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How to Prepare Child for First Dental Visit PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Prepare Child for First Dental Visit

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How to Prepare Child for First Dental Visit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Prepare Child for First Dental Visit

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  1. How to Prepare Child for First Dental Visit

  2. Dental Visits • Not all children are cooperative when it comes to dental visits. If you have a little one at home or expecting a baby soon, you may want to make them comfortable about dental visits early on. • Children are more susceptible to tooth decay than adults. By keeping their teeth healthy, you can help them ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. Kids can also avoid the need for serious dental treatments in the future.

  3. Here are important tips to prepare your kids for their first dental visit:

  4. Introduce Kids to Dental Care • Look out for apps, toys, or songs that will help you introduce the little ones to their teeth and how to care for them. It’s normal, after all, for kids to learn more about their body so make sure to include their teeth. • This will make them feel more at ease to talk about dental care. Parents are advised to bring kids to the dental office once their first tooth comes in. But it’s never too late if your child is a bit older now.

  5. Make Explanations about Dental Visits Simple • When your child asks you about dental visits, make sure to keep your explanation simple and positive. Watch out for words you use as your child may recall them well and associate those with a dental visit. • Fear, anxiety, punishment should be set aside at this moment. Instead, you can tell the little ones that their dentist would only count their teeth or brush with them so they can show how good they are at cleaning their teeth.

  6. Brush with the Kids • Practice makes perfect. Once the little ones are ready to brush their teeth, make sure to keep them company. • They need to make it a habit to brush and floss regularly, and you play an important part as their role model. Make them excited with brushing by following it up with a fun activity.

  7. Finally, Work with aDentist that you Trust • You and your dentist will be working together to keep kids motivated about dental care. Do your research early on about nearby dental offices that are experts on working with young patients. • The team should be compassionate and accommodating. And the dental clinic should be near your home or the kids’ school. Consider the practice hours too.

  8. Check these Out! • Stay positive at all times as every emotion you show can affect your little one. Show them you’re happy with your own dental visits as well. • Check Out These Important Tips on How to Prepare your Child for First Dental Visit. Brought to you by de Man & Höediono. • For more info on teeth whitening Kitchener, check out: