration roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure a COR/COTR is assigned to the contract
  • Conduct performance assessments and performance evaluations as planned and required
  • Manage the contract to obtain results!
cotr cor certification
COTR/COR Certification
  • DOD is doing some things to improve monitoring of contractor performance
    • All services contracts must have COR.
    • All COR’s must be trained.
    • Management review process and acquisition planning for services
dod is writing cor policy
DOD is writing COR Policy
  • Policy from above and outside of acquisition
  • All services contracts must have a COR
  • COR trained and ready prior to contract award
  • COR performance part of performance appraisal
    • New DFAR’s and PGI specify COR responsibility (201.602-2)
  • Expect new policy to provide a certification program
dod policy and that will probably effect you
DOD Policy and $ that will probably effect you

-DOD COR Competencies will Match OFPP COR Competencies

-DAU received $1.4M to build an on-line ~ 40 hr course. Available in July 2010

- Policy will require all commercial providers to become equivalent to the DAU course. That’s means all courses must match the DOD and OFPP Competencies.

dod cor course
DOD COR Course

T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s

Tab 1

Course Introduction

Tab 1

Lesson 1

What is a COR?

Tab 2

Lesson 2

What Do I Need to Know About Ethics And Integrity?

Tab 3

Lesson 3

How Do I Contribute to Planning the Acquisition?

Tab 4

Lesson 4

How Am I Involved in Awarding the Contract?

Tab 5

Lesson 5

What is My Role in Managing the Contract?

Tab 6

Lesson 6

What If I Need to Modify the Contract?

Tab 7

Lesson 7

What If the Contract is Changed by Mistake?

Tab 8

Lesson 8

What Can I Say and What Should I Document?

Tab 9

Lesson 9

How Do I Monitor Performance?

Tab 10

Lesson 10

How Do I Handle Issues with a Contractor?

Tab 11

Lesson 11

Are There Special Considerations for Service Contracts?

Tab 12

Lesson 12

Are There Special Considerations for Construction Contracts?

Tab 13

Lesson 13

Are There Special Considerations for R&D Contracts?

Tab 14

Lesson 14

Are There Special Considerations for Contingency Contracts?

Tab 15

Lesson 15

Lessons Learned and Learning Assets

Tab A

Ethics and Procurement Integrity Guide

Tab B

Working with Government Contractors

Tab C


dau and fai resources
DAU and FAI Resources
  • On-Line, Free, 24/7, Self-Paced, Continuous Learning Modules: or
    • CLC 106 COR with a Mission Focus
    • CLC 013 Performance Based Services Acquisition
    • CLM 013 Work Breakdown Structure
    • CLE 003 Technical Reviews
    • CLC 004 Market Research
    • CLM 012 Scheduling
    • CLC 007 Contract Source Selection
    • CLB 018 Earned Value and Financial Mgt Reports
    • Plus many more…..
  • COR Community of Practice: https://acc.dau.cor
    • Connects you with training, policy, samples, community forum