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C. J. Baldwin

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C. J. Baldwin

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C. J. Baldwin

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  1. C. J. Baldwin Accelerating Performance of Virtual Environments through Hybrid Storage

  2. What is Hybrid Storage? • Fundamentally different architecture designed from the ground up for Multi-Core CPU’s, SSD, & Multi-TB Drives • Enables vast scalability (vs all SSD arrays and legacy) • Enables dramatic reduction in cost and complexity

  3. Foundations for Innovative Technology Proven Technical Leadership • Suresh Vasudevan, CEOFormer head of engineering and product management at NetApp • Varun Mehta, VP of Engineering and Co-founderFormer VP of engineering at Data Domain and NetApp employee #11 • Umesh Maheshwari, Ph.D MIT CTO and Co-founderFormer technical director at Data Domain, deduplication and clustering Strong Financial Backing • Headquartered in San Jose, CA • Raised $98M from leading VC’s Record-Setting Early Sales Momentum • Over 2,500 customers and over 3500+ installations • Revenue ramp faster than any other data storage company

  4. Slow HDDs – A Key Constraint! Traditional storage systems could not overcome the key constraint of slow HDDs

  5. Flash: The Biggest Disruption In 10+ years! SSDs close the random IO gap!

  6. Flash-Only Is Not the Solution Disk Component Flash 30-100x 30-100x Random IOPS / $ 1x 3x 3x 20x 20x Sequential IO / $ 1x Mature Mature Capacity / $ 1x Early Reliability experience Mature Hybrid systems marry flash and disk to deliver the best of both

  7. Storage Architectures–The Engine Powering Storage - Add flash to traditional arrays? Today’s Storage Architectures • Architected to use disk only; overlaying flash on top results in partial solution Purpose-built, Performance Hybrid • Designed from the ground up to leverage the best of flash and disk • Eliminates compromise between performance, capacity, and data management

  8. What about All-Flash Arrays? • Fast (100K+) IOPs but VERY expensive ($100K+ for 5 TB) • Inefficient • RAID Overhead hurts useable capacity • Parity overhead hurts lifespan (Parity written for every write) • Doesn’t scale well. You will eventually run out of capacity. • Vendor response is usually use-case specific. How many silo’s of storage do you want to manage? • Designed for Niche Uses – high frequency trading or real-time analytics • Do you really need that level of performance?

  9. Transformation in Storage Models with Flash LEGACY MODERN Flash in Server All-Flash Arrays Monolithic Real-TimeAnalytics Mainstream Applications Hybrid Flash-Optimized OLTP SQL Server Exchange VDI SharePoint Web/File/Print Modular NEED FOR FLASH Archives Tape, High-Capacity Disk Cloud Efficient hybrid systems that can flexibly vary flash and disk address all mainstream needs.

  10. An Industry In Transition LEGACY MODERN Real-TimeAnalytics Flash in Server Flash-Only Arrays Monolithic (e.g., VMAX) Mainstream Applications • Modular • Dell Equallogic/Compellent • EMC VNX • NetApp FAS • HP 3PAR Flash-Optimized Hybrid OLTP SQL Server Exchange VDI SharePoint Web/File/Print High-capacity disk Cloud Tape Archives

  11. 18,000 IOPs = 100 15K SAS Drives at 180 IOPs - How does Hybrid Compare? VS Hybrid 12 SAS/ 4 SSD

  12. 40,000 IOPs = 222 15K SAS Drives at 180 IOPs. How does Hybrid Compare? VS Hybrid Array 12 SAS/4 SSD

  13. Hybrid Systems allow you to do this… Legacy Architecture Hybrid Architecture • 2x racks for storage • ( VNX7500 ) • 6U of rack space for storage Nimble Storage CS460-X2

  14. VDI Demands High-Performance Storage VDI Storage Requirements for 200 Desktops Boot Storm AV Scansand Patches Workday 9:00 AM 6:00 PM 10:00 PM Time Traditional Storage Requires 60 Drives Hybrid Storage Requires 12 Drives

  15. Basic Architecture of Hybrid Storage • New file system - CASL (Cache-Accelerated Sequential Layout) • - Multi-Core CPU’s • - Flash • - Multi-TB SATA drives • - Variable Block • We Read & Write Fundamentally Different • The hard drive is no longer the bottleneck • Integrate SSD as read-ahead cache v tiering • 4) Compresses all your data in-line 2-4x • 5) Thinnest snapshots ever • - True Redirect on Write • - Most efficient replication • 6) File system never slows down • - Write in sequential stripes “No hole filling”

  16. Can 12 Disks Keep up with All – Flash arrays?Yes! Convert 2-4000 IOPS into 11! Data Comes into NVRAM Application acknowledgement Data Moves to 12G of DRAM CRC check sums ensures application integrity Data is LZ compressed 2-4X Buffer data in ‘containers’ to stripe sequentially Random data buffered and sequentially written to SSD Then CASL Writes Sequential Stripes to SSD & SATA Based on data characteristics Ensures no white space SSD’s are 100% cache for Reads Constant light-weight sweeping ensures constant sequential stripes 4K 8K 32K 16K 4K Active Controller Passive Controller 1G NVRAM 1G NVRAM 12/24G DRAM 12/24G DRAM All Data Hot / Active Data Adaptive Flash Cache RAID 6+1 Snapshots 30+ days (12) SAS 1/2/3TB (4) MLC SSD’s 160/300/600 Sweeping

  17. Flash-Enabled Architecture Accelerate Protect Empower Inline Compression NIMBLE ARRAY • Universal Compression: • Variable-size blocks enable fast inline compression, saving 30-75% • Elimination of read-modify-write penalty allows compression of all applications DRAM NVRAM NVRAM

