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Africa--- a land full of mystery, charm and attraction. PowerPoint Presentation
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Africa--- a land full of mystery, charm and attraction.

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Africa--- a land full of mystery, charm and attraction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Africa--- a land full of mystery, charm and attraction.
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  1. Africa---a land full of mystery, charm and attraction.

  2. Pyramids, one of the world’s wonders

  3. Egypt

  4. The River Nile The longest river in the world, the Egyptian civilization started on it, and also enjoys the fame of “The cradle(摇篮) of African civilization”

  5. Lake Victoria Named after Queen of England in the 19th century. It is the world’s largest tropical lake (热带 湖) and the second largest freshwater lake(淡水湖).

  6. Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall

  7. Mount Kilimanjaro Stands in northeastern Tanzania,and is the highest mountain / peak in Africa.

  8. Sahara Desert, the largest desert in the world

  9. What do you know about the differences between sightseeing, travel and adventure? Definitions ofsightseeing, travelandadventure: sightseeing--- going about ,visiting places of interest (观光) travel--- the act of traveling a journey, activity, experience, etc., that is unusual , exciting and often dangerous adventure---

  10. Before the adventure

  11. greeting date body closing signature An informal letter sample 30 June Dear Aihua, How are you? Sorry I haven’t ……………….…………………………………. Best wishes to you! Love, Toby

  12. Reading Strategy dates no surname friendly greetings It is an ______ letter. past events informal jokes contractions abbreviations

  13. Skimming D The main idea of this letter is ______. A. how to do white-water rafting B. how to travel in Sahara Desert C. about a traveling experience D. about a travel arrangement C According to the letter, Toby enjoys_______. A. comfortable, expensive holidays B. cultural holidays C. adventure holidays D. staying at home

  14. Detaled-reading Para 1 What is Toby busy doing? What is Toby going to do? Can you describe Toby’s feeling? True or false Toby plans to spend a few weeks travelling before going to university. before Colin goes to university.

  15. Scanning Find out all the Destinations Toby will travel to in the letter.

  16. New words of places: Morocco Kenya Tanzania the Sahara Desert the River Nile Mount Kilimanjaro Lake Victoria Himalayas [himə'leiəz]

  17. Morocco the Sahara Nile Victoria the Himalayas Kenya Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro

  18. Put the activities in the correct order according to Toby’s plan for the trip. _________ travel down the River Nile . _________ travel on camels through the Sahara Desert _________ climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania _________ see wild animals in Kenya _________ fly to Morocco _________ go to the Himalayas 3 2 5 4 1 6

  19. Sahara desert Where to start? What time to start? Where to go? How to go there? What to do ? What to take? How long? London 15 July Morocco/Sahara By Plane By Camel Camping in tents /sleeping on the ground/seeing brilliant stars Tents/ flashlights Six days

  20. According to paragraph 2, _______. A. Toby enjoys traveling on camels B. Toby is worried about traveling on camels C. Toby will feed the camels D. Colin loves camels Because it is comfortable.

  21. the River Nile 1.What adventure activity will they try? 2. How do they find this activity? Dangerous but exciting. He has to wear a helmet and a lifejacket. 3. What can he do to protect himself?

  22. local They’ll live with the ______ people in their villages, and eat and drink _________ they do, ____________cow’s blood. whatever including Kenya They’ll walk _____ the land, following the ________ of wildlife _________elephants, lions and giraffes and taking ____________ of these animals. across tracks suchas photographs Destination 3

  23. 1. What should they pay attention to while climbingmountain? Make sure to get plenty of rest. Tanzania 2. Why? It can be tiring, and many people feel sick as the atmosphere gets thinner. Destiantion4

  24. What can Toby get from this adventure Discussing

  25. plane Places camels adventure Camping rest Victoria photographs drinking Himalayas

  26. Now let’s focus on the title again: An adventure in Africa Try to find some words in the letter to describe ‘adventure’.

