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How to prepare for your first belly dancing class PowerPoint Presentation
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How to prepare for your first belly dancing class

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How to prepare for your first belly dancing class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dancer\'s Gallery is one of the leading dance studio in Cooper City. \nLearn this Middle Eastern folk dance with Dancer’s Gallery. The best Belly Dance Classes in Cooper City and Davie. For more information, please visit -

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it can be intimidating exhilarating and nerve

It can be intimidating, exhilarating and nerve-racking to attend your first belly dance class. You may have dreamt of it for months, even years. However, don’t be surprised if you are nervous before your very first belly dancing class. Follow these tips to help you sail smoothly through that first belly dancing session!

if you go in with fixed notions you re setting

If you go in with fixed notions, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Belly Dancing is not like spin, zumba or any other easy-to-learn dance form where it is possible to learn the moves quickly. Try to enjoy the process and don’t expect to be a pro coming out of that first class. If you go with the flow, smile, laugh and enjoy the music, you will feel great and love every minute of it! Instead of focusing on the frustration or feeling self-conscious or flustered because you can’t master a move, go in with concentration, willingness to learn, and try to have fun - and you will automatically start dancing better already!

while it doesn t matter what you wear as long

While it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you are comfortable. For my first belly dancing session, I remember wearing yoga pants, a tank top and my first hip scarf. Choose clothing that gets you in the mood for dance class, and most importantly, makes you feel confident! If allowed, you can also get some nice jewellery to match your outfit and help you feel confident. Clarify this with your instructor first, as some studios will ask you to remove all watches and valuables before class.

let it all hang out if you feel tension building

Let it all hang out! If you feel tension building in any part of your body, just breathe into it and let go. Even if you are just thinking stressful thoughts, you will notice that your body tenses up as well. If you have any self-doubt or negative self-talk going on in your head, try to bring your attention back to a state of positivity. Smile! Be relaxed and joyful - belly dancing class is a time to enjoy and unwind!

one final thought just like it helps

One final thought- just like it helps to go in with an open mind, it also helps to go in with an open heart! Belly dance can be a great place to build a community of like-minded women.

dancer s gallery offers belly dance classes

Dancer’s Gallery offers Belly Dance Classes for students at all levels - from beginner to advanced. You can call us on 954-437-9910 to know more about our offerings or simply visit our website to register with us.