  18. Flash-Enabled Architecture Accelerate Protect Empower Inline Compression NIMBLE ARRAY • Write Optimized Layout: • Random writes always organized into large sequential stripes • Use of low-cost, high-density HDDs coupled with compression lowers costs substantially DRAM NVRAM NVRAM All Data High-Capacity Disk Storage

  19. Flash-Enabled Architecture Accelerate Protect Empower Inline Compression NIMBLE ARRAY • Smart Caching: • MLC flash: Converting random writes to sequential writes minimizes “write amplification”, allowing the use of MLC SSDs • No RAID overhead: Using flash as a read cache avoids the overhead of RAID protection • Compression: Data on flash is compressed, saving space • Metadata in cache accelerates all reads DRAM NVRAM NVRAM Cache-worthyData All Data Large Adaptive Flash Cache High-Capacity Disk Storage

  20. Snapshots - Redirect on Write Unlike traditional (COW) snapshots, Nimble snapshots have no performance impact Nimble snapshots consume the least space due to fine snapshot granularity (& compression) Relative Performance Nimble Snapshot granularity: Traditional array Snapshot granularity: Nimble Traditional Array Individual (variable) blocks Large pages/extents Time • Retain thousandsof snapshots for frequent recovery points • Industry leading snapshot space efficiency

  21. Industry Leading Snapshot Efficiency = High Performance Replication • Production Exchange 2010 deployment • 20GB Exchange Infostor • Used DAG to mirror database to Equallogic and Nimble CS-Series • Captured daily snapshots on both systems for ten days • Equallogic used 30x more space than Nimble for the same ten snapshots

  22. What does Hybrid Storage Enable? • Buy the smallest brick you need today • Scale-to-Fit • Add exactly what you need, when you need it • Simply • Non-disruptively • Cost-effectively

  23. Scale-to-Fit: Cache, Compute, Capacity, Nodes SCALE CACHE, COMPUTE Flexible. Non-disruptive. Cost-effective. SCALE OUT + FLASH AND CPU PERFORMANCE + NODES CAPACITY SCALE CAPACITY + DISK

  24. Nimble Scaling for Mainstream Applications ` Real-time Analytics VDI Oracle SCALE OUT SQL Server Mainstream Applications Exchange SharePoint Backup, DR Archival, Cheap and Deep PERFORMANCE CAPACITY

  25. Hybrid Storage is Optimized for Virtual Environments! Performance andCapacity Efficiency Better DR and Backups Pain-FreeOperations vStorage APIs for Array Integration Big performance and density gains • Consolidate performance hungry apps • Dramatically increase VM density Huge storage savings • 2–4x compression • Zero copy clones saves up to 95% in space • Thin snapshots require 50x–100x less space than full copies Native stack integrations • vStorage APIs enable rapid provisioning • Instant clones from gold images available through vCenter plug-ins VMware vSphere Nimble vCenter Plug-ins API

  26. Nimble with Cisco • Enhanced Cisco UCS SupportNimbleis Cisco CDN partner • Nimble arrays are UCS certified “Smart Stack” • Collaboration around VDI solutions • “Boot-from-SAN” now officially supported in 1.4 • Supported UCS version: UCS Manager v2.0(3) • Cisco UCS firmware version 2.02r – full version string is 5.0(3)N2(2.02r) • Supported OS’s: VMware esx4.1u1, ESX5.0u1, Windows 2008 R2, RHEL6.2, SUSE 11 Update 1 Cisco Unified Computing System

  27. Proactive Wellness – InfoSight Accelerate Protect Empower All Customer Sites Customer Site Comprehensive Telemetry Data Nimble Support 5-minute heartbeats Real-time analysis of over 150,000 heartbeats per day

  28. Infosight Engine: Leveraging Powerful Data Sciences Accelerate Protect Empower • The InfoSight Engine is built upon: • Systems modeling • Predictive algorithms • Data analytics • Collects and analyzes >30M sensors per array per day Transforming big data into insights and actionable information

  29. InfoSight Engine Provides Rich Analytics Data Analysis 010 1101010101010 1101010101 01011010010110011 Pattern Matching System Modeling Trending & Prediction

  30. Proactive Wellness - InfoSight Accelerate Protect Empower All Customer Sites Customer Site Nimble Support 5-minute heartbeats Proactive wellness, Automated case creation Connectivity and health checks before software upgrades Opportunities to free up space MPIO MisconfigurationWarnings Replication conformanceto RPO Alerts for unprotected volumes

  31. Simplify and Go Beyond PERCENT OF SUPPORT CASES AUTOMATICALLY DETECTED Accelerate Protect Empower Easy to Maintain Easy to Upgrade Easy to Purchase PERCENT OF SYSTEMS UPGRADED WITHOUT DOWNTIME NUMBER OF LINE ITEMS PER QUOTE 99.9% 3PAGES 90% Actual results across all Nimble customers Actual results across all Nimble customers “Just ran the firmware update. It could not have possibly gone smoother. One click to download, one click to update. Watched a live VM during the 8-minute process which never disconnected.”–Kenneth Libeson, Meritage Group “This isn't hard enough! I need thick manuals, on-site field engineers, a complicated support web site, a-la-carte licensing charges, complicated spreadsheets to document configurations, maybe even a storage specialist! Something is very wrong here." –Russell Roberts, Premier Medical Group “It was really refreshing to see Nimble’s quote was one line item on my purchase order.  It just all came bundled in there.   All the things I needed and then some.” –MariyahEpichSerratos, City of Cupertino 2 Line Items