  27. 1.visit so manyexciting places; lots ofextraordinarythings 3.very hot, dry and dustyin the Sahara Desert 4. gowhite-water rafting 5. have to wear a helmet and a life jacketforprotection, justin caseyoufall intothe water. 6.get as close as possible to thedangerousanimals to take some photos 7.Mountain climbing can be verytiring, andmany people feelsickas the air getsthinner

  28. Do you think it is worthwhile to risk your life to adventure? 1.To be interested in it.2.To realize his dream.3.To experience different kinds of life.4.To know more about the world.5.To get close to nature.6.To challenge his limit.

  29. explore space the exploration of the unknown parts • a spirit of adventure take/ have an adventure in Africa • in case / in case of • scare sb away / off scare sb into / out of doing sth be scared of / at be scared to do / that scary / scaring stories • arrangefor sb to do sth arrange with sb to do sth • a deserted garden • a rough idea • look forward to doing sth • supply sb with sth / supply sth for sb make arrangements for sth brilliantstars/ eyes

  30. Key sentences Wish were leave will be taking a flight to • Wish you ______ here. • We ______ London on 15 July, and we ______________________ Morocco in northern Africa. • We’re going to ride camels _________ the Sahara Desert. • I ______ it will be very hot, dry and ______ there. • …in the Sahara, there is no ______ during the day, and the stars seem especially ________ on ____ night. • I will _____ a flishlight with me so that I’ll be able to see __ ___ _____. • Altogether, the trip will _____ six days. • After the trip ___ camel, we’re going to travel _____the River Nile. through expect dusty shade brilliant clear bring in the dark take by down

  31. Key sentences livewith whatever including • We’ll ____ ____ the local people in their villages, and eat and drink _________ they do, __________ cow’s blood. • During the day, we’ll _____ ______ the land, ________ the tracks of wildlife… • We’ll try to get ____close _____ __________ to the animals, ______ ________ they’re dangerous, so that we can _____ some really good photographs. • After that, we’ll be moving on to Tanzania, _______ we’re going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. • Montain ________ can be very _______,and many people feel sick as the _____________ gets thinner, so Colin and I will ______ ______ that we will get plenty of rest. walk across following as as possible eventhough take where climbing tiring atmosphere make sure

  32. wish: vt.但愿,要是…多好; 希望,想要; 祝愿 我但愿自己能年轻十岁。 *How I wish you ______________the party last night! We had great fun. * I wish I __________ to the moon in the future. *He wished her good night. *He wished (her) to come. Cf: hope I hope I can help you. I hope to come. I had hopedto come, but I was ill. (I hoped to have come, but I was ill.) *I wishI were 10 years younger. had attended would fly

  33. is expected to • 第一条信息预计在今晚7点到达。 • The first message _______________ arrive at 7 this evening. • 一些家长对孩子期望太高。 • Some of the parents ______ too much ____ their children. • 正如所预计的那样,他再次失败。 • _______________, he failed again. expect of As expected

  34. through, across, over, past across • He swam ______ the river. • Light comes in ________ the window. • They had a wonderful view ______ the park. • He ran ______ me in a hurry. • He suddenly saw Sue _______ the room. He pushed his way ________ the crowd. through over past across through

  35. shade • The artist uses light and shadeto good effect. • This is an eyeshade. • It’s too hot in the sun; let’s sit in theshade. • The old tree provided a pleasant shade. • You should shade your eyes from the sun.

