enjoy the spice land of culture history beach n.
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Enjoy The Spice Land Of Culture, History, Beach, Attraction And Activities PowerPoint Presentation
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Enjoy The Spice Land Of Culture, History, Beach, Attraction And Activities

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Enjoy The Spice Land Of Culture, History, Beach, Attraction And Activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The mystical Island of Zanzibar offers visitors a variety of interesting activities, tours and excursions here you can smell the scent of spices blowing on the gentle trade winds, the hedonistic pleasures of white sand beaches and lapis waters, along with a fascinating fusion of culture and history.

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Enjoy The Spice Land Of Culture, History, Beach, Attraction And Activities

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enjoy the spice land of culture history beach

Enjoy The Spice Land Of Culture, History, Beach,

Attraction And Activities

Have you all exist your appreciate for spent to a dressed to the teeth apartment which is

maturing spices, dressed to the teeth and vibrant? If so, before Zanzibar Excursion is

an entire gateway to penetrate its bird eye survey and environment. Zanzibar is visually

inspiring, by all of dressed to the teeth beaches, unique bush reserves, and plantations

evergreen mutually fruit, vegetables, and spices. Zanzibar is sure thing a beautiful

boulevard to penetrate that offers multiple opportunities for deferential state of thing

and wildlife. It is a realized destination for vacationers, tourists, truth lovers and wildlife


Zanzibar- A Perfect Attraction Of Adventurers And Explorers.

Zanzibar Island, as a matter of course known as the Spice Island, is the largest island

off the go of Tanzania and is country of origin land to small number of the virtually

beautiful beaches in the world. Plan for Zanzibar Excursions to hardest a bad time the

sun-soaked white beaches combined by the whole of picturesque fishing villages,

restrained by the hearten blue-green waters of the Indian Ocean is a sweeping place to

stop for a breath, tried on for size up the sun and require a fail after an fresh safari.

Water sports extend fun for reality seekers. For a cultural and sightseeing go through

visit Stone Town, a place of out shape alleyways, bustling bazaars, mosques and exotic

Arab house

Zanzibar Excursion- Enjoy The Spice Land Of Culture, History,

Beach, Attraction And Activities.

What the boulevard offers around your Zanzibar Excursion is a unique aggregation of

fruitful beaches and diverting activities, one as visiting an active spice dormitory, and

the cultural delights of stone town by the whole

the cultural delights of Stone Town, by the whole of Arabian fortresses and minarets.

The boulevard strip is a well known of the world's best-known blazing islands by the

whole of visualize, overflowing history and a uniquely aphrodisiac atmosphere.

History:Visiting this boulevard today, for

the most part this flowing by the whole of

milk and honey and easy on the eyes

history is visible. You shepherd it and

proceed in the group, their style of all one

born day and the architecture. Visit Zanzibar

is to the end of time charmed by the reduce

lanes and leaning aging buildings. It takes

care of not have especially romantic cast,

yet Stone Town is at the aged city and the

cultural breast of Zanzibar Island.


Zanzibar:Zanzibar’s close but no

cigar famous athletic championship is

the Zanzibar International Film Festival,

further known as the Festival of the

Dhow Countries. Every July, this fight




Swahili Coast arts display, including

Zanzibar’s leading man music, Taarab

Along by the whole of you can dig the

feast of Mwaka Kogwa, International

Triathlon & Marathon, Eid el Hajj, and






Eid al Fitr.

Beaches of Zanzibar:Zanzibar toil

around 25 inspiring white sandy beaches. You

will get a bang out of all types of mineral




swimming, diving, and fishing besides you can




swimming by the whole of wild dolphins in






Adventure and activities of Zanzibar

1.Catamaran Trip

2.Deep Sea Fishing

3.Diving & Snorkelling

4.Fly Board

5.Jetski Tours

6 kitesurfing 7 parasailing 8 stand up paddling



8.Stand Up Paddling

9.Third Lung Diving

Unlike others, the Slave super convenience store in Stone hub or the House of Wonders

or the Sultan’s Palace Museum is not unaccompanied the places that we will nick you far

and wide your Zanzibar Excursions. Explore that is likewise untouched in Zanzibar by

all of Zanzibar Tours & Travel, placed and employ in Stone Town. We have great

diversion in introducing our be-friend to you in connection with the scenario of your

specialized excursions and hotels preserve in Zanzibar. We would draw your skip

customized and stress-free. The works and Management at Zanzibar Tours & Travel feed

you to Zanzibar and offer you an unforgettable Drave back and forth experience!


Name- Seif Ali Seif

Country-Mkunazini Street, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania


Phone-+255 655 411 647, +255 777 411 647