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American Literature Week 1 Quarter 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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American Literature Week 1 Quarter 2

American Literature Week 1 Quarter 2

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American Literature Week 1 Quarter 2

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  1. American Literature Week 1 Quarter 2 American Romance

  2. Am Lit Do Now 10-28-13 When you think of “Romance” what comes to mind? Respond in full sentences on a sheet of loose leaf paper dated for today with the title “DO NOW” written on it.

  3. Success Today Means You can skim informational texts for main ideas You can outline an informational text, by using headers/subheaders. You can verbalize some of the characteristics of American Romantics (both Transcendental and DARK) You understand how “Binder Work” operates.

  4. Binder Work Binder work= work that is added to the binder to be used as study material for quizzes. Counts toward Binder Check points (which have doubled this quarter) Binder work today: 1. Create a new tab “Romanticism” or abv. if necessary 2.Finish outline, taking notes over pg. 308-09; 311-313 3. Notes over Washington Irving pg. 318 (3 interesting facts) 4. Define “Satire” pg. 319

  5. Look at pages 304-313. These pages are set up with outlining in mind. Your goal right now is to skim through these pages to look for headers and subheaders. Then answer these questions: 1. What is the title for this “informational text”? 2. How many headers does this text have? How has the author made is visually easier to identify the main headers? 3. How many subheaders are there in total? Now to apply: Using just the first main header and its subheaders. Show me what you think it means “to outline” No wrong answers here just try. Don’t take any notes-at least yet.

  6. Monday Oct 28th HW Finish any Binder work remaining Devil and Tom Walker Vocab

  7. Am Lit DO NOW 10-29-13 1. On a sheet of loose leaf, respond: What would make you be willing to sell your soul to the devil? Would it ever be worth it? Why/Why not? 2.Take a vocab practice sheet from front. Complete the FILL IN THE BLANK section ONLY (first half). Do not use your hw worksheet. See how many words you remember. This is your first mental quiz- eventually you will take a real quiz.

  8. Success Today Means 10-29-13 You can define “satire” and see examples of its exaggeration in “The Devil and Tom Walker” by at least partially completely your graphic organizers for imagery and satire. HW: Finish reading through page 325. Fill in G.O.s for imagery (3 examples) and satire (2 examples)

  9. The Devil and tom walker Washington Irving

  10. A Tall Tale “The Devil and Tom Walker is a tall tale, a type of folklore associated with the American frontier. Tall tales are humorous stories that contain exaggerations and invention. Typically, their heroes are bold but foolish characters who may have superhuman abilities or who act as if they do. Tall tales are not intended to be believable; their exaggerations are used for comic effect. When Irving writes that Tom “had lived so long with a termagant wife that he did not even fear the devil,” he stretched the truth to gain a laugh.

  11. About the Story "The Devil and Tom Walker" is a short story by Washington Irving that first appeared in his 1824 collection of stories titled Tales of a Traveller. The story is about a man, Tom Walker, who sells his soul to the Devil in order to obtain wealth. He later regrets this decision when he has to suffer the consequences.

  12. Allusions of note. Captain William Kidd (c.1645 – 1701). In 1695 the king of England commissioned Captain William Kidd to arrest all pirates in the eastern seas. When Kidd arrived at the Comoro Islands, however, he joined the pirates instead of hunting them down.

  13. The current Financial Crisis comes at the heels of a financial boom. Massive speculation in the real estate market was part of the problem, along with credit swaps and other crafty ways wall street traders found to make money. A Reflection of the Times “In a word, the great speculating fever which breaks out every now and then in the country, had raged to an alarming degree, and every body was dreaming of making sudden fortunes from nothing. As usual the fever had subsided; the dream had gone off, and the imaginary fortunes with it; the patients were left in doleful plight, and the whole country resounded with the consequent cry of “hard times.”

  14. Am Lit DO NOW 10-30-13 What was one example of satire and imagery from our reading yesterday? Then complete part B of the vocab practice worksheet (the matching section)

  15. Success today means 10-30-13 We finished reading the story. You can define satire and give multiple examples from the story. HW: Finish reading if necessary, complete the reading check questions 1-5 (worksheet)

  16. Success today means You can work well enough with a group to get all the information you will need for the quiz tomorrow and the big test coming up You have added information to your G.O.s You have the vocab memorized.

  17. Am Lit DO NOW 10-31-13 In 4-6 sentences, summarize the end of the story from where we left off: Tom had just agreed to the devil’s terms.

  18. Success Today Means You can identify examples of satire and explain their meaning (from the story) You can explain how the author uses imagery to build characterization and mood

  19. Terms You Might Not Remember Characterization: the way the author develops characters. Directly: using adjective to directly describe the character Indirectly: “showing” the character’s personality S.T.E.A.L. : Speech, Thoughts, Effects toward others, Looks Mood: how the reader is suppose to feel using created through the setting and other descriptions

  20. Am Lit DO NOW 11-1-13 • Turn in written response Do Nows from Week 1 ( do not turn in any worksheets) • Clear your desk except for scantron, pencil. • TWO PART QUIZ: • Part One: the multiple choice section. When finished turn in quiz, scantron to baskets in front. • PART TWO: • Then using your notes and graphic organizations write a paragraph response for each question: • How does Irving use imagery to develop characters and mood? Use text evidence to back up any claim you make. • What does Irving satirize in his story? Name at least two “things” that Irving satirizes and give text examples to support your claims.

  21. Response Paragraph Hints Respond to the prompt in your topic sentence: “Irving uses imagery to develop the character ______ as a _____ person and to create a ______ mood” Then use specific evidence: “For example, Irving states ‘______’ which makes Tom look ______. “Tom is also described as________.” (Use as many sentences as you have evidence). Then have some evidence for mood like: “Irving creates a ________ mood when he describes _____ as _______” Use transitions and have a concluding sentence for each paragraph.

  22. Friday After Quiz: HW if not finished Binder Work: 3 interesting facts about Nathaniel Hawthorne pg. 468 Define “symbol” “plot” pg. 469 Define the 8 vocab words on pg. 469. Skim through story to find definitions.

  23. What would you do if you were told where buried treasure was? Would you hunt for it? Would you keep it secret? Would you share your gains? Literary Criticism According to the critic Eugene Current-Garcia, “The Devil and Tom Walker” achieves stark imagery that transforms such commonplace American activities as money lending, timber cutting, and treasure hunting. . . Into grotesque emblems of spiritual deprivation, emotional sterility, hypocrisy and lovelessness.” Do you agree? Pair Share with the person next to you.

  24. The Cost of Borrowing: What kind of living would Tom Walker earn today as a moneylender? Hypothesize based upon a home estimated at $300,000.00. You need a $100,000.00 loan, at 6.0% interest over the course of 30 years. Factor in property tax at 1.5%. You would pay : Monthly Payment of $599.55 $115,838.19 towards interest First payment: $500.00 goes toward interest, $99.55 towards the loan. Toms New Business Dealings What business does Tom go into? What makes this possible, and what makes this such a good time to go into business?