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What will you be awesome at with Magics 15? PowerPoint Presentation
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What will you be awesome at with Magics 15?

What will you be awesome at with Magics 15?

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What will you be awesome at with Magics 15?

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Presentation Transcript

  1. What will you be awesome at with Magics 15?

  2. I AM awesome with Magics 15! “I AM awesome at laser sintering with Magics 15!” “I AM awesome at work preparation with Magics 15!” “I AM awesome at support generation with Magics 15!” “I AM awesome at data conditioning with Magics 15!”

  3. What will Magics 15 do for you? • Speed up data conditioning • Ease work preparation • Improve support generation • Increase laser sintering productivity

  4. What’s new in Magics 15 to Speed up Data conditioning?

  5. Import almost any CAD format “Magics 15 is an indispensible tool for us in the architecture field. We’re thrilled that we can now import Google SketchUp files.” Mr. Park Jiseon, Daewoo E&C Image courtesy of EOS

  6. Save hours of file repair time • With the click of a button, create bridges to quickly repair planar holes “We are very impressed with the enhancement of some operations that previously caused us stress, such as the cancel operation and creation of bridges for holes. Magics 15 is well designed, right down to the small details." Mr. Jun-ichi OZAWA - Rapid Prototyping Service Manager, INCS INC

  7. Save hours of file repair time • Cut parts before healing • Desired sections of parts can be cut and repaired in isolation “With Magics 15 you can cut and isolate the exact desired part section while the part still contains errors. You no longer have to spend time and effort repairing the complete part before being able to cut away the section that you need!” Avi Cohen - Head of Medical Solutions, Objet Geometries

  8. Build perfect parts with confidence • Detect thin/thick wall sections with a single click • Easy to use • Surface re-meshing for precise results “Wall thickness analysis tool gives us the ability to quickly identify areas that may cause problems during the build, this tool will help decrease the amount of unsuccessful builds.“ Andy Gabriel, Lead Applications Engineer - Additive Manufacturing , GE Aviation, US

  9. What’s new in Magics 15 to Make work preparation easier?

  10. Save hours of CAD and assembly work • Easily add clearance to cuts • Available for Boolean, perforator & polyline cuts • Eliminate lengthy work-arounds • Quickly assemble perfect fitting parts • Reduce the requirement to sand parts " Including clearance in cut and Boolean operations reduces the time to coordinate the dimensions of built parts by sanding.” Mr. Jun-ichi OZAWA- Rapid Prototyping Service Manager, INCS INC

  11. Save hours of CAD and assembly work • Make cuts with integrated connector pins • Quickly assemble parts • Assemble built parts with extreme accuracy "I firmly believe the ability to cut parts with integrated connector pins granted by Magics 15 is a great asset our medical customers. The use of integrated connector pins will not only save assembly time but will also increase the accuracy of bonded components, which is of upmost importance for our medical customers” Avi Cohen, Head of Medical Solutions, Objet Geometries

  12. What’s new in Magics 15 to Raise laser sintering productivity?

  13. Raise build efficiency with SmartSpace • Produce more parts with less builds • Pack parts tighter and maintain excellent surface quality • Specify smaller part intervals for small parts “SmartSpace with Magics 15 will enable us to produce more parts per build platform” Graham Scott, Laser Sintering Production Manager, 3T RPD

  14. Reunite parts quicker when breaking down the build cake • Group parts with a physical ‘Sinterbox’ • Locate small components quicker and more easily • Easy-to-use solution that keeps small series grouped • Ship parts more securely in a ‘Sinterbox’ "Magics 15 makes it much easier to handle groups of parts. The new Sinterboxes feature significantly reduces the man-hours required to sort built parts” Mr.HiromasaDaicho - Rapid Prototyping Service Manager, INCS INC Please consult your local Materialise office to check the availability of the Sinterboxes feature in your region

  15. What’s new in Magics 15 to Improve build supports?

  16. Be confident that parts are well supported • Get a detailed view of parts and build supports at slice level • Enhance the reliability of build supports "With the new build preview feature I can now be certain that all our parts are well supported by uncovering the smallest of part and support details at slice level” Gregory Gesquiere, Materialise Industrial Services

  17. Make volume supports easier to remove • Quickly and easily fragment volume supports • Easier removal of volume supports • Decrease internal tensions and the chance of deformation .STL file illustrated is courtesy of MTT Technologies Group

  18. Customize build supports with complete efficiency • Combine multiple styles of build supports in a single surface • Meet exact build support requirements

  19. Customize build supports with complete efficiency • Recall multiple saved customized build support parameters • Save hours of support generation time

  20. Ensure cone supports are in the exact desired location • Place cone supports and preview for metal additive manufacturing • Generate accurate cone supports for curved surfaces

  21. What’s new in Magics 15 by popular demand?

  22. New in Magics 15 – by popular demand • Stop buttons for commonly used operations • Windows 7 compatible • Increased licensing stability • Keyfiles now used – no more passwords! • Quickly and easily update your import capabilities in-between releases

  23. Directly link to e-Stage automated support generation • e-Stage 5.0 release with Magics 15 • e-Stage 5.0 • 68% quicker* than previous versions • Faster loading interface with Magics 15 • Easier to use interface *data based on a Materialise demo platform and using an 8 core Xeon server

  24. Conclusion • Magics 15 is packed with new features to: • Increase the efficiency of your everyday activities • Work faster • Work smarter • Would you like to be awesome with Magics 15? • Step 1 – Watch the series of Magics 15 tips and tricks videos that you will receive by email post-release. • Step 2 – Attend one of the FREE Magics 15 update webinars – details to be issued following the release. • Step 3 – Become an awesome Magics expert and maximise your efficiency with tailored Magics training. Call us now to book. • For more info visit

  25. Recommended system requirements for Magics 15 • Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 at 2.4 GHz or higher • Memory (RAM):  4 GB or higher • Graphics Card: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 1 GB of memory • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024; True Color (32bit) • Disk Space: 1 GB of free disk space • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7