  36. onclear nights at night / in the night on the night of… 在一个寒冷的夜晚 在星期六晚上 在6月13日晚上 on a cold night on Saturday night on the night of 13 June

  37. clear 清楚的,明白的 • I made it clear to him that he was nolonger welcome here. Are you clear about the arrangements for tomorrow? • You need to keep a clear head in face of difficulties. • The water was so clear that we could see the botton of the lake. • On a clear day you can see the small island. • All exits must be kept clear of baggage in case of fire. • We are finally clear of debt. 清醒的 透明的,清澈的 晴朗的 无障碍的 摆脱掉(不愉快事物)的

  38. bring bring / take/ fetch / carry bring / fetch take • Don’t forget to ______ me the book. Don’t forget to ______ the book to Mary. The police don’t usually ______ guns. _______ your camera when you come tomorrow. • bring sth to an end / bring sth to mind /bring about / bring back / bring forward / bring in /bringout / bring up carry Bring brought about • I don’t know what ______ _______ the change in his mind. • The music _______ ______ my childhood. • Now I’d like to _____ _______ my plan. • He ______ ___ an extra hundred dollars a month from his new job. brought back bring forward brings in

  39. down • We walked down the hill before sunset. • The ship sailed down the river. • Tell me about what’s going on down south. • Jack went up to the town while his sister went down to the countryside. • Every year a great many students go up to Oxford, while many a student goes down from it.

  40. whatever you say. • I can’t believe _______________. • 无论你说什么,我都不相信。 • ________________ I said, he wouldn’t listen to me. 无论我说什么,他都不会听我的。 • ______________________ reason you have, you should keep your promise. • 无论你有什么理由,你都应当遵守诺言。 • You can take ________ you like. • 你能拿走任何你喜欢的东西。 Whatever / No matterwhat __________ you are, you must obey the rules. Whoever No matter who Whatever / No matterwhat whatever

  41. Ving / Ved / to V作状语 listening • He lay on the bed, _________(listen) to Jay chou’s music. • He had a wonderful childhood, ________(travel) with his mother to all corners of the world. • Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock, _______(send) supplies to Yushu. • ________(scare) by the gunshot, Janie was hidden under the chair, ________ (tremble). • The girl came _______ (run) to the bus stop only _______ (find) that bus had gone. traveling sending Scared trembling running to find

  42. atmosphere • These plants love warm,humid atmospheres. • The hotel offers a friendly atmosphere and personal service. • The old house is full of atmosphere. ( The old house is very interesting.)

  43. where where • Mozart’s birthplace and the house _____ he composed ‘ The Magic Flute’ are both museums now. • Rice grows well in areas ______ there’s plenty of rain and sunlight. Rice grows well ______ there’s plenty of rain and sunlight. • She has come to a point in her life ______ she is expected to make her own decision. where where where

  44. close / closely close close • Being _____ friends, you should help each other. • They are keeping ____ watch on the enemy’s action. • You should pay close attention to the spelling of these words. • Thank you for your close care these days. • The Chinese basketball team won the game with a _______ score of 56 to 55. • He came ______ to the house to see it _______. • The two things are ______ connected. close close closely closely

  45. 他们学校向我们学校挑战,要进行足球比赛。 *Great as Newton was, his ideas have been challenged today. In order to challenge himself, he tried his best to swim up a river. *Their school challenged ours to a football match.

  46. dventures xplore • All the children were attentively listening to his a_________ in Africa. • Scientists must e_______ every possibilitybefore the launch of a space shuttle. • He c__________ me to play another tennis game. • The drought-hit areas are more dependent upon s______ of food. • His behaviour that morning was quite e_________. • How much do I owe you a___________? • The meeting lasts half an hour and a__________ there’s a discussion. • I’ve a_________ the cleaner to come on Sunday. • They d_______ their homes and fled to the hills when the flood came. hallenged upplies xtraordinary ltogether fterwards rranged eserted

  47. Phrases • When you go to climb the mountain, you’d better take more clothes with you ________ you feel cold at the top of it. • I should warn you __________ that we may be delayed. • I’m _____ ____ your never-ending complaints. • When I saw her ____ ____ I realized she wasn’t Jane. in case in advance tired of up close

  48. in case: *Take an umbrella in case it rains. *When in London, he took an umbrella every day just in case. in case of *Call 110 in case of emergency.  in any case *We shall get the spread of bird flu under control in any case.  in that case  in no case *In no case shall we give up hope. 如果发生… 无论如何 如果是那样的话 决不