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MEPS Quality Control. PURPOSE. Purpose: To provide an overview of common trends that occur at MEPS that slow down the flow, or prevent processing all together. GOAL.

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  • Purpose:

  • To provide an overview of common trends that occur at MEPS that slow down the flow, or prevent processing all together.


  • To inform all persons in the Contact to Contract chain of common identified trends, so that they can be avoided, thus enabling the applicant to process smoother and contract at the end of the day.

Trends at the following stages

  • Trends at the following stages of processing:

  • Projections

  • Briefing Applicants prior to arrival at MEPS

  • Package preparation

  • Hotel Check-in

  • MEPS Check-in

  • Medical Exam

  • Interview


  • Recruiter and NCOIC must ensure 680’s are accurate and legible prior to faxing to MEPS.

  • Most Common mistake- Applicant is missing Drivers License info.

  • Continue to send SSC/Numi, I-551’s with projection.

  • All NCOIC’S are doing a great job making all assigned cut-off times for projection’s- Continue to Communicate with MEPS in regards to the last minute committals, or the “Oops, I forgot” issues.

Briefing applicants prior to meps arrival
Briefing Applicants prior to MEPS arrival

  • Use the MEPS SOU as a tool to prevent applicants from being bumped off deck.

  • If applicants have any paper work to turn-in, I.E.. Enlistment package, Missing docs, Med Docs and so on, tell them to have everything out and in-hand prior to checking-in with us.

  • Remind them of the importance of following instructions given by all MEPS personnel.

Briefing continued

  • Remind them and stress the importance of being respectful to all MEPS personnel (Do not laugh at, or make fun of any of the MEPS staff, or any other service’s applicant’s)

  • A good idea, though not required as of yet, is to ensure the applicants do not possess Cell phones, MP3 players, CD players, and so forth while on deck.

Briefing continued1

  • Appearance and respect go a long way while at MEPS.

  • Inform them that the process is a long “all day” event. 0415-1630

  • The more prepared the applicant is, the smoother the process will go.

Package preparation

  • Package Preparation

  • On the package check-list- it is extremely helpful and beneficial, to annotate missing docs and the plan to retrieve these docs.

  • Common mistakes

  • Pg1 missing Drivers Lic info

  • Pg2 missing colleges attended

  • EPSQ must contain all police involvement (to include traffic violations)

  • EPSQ must contain all immediate family members (Mom, Dad, Brother’s and Sister’s)

  • EPSQ must contain all drug use, and must match DASF

Hotel check in

  • If checking-in after 2000- You must call the Embassy Hotel @ 617-567-5000, or the room will be automatically cancelled.

  • If cancelled, an additional charge will be placed, and possibly no room for the applicant.

  • You are not allowed to check-in applicants after 2200. Do not attempt!! Bring your applicant in the morning, if your not going to make the 2200 cut-off.

  • If an applicant has been projected and a hotel room has been requested, and for whatever reason he/she no longer needs a room, you are required to call the hotel and cancel the room.

  • Remind applicant of how important his/her Enlistment package is.

Medical exam

  • Applicants with Drug or Alcohol charges (to include- dropped, dismissed, paid,closed) must be disclosed to the Doctor.

  • All counseling for any reason (to include Family, depression,anxiety, drug/alcohol programs) must be disclosed to the Doctor

  • Proper underwear for males and females are required to phys

  • Following instructions in medical is crucial.

  • Ensure applicants remember their Social Security number


  • This is the last step before contracting.

  • If everything is in order, this portion should take no longer than 15 minutes. If package has not been filled out properly, or missing vital doc’s, or the applicant discloses new medical, moral, or drug issues, this 15 minute process can turn into the whole day.

Interview continued

  • Over-all interviews have been going very well.

  • A few reminders to help the process- 1. Ensure the applicant knows his/her ship date and that it mirrors operations ship date. 2. Ensure applicants understand what their 8 year obligation consists of. 3. Ensure all police involvement has been annotated on the EPSQ (missing traffic violations being the biggest offender)

Interview continued1

  • Interview Continued

  • This part of the process should be the easiest, but if the applicant has not been prepared properly, will become the hardest and most time consuming of the day.

  • The dreadful phone calls will commence.