Talk Tracks communicate what you do, how you do it, what results you deliver and for whom
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Biggest Sales Mistakes - Talk Tracks 2.0 Quiz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Biggest sales mistakes talk tracks 2 0 quiz

Talk Tracks communicate what you do, how you do it, what results you deliver and for whom

you work with. The goal is to begin a relationship with your messages that turns prospects into

customers. By nailing the “what, how, why and for whom”, in a clear, concise and relevant way,

you build a powerful foundation for all your sales and marketing communications. You can

build your brand touch points consistently and deeply demonstrate your unique expertise.

Are you Making These COMMON MISTAKES &

BLOWING your First Impressions?

Take the TALK TRACKS Quiz:


Are You Winging It?

Are You “Making it up on the spot” when you introduce yourself ? When networking

this is a sure fire way to miss opportunities or give inaccurate impressions.

“Winging it” is what you do when your preparation fails.


Are You Inconsistent?

Does everyone get a different version of “What you do?” How can people refer

your brilliant solutions if they aren’t getting the rock solid understanding of your



Are You Using Jargon/Technical Language?

Do you get the “Huh?” face or glazed over eyes from your listeners? You might be

speaking a different language in your zeal to sound important or like an expert.


Do You Sound Unconvincing?

If you’re hearing your TALK TRACK for the first time – when it comes out of YOUR

mouth, you probably sound unconvincing or unsure of what you do for people.


Are You Just Plain Dull?

Is your introduction a snooze? Dull, bland, boring and common introductions don’t

set you apart or leave a memorable first impression.

Answer “YES” to one or more and you’ve got a problem. You’re losing the

opportunity to quickly and clearly build trust, credibility and create an

awesome first impression that moves relationship and business forward. –

You need to invest in your TALK TRACK!

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